Apple II: Soft Documentation

As a large amount of programs were illegally copied on the Apple (a situation that was common on pretty much every Microcomputer platform), it became necessary for users to share the documentation from the original package so that the disks were useable.

A small number of these "Soft Dox" are also for pirating programs themselves, which supplied their own documentation, often with a very entertaining bent in the writing.

Description of the Textfile
10indians.txt 1239
WALKTHROUGH: Ten Little Indians Mysterious Adventure 10
6502.simulator.txt 2184
SOFTDOCS: Some things about the 6502 simulator "Step and Trace" function
a2echosw.txt 4305
Documentation for the Complete Echo Card Software Collection for the Apple II (February 26, 2000)
aargh 5018
SOFTDOCS: Aaaaargh! Documentation, by The Stork and Ernst Rohm
abbs.inst 8668
SOFTDOCS: ABBS Bulletin Board Software
abootcamp.txt 3712
SOFTDOCS: Arcade Boot Camp, by The Penguin (June 14, 1984) 1298
SOFTDOCS: Lode Runner II Cracked, German Version
aboutmmdemo 6899
SOFTDOCS: MidiMate - A Midi File Utility for the Apple IIGS Computer by Lindsay B. Hough, Ph.D. (1990) 2182
SOFTDOCS: The Abyssal Zone, written by The COG 2399
SOFTDOCS: Space Ace Mini-Chat, by Mach Three (October 9, 1990)
achon.txt 22000
SOFTDOCS: Archon, by Hardware Heister and Belle Starr
acos.tutor.1 26222
SOFTDOCS: ACOS Tutorial version 1.2, by UPS Network
acos.tutor.2 9746
SOFTDOCS: ACOS Tutorial Part 2, from UPS
acos.tutor.3 19930
SOFTDOCS: ACOS Tutorial Part 3, by UPS
acos.tutor.4 11585
SOFTDOCS: ACOS Tutorial Part 4, by UPS 598
SOFTDOCS: Codes for Acrojet - Compiled by Mr.Cairo
acrostics 2356
SOFTDOCS: Modifying Acrostics
advdmuffin.txt 0
DOCUMENTATION: Advanced Demuffin by The Stack and The Inspector (February 8, 1983) 40960
SOFTDOCS: ASCII Express Profession 3.4x from Southwestern Data Systems 45312
SOFTDOCS: ASCII Express Professional, Part 2
ae.txt 2130
SOFTDOCS: A.E. by Broderbund Software
agate.069 8064
SOFTDOCS: Agate (Disk Utilities) by Tony Marques
airball 3162
SOFTDOCS: Airball, by The Road Warrior (June 27, 1989)
airball.cht 2939
SOFTDOCS: Airball Cheat, by Joe User
airsim.3 1355
alcazar.txt 9041
SOFTDOCS: Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress by Lord Rama
alertsound 13411
SOFTDOCS: Alert Sound Control Panel Device (CDEV) By Joshua M. Thompson (1991)
algebra.tutor 4313
SOFTDOCS: Algebra Tutor by David Leithauser
aliceiw.txt 12751
SOFTDOCS: Alice in Wonderland by PAP Apple Pirate
alkemstone 349
SOFTDOCS: Alkemstone
alpha.plot 2585
SOFTDOCS: Alpha Pilot, by MasterDisk 4650
SOFTDOCS: AmDOS 3.5, by Gary B Little (1985)
amerchallenge.txt 5673
SOFTDOCS: American Challenge (March 17, 1986) 43299
SOFTDOCS: Ancient Art of War At Sea Docs, by Gountlet of CODFish 18620
SOFTDOCS: Ancient Art of War at Sea Part 2, by Gauntlet of CODFish (1988)
anix 7557
SOFTDOCS: ANIX v2.2a by Randall Hyde (1987) (Operating System)
ankh 3836
SOFTDOCS: ANKH, from Count Crackula and Houdini Software
apba.baseball1 16099
SOFTDOCS: APBA Major League Players Baseball, by Pac-Rat
apba.baseball2 16228
SOFTDOCS: APBA Major League Players Baseball, by Pac-Rat (Part II)
apba.baseball3 15704
SOFTDOCS: APBA Major League Players Baseball, by Pac-Rat (Part III)
apba.baseball4 4965
SOFTDOCS: APBA Major League Players Baseball, by Pac-Rat (Part IV)
aplwrks.util.2 15040
SOFTDOCS: Appleworks Utility Technical Notes, by Cecil Fretwell, May 6, 1987
apple.mechanic 14628
SOFTDOCS: Apple Mechanic
apple.mechanic.txt 14705
SOFTDOCS: Apple Mechanic (Font Creation Program)
apple.rx 7694
appletrek.txt 961
SOFTDOCS: Apple Trek Commands Compiled by Paula Rev 3/80
appleworks 12713
SOFTDOCS: Appleworks, by the 17th sector of the Elmhurst Copy Club (August 1984)
applicator 4347
SOFTDOCS: ICON Applicator, by Raptor, 1990
arcade.bootcamp 3556
SOFTDOCS: Arcade Boot Camp, by The Penguin
archon.ii.txt 9753
SOFTDOCS: Archon II, by The Time Lord
archon.txt 23614
SOFTDOCS: Archon, by The Doc (August 26, 1984)
arkanoid 4837
SOFTDOCS: Arkanoid, by Club 96
artd.txt 77656
SOFTDOCS: Alternate Reality: The Dungeon
assualt 25618
SOFTDOCS: Finall Assault, by Club 96
autobahn 290
SOFTDOCS: Autobahn 7231
Autoduel Map by
autoduel.txt 4131
SOFTDOCS: Autoduel Short Dox by Happy Cynthax Nautilus
awacs 3935
SOFTDOCS: AWACS, by Edar the Wizard
awacs.txt 2005
SOFTDOCS: Awacs, by Edar the Wizard and Elmer J. Fudd
axe.packer.note 693
SOFTDOCS: The Axe Packer, by The Axe
aztec.txt 1812
SOFTDOCS: AZTEC for the Apple II by Moose
baal.txt 23202
Documentation: Baal, transcribed by INC Captain Crunch
backgammon 957
SOFTDOCS: Backgammon, by Unknown Author
bag.tricks.1 8225
SOFTDOCS: Bag of Tricks, by The Phantom
bag.tricks.2 12374
SOFTDOCS: Bag of Tricks II, by The Curse
ballblazer.txt 6152
SOFTDOCS: Ballblazer by The One-Eyed Pirate and The Exploiter
ballyhoo.txt 24479
SOFTDOCS: Ballyhoo from Infocom, by The Andrex
baltic.1985 11285
SOFTDOCS: Baltic 1985 by Commander Tosh and Ali-Baba 4362
SOFTDOCS: Bank Streen Writer, by Dirty Harry
bards.3.code.wh 6141
SOFTDOCS: Bards Tale III Code Wheel, by The Srynge
bards.tale.iii.txt 29897
SOFTDOCS: Bards Tale III Spells
bards_tale_2.txt 10606
SOFTDOCS: Bard's Tale 2
bards_tale_ii.txt 79287
SOFTDOCS: Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight
basic.cda 790
SOFTDOCS: Visit Applesoft BASIC CDA v1.1 from David A. Lyons (July 1990)
batman 8578
SOFTDOCS: Batman, the Caped Crusader by The Crasher and Kobra
battletech.graf 1517
SOFTDOCS: Messages bout the Battletech .DIAG File
battletech.qref 7424
SOFTDOCS: Battletech by Soft-Sect
bbdaily.txt 3177
DOCUMENTATION: Tele-Cat // Version 2.0 Daily (March 9, 1985)
bbshow.txt 4247
SOFTDOCS: BBSHOW: The Hi-Res Display Program by The Cloak Version 1.0 (March 3rd, 1985)
bcw.txt 9013
SOFTDOCS: Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, by Zolton and Mr. Buster (May 12, 1984)
bcwcheats.txt 4500
SOFTDOCS: Beyond Castle Wolfenstein Docs, by James T. Kirk 13734
SOFTDOCS: Beagle Graphics, by The Masochist of Hi-Res Hi-Jackers
beast.war 16763
SOFTDOCS: Beast War, by Gandalf the White
beast.war.txt 17160
SOFTDOCS: Beastwar, by Gandalf the White
beautifulboot.txt 3651
SOFTDOCS: Beautiful Boot by MiniAppler and Apple Bandit (1984)
below.root 23821
SOFTDOCS: Below the Root
bet 23595
SOFTDOCS: Big Edit Thing v1.0b3 from Jim Murphy (September 1, 1991)
bey.castle.wolf 5137
SOFTDOCS: Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, from Ctrl-Reset
beycastw.txt 13057
SOFTDOCS: Beyond Castle Wolfenstein 'Stom the Fuehrer"
bgmusic 3898
SOFTDOCS: Background Music, by Guy T. Rice
bilestoad.cheat 2406
SOFTDOCS: Bilestoad Cheats by The Aluminum Gerbil
bilestoad.txt 3100
SOFTDOCS: Bilestoad, by The Moose
birthofthephoenix.txt 1371
SOFTDOCS: Birth of the Phoenix, by Doctor Flora
black.belt.txt 3714
SOFTDOCS: Black Belt, by Creative Cracker and High Technology (February 18, 1984)
black.cauldron.txt 6304
SOFTDOCS: The Black Cauldron, by The Andrex of First Class
blackbelt 3559
SOFTDOCS: Black Belt, from Kevin Ryan by Creative Cracker and High Technology
blackspring 6315
SOFTDOCS: BlackSpring GS v4.0 by: Ronand E. Mercer (aka. The Dungeon Master)
blade.blackpool 667
SOFTDOCS: Blade of Blackpoole
bladeofblackpoole.txt 4097
SOFTDOCS: Blade of Blackpoole (Incomplete)
blazing.paddles 4346
SOFTDOCS: Blazing Paddles, by The Camel Jockey
blitzkrieg-docs.txt 9421
SOFTDOCS: Hacking Blitzkrieg, by Paula (1981) 16715
SOFTDOCS: Block Work, by Mark Harris (1987) 1024
SOFTDOCS: Block 0 Szve, by Guy T. Rice
blu 7767
SOFTDOCS: BLU - Binary II Library Utility by Floyd Zink, Jr. 10/09/87
bodyfat.calc 2851
SOFTDOCS: Bodyfat Calculator, by Jerry Robison
bolo.txt 7533
SOFTDOCS: BOLO, by Synergistic Software (1992)
bordercat 1914
SOFTDOCS: Bordercat
boulderdash 3563
SOFTDOCS: Boulderdash
bram.chkr 2579
SOFTDOCS: BRAM.Checker v1.2 by Bill Tudor (1992)
breakers.1.of.3 15113
SOFTDOCS: Breakers Docs by Digital Monk
breakers.2.of.3 16055
SOFTDOCS: Breakers Part II, by Digital Monk
breakers.3.of.3 14978
SOFTDOCS: Breakers Part III, by Digital Monk
bronze.dragon.1 14333
SOFTDOCS: Bronze Dragon, by The Cracksmith of First Class
bronze.dragon.2 17114
SOFTDOCS: Bronze Dragon part II by The Cracksmith of First Clas
bronze.dragon.3 11998
SOFTDOCS: Bronze Dragon Part III by The Cracksmith of First Class
brucelee.txt 4743
SOFTDOCS: Bruce Lee, by Datasoft (1984)
bt1man.txt 53959
SOFTDOCS: The Bard's Tale, by Electronic Arts (1985)
bt2city.txt 5680
SOFTDOCS: The Project 64 etext of the unofficial Bards Tale II City Maps (July 1996)
bt2csc.txt 11779
SOFTDOCS: The Project 64 etext of the Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight (January 1997)
bt3code.txt 11756
SOFTDOCS: The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate Code Wheel
bt3csc.txt 11389
SOFTDOCS: The Project 64 etext of the Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate Command Summary Card
bt3man.txt 69300
SOFTDOCS: The Project 64 etext of the Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate manual
btl.chess 11906
SOFTDOCS: Battle Chess 2e by The Mechanic
bubble-head.txt 1559
SOFTDOCS: Bubblehead, by Copy/Cat of The Hi-Res Hackers/The Ware Lords
bug.byter.1 11418
bye.80 2129
SOFTDOCS: Better Bye 80 by David D. Ely (August 26, 1987) 5560
SOFTDOCS: Charlie Brown's ABCs, by Apple Tree, from Macmillian/McGraw-Hill 25360
SOFTDOCS: California Games from Epyx, by The Doc
cannonball_blitz.txt 3087
SOFTDOCS: Cannonball Blitz, written by Olaf Lubeck
canyonclimber.txt 257
SOFTDOCS: Canyon Climber
capblood 12328
SOFTDOCS: Captain Blood
captain.goodnig 4103
SOFTDOCS: Captain Goodnight
captain.goodnight.txt 17983
SOFTDOCS: Captain Goodnight, by Wizard //e (Corrupted)
carmen 12967
SOFTDOCS: Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego? by Codex Warrior
carmen.sandieo2 8448
SOFTDOCS: Carmen Sandiego
carmen.usa 13766
SOFTDOCS: Where in The USA is Carmen Sandiego? by Ring Lord (October 27, 1986)
carmen.usa2 11238
SOFTDOCS: Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? (Scrapbook) by Ring Lord (October 27, 1986)
carmensandiego.txt 19483
SOFTDOCS: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? by The Whip (May 1, 1985) 5315
SOFTDOCS: Carribean Quest, by The Technic (May 10, 1985)
cat-term.1.2.txt 4020
Soft Docs: Cat-Term 1.2 by the Gryphon
catline.3.8.txt 5263
Catline 3.8 by the Tracker
catsend.202 5581
SOFTDOCS: Catsend 202 by The Gonif and the Wombat
catsend.3.0.txt 3564
Catsend 3.0: Documentation by The Gonif
caverns.fritag 782
SOFTDOCS: Caverns of Freitag
caverns.of.freitag.txt 805
SOFTDOCS: Caverns of Freitag
cbbs.sysop 30459
SOFTDOCS: Sysop Notes for the CBBS Software (Weirdly Formatted)
cc 2607
SOFTDOCS: The Code Crusher, by Automan
certif.maker1 11987
SOFTDOCS: Certificate Maker, by Team Xerox
certif.maker2 10972
SOFTDOCS: Certificate Maker Part II, by Team Xerox
certif.maker3 9894
SOFTDOCS: Certificate Maker Part III, by Team Xerox
certmaker 5376
SOFTDOCS: Certificate Maker 1759
SOFTDOCS: C'eat La Vie, by Copy/Cat of the Ware Lords
cestlavie.txt 1666
SOFTDOCS: C'est La Vie, from Copy/Cat
cf22aenh.txt 25309
SOFTDOCS: Cat-Fur 2.2a Enhanced by The Screamer and the Messiah (December 9, 1986)
chahelp.eng 12902
SOFTDOCS: The Chaos Mailbox System
chameleon.txt 27537
SOFTDOCS: Chameleon by Dark Star Systems
change.file.txt 20291
SOFTDOCS: Change-A-File by Harold D. Portnoy
chars.txt 6498
SOFTDOCS: Characters for Wizardry 4
chemlab 3125
SOFTDOCS: Chemlab by Cyborg
chipwits 7698
SOFTDOCS: Chipwits, by The Helix
chrno.warrior 2371
SOFTDOCS: Chrono Warrior, by Professor X (April 22, 1985)
cia.intro 2896
SOFTDOCS: The Confidential Information Advisors (Pirating Tools) from Diamond Jim
cia.linguist 20316
SOFTDOCS: The CIA Tools, by The Camel Jockey
cia.tricks 15939
SOFTDOCS: The CIA Files, Intermediate Tricks with Tricky Dick, by The Camel Jockey
cia.tricky.dick 13115
SOFTDOCS: The CIA Files, Tricky Dick, contributed by Diamond Jim
colussus.chess.iv.txt 2523
SOFTDOCS: Colussus Chess IV by Digital Monk of LSD
commando 5756
SOFTDOCS: Data East Commando by The Sheik
compet.karate 2496
SOFTDOCS: Competition Karate
compressor 2556
SOFTDOCS: Compressor
conglomerates 3393
SOFTDOCS: Conglomberate Collide by The Penguin
conversion 3933
SOFTDOCS: To Convert Wings of Fury
cosbal.txt 94379
SOFTDOCS: The Cosmic Balance from SSI, by The Appler
coupon.handler 2133
SOFTDOCS: Coupon Handler
cpuspeed 6485
SOFTDOCS: CPUSpeed Version 1.20
creatre.venture 2721
SOFTDOCS: Creature Venture by ME III
crisis.mountain 1799
SOFTDOCS: Crisis Mountain
criticalmass.txt 2307
SOFTDOCS: Solving Critical Mass, by Doctor Flora
crossword.magic.txt 3348
SOFTDOCS: Crossword Magic III
crylla2.txt 5697
SOFTDOCS: Cryllan Mission 2088: The Second Scenario
cyclotrin 807
SOFTDOCS: Cyclotron
d.code 22182
SOFTDOCS: Decode's Compacting Program
d.t.paint.notes 7989
SOFTDOCS: D.T. Painter v0.7
danmono 4513
SOFTDOCS: East Asia's Greatest Hits
dark.designs.3 8469
SOFTDOCS: Dark Designs III: Retribution, from John Carmack
dataworks 13961
SOFTDOCS: Dateworks, a Data template for appleworks v1.0 by David Sachs
davex.txt 35022
SOFTDOCS: Davex v1.23: A ProDOS Command Shell by David A. Lyons (April 12, 1988)
dazzle.draw.i 18031
SOFTDOCS: Dazzle Draw Documentation, by The Camel Jockey
dazzle.draw.iia 14086
SOFTDOCS: Dazzle Draw Documentation, a Walk Through the Menu, by Camel Jockey
dd.deluxe.1 33350
SOFTDOCS: Disk Disintegrator Deluxe v4.0 by Logix Innovations 1988
dd.deluxe.2 31463
SOFTDOCS: Disk Disintegrator Deluxe Docs Part II
ddd.1.0 6357
SOFTDOCS: Disk Disintegrator v1.0 by Dalton
ddd.1.2 5395
SOFTDOCS: Dalton Disk Disintegrator 1.2 (May 1985) by Dalton
ddd.2.0 13332
SOFTDOCS: Dalton Disk Disintegrator II (Spring 1985) by Dalton
ddd.2.1.src 46764
SOFTDOCS" Dalton Disk Disintegrator version 2.1 Enhanced, by Ziopoth of The Assembly Line (1986)
ddd.2.1e 10090
SOFTDOCS: Disk Disintegrator 2.1 Enhanced Docs by Data Latch & Edited by M. Hata
ddd.2.5r 9927
SOFTDOCS: Dalton's Disk Disintegrator version 2.5 by The Screamer (April 4, 1987)
ddd.2.7 2308
SOFTDOCS: Dalton's Disk Disintegrator v2.7 1382
SOFTDOCS: Dalton's Disk Disintegrator 2+, by Don Koenig
ddd.4.2a 1988
SOFTDOCS: Disk Disintegrator Deluxe version 4.2a by Louis Roy (July 10th, 1988)
ddd.5.0 4569
SOFTDOCS: Disk Disintegrator Deluxe verison 5.0 by Louis Roy (June 19th, 1989) 17953
SOFTDOCS: Dalton's Disk Disintegrator Pro v1.0 by Dr. DX
deadline.1 17885
SOFTDOCS: Deadline Documentation #1
deadline.2 18357
SOFTDOCS: Deadline Documentation #2
dearc.v1.2 8324
SOFTDOCS: DE.Arc2 GS v1.2 by Thom Henderson (October 6, 1987)
deathsword.txt 1004
SOFTDOCS: Death Sword, from Palace Software
deluxe.v4.1 1862
SOFTDOCS: Disk Disintegrator Deluxe v4.1 by Louis Roy
deluxe.v4.2 3051
SOFTDOCS: Disk Disintegrator Delux v4.2a (July 10, 1988)
design.addendum 11270
SOFTDOCS: Eamon Dungeon Designer 6.0 Differences
designer.manual 30346
SOFTDOCS: A Manual for Eamon Adventure Designers by Donald Brown
deskcolor.hist 2544
SOFTDOCS: DeskColor Control Panel History
deskcolor3.1 14107
SOFTDOCS: DeskColor Control Panel v3.1
dg.important 2727
SOFTDOCS: DreamGrafix will prosecute, you pirate
diamond.mine 4999
SOFTDOCS: Black Bag from Roklan Corp by The Intern and the Chief Surgeon
diamond.mine.txt 4227
SOFTDOCS: Diamond Mine, by The Intern and The Chief Surgeon of Black Bag
diamondmine.txt 2450
SOFTDOCS: Diamond Mind from Sierra On-Line by Creative Cracking and Mr. Cool
diced.rev 3839
SOFTDOCS: DIcED v1.2 by David A. Lyons (February 25, 1989)
dig.em 1098
dino.eggs 2257
SOFTDOCS: Dino Eggs by Mini Appler
dirmap 6639
SOFTDOCS: DirMap v1.0 by Jason Harper (1989)
disk-fer.txt 8380
SOFTDOCS: Disk-Fer Terminal Software, written by The Redheaded Freak
disk.arranger.3.0.txt 2594
SOFTDOCS: Disk Arranger 3.0 by the Bushwhacker (May 2nd, 1985)
disk.fer 6528
SOFTDOCS: Disk-Fer Terminal Software by The Redheaded Freak
disk.muncher.1 14534
SOFTDOCS: Disk Muncher 1.1 by The Stack
diskcovers 4383
SOFTDOCS: Disk Covers and T.I.M. Version 1.1
diskfixer 2192
SOFTDOCS: Diskfixer
disktimer 4782
SOFTDOCS: Disktimer GS by Joe Jaworski (1988)
diu.apwks.txt 2569
SOFTDOCS: Disk Inventory Utility v1.0B by The Saint (July 27, 1987)
diu.v1.0b 2461
SOFTDOCS: Disk Inventory Utility v1.0B By The Saint (July 27, 1987)
diversi.cache 11849
SOFTDOCS: Diversi-Cache, by Bill Basham, Version 1.0 (1987)
diversi.copy 7164
SOFTDOCS: Diversi-Copy(tm) Demonstration Disk by Bill Basham
diversi.key 40484
SOFTDOCS: Diversi-Key by Bill Basham
dlp 7894
SOFTDOCS: Disk Labeller Pro v1.0 by Dave Touvell (June 2, 1987)
dogpaw 11149
dos.3.5 15992
SOFTDOCS: DOS 3.5 Instructions
dosfile.xchange 14845
SOFTDOCS: DOS File Exchange v1.1 by The Blacksmith (1982)
double.check.txt 3889
SOFTDOCS: DoubleCheck Version 1.1 by The W0RM
double.stuff 2930
SOFTDOCS: Doublestuff, by the Byte Bastards (1986)
double.take 659
SOFTDOCS: Double Take
dr.mario 6636
SOFTDOCS: Dr. Mario, by Blue Adept (January 27, 1992)
dragon.s.lair 13193
SOFTDOCS: Dragon's Lair by The Irish Rogue
dragons.eye 842
SOFTDOCS: The Dragon's Eye, by Masterdisk
dragonworld.txt 10754
SOFTDOCS: Dragonworld, by The Warezird 2036
SOFTDOCS: Draw Poker
drelbs.txt 4251
SOFTDOCS: Drelbs, from The Ware Lords by Mr. Echo and The Intern (1984) 1035
SOFTDOCS: DreamGrafix v0.50 by Some kid named John and The ACOS Master
drol 2686
SOFTDOCS: Drol by Broderbund by Apple Bandit
dueling.digits 1897
SOFTDOCS: Dueling Digits 9406
SOFTDOCS: Manhunter, from Sierra Online (July 26, 1990)
ecc.qmast 13330
SOFTDOCS: The Prism of Heheutotol (July 24, 1990)
echelon 5355
SOFTDOCS: Echelon by Codex Warrior
echelon.full 30280
SOFTDOCS: Echelon by Codex Warrior 8413
SOFTDOCS: Echelon - Patrol Zone Highlights
echo.txt 5053
SOFTDOCS: Echo Version 1.0 (Copying Program)
ecp.facts.txt 5634
SOFTDOCS: Extended Command Processor Fact Sheet
ecp16 27262
SOFTDOCS: Extended Command Processor, by Don Elton (1987)
ecp8.txt 8196
SOFTDOCS: Extended Command Processor 8 by Don Elton (1987)
edd.part1 5166
SOFTDOCS: Essential Data Duplicator (EDD) Program list #3-8 by the Minute Man 5120
SOFTDOCS: Introduction to EDIT.Pro by Libing Legends Software
electronic.juke 650
SOFTDOCS: Uptime's Electronic Jukebox
eliminator 2090
SOFTDOCS: Eliminator, by Disk Wizard
empire 4185
SOFTDOCS: Empire 128k, The Wargame of the Centure, by The Mechanic and The Kid
emu.ctrl.chars 912
SOFTDOCS: Proterm v1.9p+ Keystrokes
emu.d1500.ctrlc 3166
SOFTDOCS: DataMedia 1500 Notes by FlAsHbAcK WhIpLaSh
en.decrypt 1971
SOFTDOCS: Encrypt/Decrpyt Information File by Ed Watkeys (November 4th, 1990)
eos 3460
SOFTDOCS: Earth Orbit Stations by Old Man Art
escape.arcturus 664
SOFTDOCS: Escape from Arcturus
evil.eye 992
SOFTDOCS: Evil Eye, from John Romero
executioner.txt 4860
SOFTDOCS: Executioner by Glen E. Bredon
extra.k.txt 24613
SOFTDOCS: Extra K Part 1 by The Ghost of The Atlanta Crackers BBS/AE
f15.strike.eagle.txt 3444
SOFTDOCS: F-15 Strike Eagle, by The Whip (February 4, 1985)
fantavision.txt 10617
SOFTDOCS: The Beginner's Guide to FANTAVISION by Entity Dalpha for the RIPCO BBS (November 27, 1985)
fatcat 1612
SOFTDOCS: Fatcat from Beagle Brothers, by Mr. Floppy
fbworksheet.txt 1990
SOFTDOCS: Worksheet for Fooblitzky
fellow.creature 2197
SOFTDOCS: Creatures of Western Middle-Earth, by Otay and Beowolf
fellow.legends 3575
SOFTDOCS: The Fellowship of the Ring (Legends and Common Knowledge) by Otay and Beowolf
fellow.ring.1 13125
SOFTDOCS: Complete Fellowship of the Ring Documentation by Otay and Beowolf
fellow.ring.2 16159
fetus 5056
SOFTDOCS: Senseless Violence I: Survival of the Fetus, by Brian Greenstone, November 14, 1989
file.a.trix.txt 18874
flak.txt 1326
SOFTDOCS: Flak, by The Blue Lensman of The Ware Lords
flightsim2coords.txt 8436
SOFTDOCS: Sublogic Flight Simulator II Scenery Coordinates by Fog (May, 1988) 5442
fontrix.txt 5395
SOFTDOCS: Fontrix (Font Graphics Program) by Thomas Collins
fooblitzky.a.txt 8174
SOFTDOCS: Fooblitzky Essentials, by The Unbeliever and The Stray Cat
fooblitzky.b.txt 23293
SOFTDOCS: Fooblitzky Coorinates by White Gold
freda.txt 8106
SOFTDOCS: Fredwriter Documentation by June Wedesweiler Dodge (November 30, 1985)
fredb.txt 10242
SOFTDOCS: Fredwriter Documentation by June Wedesweiler Dodge (November 30, 1985)
fredc.txt 13625
SOFTDOCS: Fredwriter Documentation by June Wedesweiler Dodge (November 30, 1985)
fredd.txt 8362
SOFTDOCS: Fredwriter Documentation by June Wedesweiler Dodge (November 30, 1985)
fredtips.txt 9270
SOFTDOCS: Fredwriter Documentation by June Wedesweiler Dodge (November 30, 1985) (Tips)
fsimulator2.txt 5394
SOFTDOCS: Flight Simulator II by Non-Maskable Interrupt
g.i.joe.txt 9343
SOFTDOCS: G.I. Joe from Epyx, by The Triton 4941
SOFTDOCS: G.A.L.E. Control Codes by The Penguin
game.of.chess 4590
SOFTDOCS: How About A Nice Game of Chess By Larry Atkin, by Buffalo Bill
gamecheats.txt 62095
A Large Collection of Apple II Program Cheats, Hidden Messages, and Secret Keys
gamemaker.txt 11008
SOFTDOCS: GameMaker, by The Crusader and Gnarly McNasty
gamma 2122
SOFTDOCS: Gamma Force in Pit of a Thousand Screams by Space Pirate
gato.txt 26987
SOFTDOCS: GATO, by The Wizard //e of T-Men and Wareforce (1985)
gauntlet 6150
SOFTDOCS: Gauntlet Instructions
gba.1 32273
SOFTDOCS: GBA Championship Basketball Two-on-Two by The Doc
gba.2 12890
SOFTDOCS: GBA Championship Basketball Two-on-Two (Part II)
gbbs.txt 73572
SOFTDOCS: GBBS II (BBS Program) (Abridged and Cut Off)
gempire.txt 11822
SOFTDOCS: Galactic Empire, by Douglas G. Carlston
gemstone.warrior.txt 5390
SOFTDOCS: Gemstone Warrior Docs and Spells, by The Lumberjack
gencomm 12642
SOFTDOCS: GenericComm v2.03 Documentation by Matthew Montano (1990)
genesis.txt 5626
SOFTDOCS: Genesis by Datasoft (1983)
genlist 6185
SOFTDOCS: GenericList v1.0 Documentation
geos.quick.ref 7236
SOFTDOCS: GEOS Quick Reference Documentation by The Crackforce
germany.1985.1 9728
SOFTDOCS: Germany 1985 by Dirty Harry
germany.1985.2 8487
SOFTDOCS: Germany 1985 Part II
ggliders.txt 1931
SOFTDOCS: Galactic Gliders and Spartan
ghostbusters 4753
SOFTDOCS: Ghost Busters!
ghostbusters.txt 4521
SOFTDOCS: Ghostbusters (Apple Docs from Commodore Softdocs)
glean 22586
SOFTDOCS: Gleaners Index 2.0
gnoman 26847
SOFTDOCS: GNO Kernel Reference Manual Version 1.0 alpha by Jawaid Bazyar (August 10, 1991)
gnoman.2 15850
gold.rush.sov 12471
SOFTDOCS: Gold Rush Documentation
golem 7680
SOFTDOCS: GolemGS by Jason Smart 9728
SOFTDOCS: Golf's Best by The Sheik 10455
SOFTDOCS: Golf's Best, typed by The Shiek
gothmogs.lair 1292
SOFTDOCS: Gothmog's Lair, by Jean Laffite
gple 6220
SOFTDOCS: GPLE Documentation by Judie Mac 6201
SOFTDOCS: GPLE Documentation Part II by Judie Mac
grafedit 4767
SOFTDOCS: Grafedit by Philip Guiochon
graphic.system 7946
SOFTDOCS: Complete Graphics System Command List by The Ghost (November 9, 1984)
graphicwriter.1 26315
SOFTDOCS: GraphicWriter by Rodger Dodger
graphicwriter.2 32062
SOFTDOCS: Graphic Writer Part 2
graphworks.txt 3597
SOFTDOCS: Graphworks 1.1 by The Miner
grevol.txt 61608
SOFTDOCS: Galactic Revolution 4408
SOFTDOCS: Gruds in Space by The Metal Maniac
gs.clock.driver 5111
SOFTDOCS: GS Clock for Basic by The Screamer (January 21, 1987) 6202
SOFTDOCS: GSBug & Debugging Tools Update Release Notes (August 26, 1991)
gsbug.specs 24328
SOFTDOCS: GSBug -- Current Version 1.6b20
gsbug.templates 3715
SOFTDOCS: GSBug Templates Release Notes Version 1.0d3
gsbug.tutorial 30372
SOFTDOCS: GSBug is Your Friend (a quick intro to GSBug) v.1.2 by Tim Swihart
gscii 1452
SOFTDOCS: Dealing with GSCII Crashing
gshk.history 9388
SOFTDOCS: GS-ShrinkIt v1.0.5 (3/21/92
gshk.v1.06 28714
SOFTDOCS: Shrinkit For the Apple IIgs by Karl Bunker
gtrader.txt 12325
SOFTDOCS: Galactic Trader, by Douglas G. Cariston
gtw.txt 15739
SOFTDOCS: Global Thermonuclear War by Dark Ranger and The Master
guadalca.txt 50804
SOFTDOCS: Guadacanal
guimaster 15036
SOFTDOCS: GUI Master Version 1.0 by Kris Olsson (1991)
hackamatic 5825
SOFTDOCS: Automan's Hayes Hackomatic
hacker 11709
SOFTDOCS: The SCSI Hacker v1.1 by Joe Jaworski (1988)
hangman 687
SOFTDOCS: Hangman by Carl Steadman
hardball.txt 10382
SOFTDOCS: Hardball, by Sherlock Apple
hcadgs 12092
SOFTDOCS: HCADgs by Joseph A. Huwaldt Version 1.2 (May 18, 1990)
hcs 10123
SOFTDOCS: Hacking Construction Set by Cyborg
hero.txt 2142
SOFTDOCS: H.E.R.O. by The Whip (December 23, 1984) 15023
SOFTDOCS: HESGames by The Wombat, Dr. Micro, The Gonif
high.speed.scsi 2911
SOFTDOCS: Apple II High Speed SCSI Card
hobbit.1.of.2 12272
SOFTDOCS: The Hobbit, by James Bond (007) of The Sledge Hammer Workshop
hobbit.2.of.2 12625
SOFTDOCS: The Hobbit (Part II, Interacting)
homeword 2713
SOFTDOCS: Homeword
homeword.txt 2777
SOFTDOCS: Homeword
hostage 18532
SOFTDOCS: Hostage GS from Mindscape by Commie Scum 11393
SOFTDOCS: How to Guide for Proterm Special Emulation by Ace McCoy (November 30, 1990) 8668
SOFTDOCS: How to on Proterm Special Emulation by Ace McCoy (January 23, 1991)
hprojecta.txt 19383
SOFTDOCS: Halley's Project, Transcribed by The Hitman
hprojectb.txt 2545
SOFTDOCS: Halley's Project Part II by The Hitman
immortal 12232
SOFTDOCS: THE IMMORTAL GS by Will Harvey/Electronic Arts by ECC and Xentraedi
impmissn.txt 16640
SOFTDOCS: Impossible Mission
incredible.jack 566
SOFTDOCS: Incredible Jack
infiltrator 31789
SOFTDOCS: Infiltrator by The Hood, the Hitman, and The Thug 9912
SOFTDOCS: Inspector
inspector.txt 7099
SOFTDOCS: The Inspector by Dr. Electric
instant 1827
SOFTDOCS: Instant Icon by Mike Nuzzi
intellihacker 20001
SOFTDOCS: Intellihacker by Czar Peter of Anarchy Unlimited (October 7, 1985)
intrcpt.1.3 8916
SOFTDOCS: Intercept v1.3 by The Voice Over
intrigue 10789
SOFTDOCS: Intrigue by The Marauder (May 14, 1986)
intrigue.txt 11069
SOFTDOCS: Intrigue! by The Maurader (May 14, 1986)
intro.txt 2542
SOFTDOCS: Deathlord, by Electronic Arts (1987)
intromusic 5371
SOFTDOCS: Noise Tracker v1.0
ir.v2.0 14410
SOFTDOCS: IR Version 2.0, The all-purpose doohickey installer By Matt Deatherage 31485
SOFTDOCS: Jack Nicklaus Golf IIGS and Jack Nicklaus Golf Complete By The Mechanic
jai.alai 2613
SOFTDOCS: Jai-Alai (pronounced Hi Li) by Joe Heidcamp
jellyfish 1344
SOFTDOCS: Jellyfish
jet.1 12763
jet.2 14068
SOFTDOCS: Complete Jet Docs Part II, by The Dispatcher and Lord De Winter
jet.keys 2070
SOFTDOCS: Jet Docs courtesy of Orlando Bandit
journey 13424
SOFTDOCS: Journey by Zippo Pinhead
joust 2343
SOFTDOCS: Joust, by The Wyvern
kampfgru.txt 64615
SOFTDOCS: Kamfgruppe
karateka.txt 1689
SOFTDOCS: Karateka Documentation by The Braker
kermit.380 50590
SOFTDOCS: Kermit 65 Version 3.80
kermit3.87.txt 105150
SOFTDOCS: Apple II Kermit User Guide Version 3.87 by Ted Medlin (October 10, 1990) 7727
SOFTDOCS: King's Quest ][ Romancing The Throne by The Bit Blitz 22796
SOFTDOCS: King's Quest Apple Version, by The Camel Jockey
kingsquest2.txt 8375
SOFTDOCS: King's Quest II, from The Bit Blitz (November 8, 1985)
kng.bnty.ref 6271
SOFTDOCS: Kings Bounty Reference Card
kng.bnty.story 30889
SOFTDOCS: King's Bounty Story Book
kobayashi.1 14959
SOFTDOCS: Kobayashi (Letter from G. Thometz to Captain Kirk)
kobayashi.2 15060
SOFTDOCS: Kobayashi (Overview of several major characters of Star Trek)
kobayashi.3 15876
SOFTDOCS: Kobayashi (Overview of several major characters of Star Trek)
kobayashi.4 3819
SOFTDOCS: Kobayashi
kq3.spells 6664
SOFTDOCS: King's Quest III Magic Spells
labyrinth 1248
SOFTDOCS: Labrynth
labyrinth.txt 14569
SOFTDOCS: Lucasfilm's The Labyrinth, by The Triton of Digital Gang (1986)
lacode10.txt 16389
Welcome to Project 64! Legacy of the Ancients Galacic Museum Access Codes (1987)
last.gladiator 1071
SOFTDOCS: The Last Gladiator, by Bets C.
leap.notes 1017
SOFTDOCS: Programs that work under Leapfrog
leapfrog2 2702
SOFTDOCS: Leap Frog: a second pre-release version of a multitasking program by William Gulstad
legacyant.txt 17417
SOFTDOCS: Legacy of the Ancients
lifestar 5338
SOFTDOCS: Lifestar y The Warelord of The Nopg
lisa 49959
SOFTDOCS: LISA816 v4.0g by Randall Hyde and Brian Fitzgerald
listserv.txt 41317
SOFTDOCS: Revised List Processor (LISTSERV@FRECP11), Release 1.5d by Eric Thomas (1986)
little.cmp.peop 8455
SOFTDOCS: The Little Computer People
lll 21042
SOFTDOCS: Labels, Labels, Labels
llre 13812
SOFTDOCS: The Low Level Resource Editor by Jason Coleman
loader.pack.txt 2232
SOFTDOCS: Loader Pack #1 by The Tracker and The Duplicator of Round Table
loan.analyzer 3083
SOFTDOCS: Adjustable Loan Analyzer by Furry Programmers
locksmith.5.0.txt 4328
SOFTDOCS: Locksmith 5.0 Summary Sheet by The Scalper 1232
SOFTDOCS: Lode Runner Editor
loderunner1 9928
SOFTDOCS: Championship Lode Runner Hintbook by Bets C.
loderunner2 12278
SOFTDOCS: Champion Lode Runner Hintbook Part II by Bets C.
loderunner3 15413
SOFTDOCS: Championship Lode Runner Part III by Bets C.
longplay 6752
SOFTDOCS: LongPlay v2.0.1 by David Huang (1991)
ls.6.0.watson 9368
SOFTDOCS: Watson version 6.0
ls.6.boot.trace 16679
SOFTDOCS: Locksmith 6.0 Automatic Boot Tracer by The Ghost
ls.6.main.pgm 44239
SOFTDOCS: Locksmith 6.0 by Mr. Wiz
lucifers.realm 2204
SOFTDOCS: Lucifer's Realm by The Icognito of the 202 Alliance
macdown 7310
SOFTDOCS: MacDown 1.0 by Jason Harper (1988)
magic.window.ii 1688
SOFTDOCS: Magic Window II Control Codes by The Knights
magic.window.ii.txt 37186
SOFTDOCS: Magic Window II (Word Processor)
mario.brothers 3772
SOFTDOCS: Mario Brothers, by The Dragon lord
mazer2docs.txt 1813
SOFTDOCS: Mazer 2: The Ghost of Mordaine by Mike Howard
medevl.war 17634
SOFTDOCS: Medieval War Game
merlin.docs1 18600
SOFTDOCS: The Merlin Assembler (Preliminary Definitions)
merlin.docs2 21429
SOFTDOCS: The Merlin Assembler (Assembler Syntax Conventions)
merlin.docs3 15876
SOFTDOCS: The Merlin Assembler (Assembler Pseudo Opcode Descriptions)
merlin.mem.map1 1859
SOFTDOCS: The Dos 3.3 Merlin Pro Memory Map
merlin.mem.map2 1868
SOFTDOCS: The Merlin Assembler Memory Map Part II
merlin.screen.e 35466
SOFTDOCS: The Merlin Assembler
metal.paddlebal 3900
SOFTDOCS: Metal Paddleball 8548
SOFTDOCS: Micro League Baseball by Eldar the Wizard
microbe 932
microwave 1965
SOFTDOCS: Microwave 4033
SOFTDOCS: War in Middle Earth
mind.pursuit.txt 6896
SOFTDOCS: Mind Pursuit by LSD (May 4, 1986)
mind.shadow 2718
SOFTDOCS: How to Solve Mind Shadow by The Clone Kids
mind.wheel.txt 8567
SOFTDOCS: Mindwheel, from Broderbund Software by The Whip (April 19, 1985)
miner.2049r 1191
SOFTDOCS: Miner 2049er
mini.putt 4279
SOFTDOCS: Mini Putt from The Star League 2759
SOFTDOCS: Minit Man from the Outpost
missing.ring 4360
SOFTDOCS: The Missing Ring, by Terry Romine
missing.ring.txt 4440
SOFTDOCS: The Missing Ring, by Terry Romine
mlb.txt 9420
SOFTDOCS: Micro-League Baseball, by Eldar the Wizard
mm.advanced 9427
SOFTDOCS: Might and Magic by Mind Mechanic
mm.list 12507
SOFTDOCS: Might and Magic Cheat by Bruce Logon
mm.locations 993
SOFTDOCS: Might and Magic Locations
mm.short 4904
SOFTDOCS: Might and Magic by The Talisman and Mind Mechanic (November 19, 1986)
mm.spells 3708
SOFTDOCS: Might and Magic Spells by Mind Mechanic
mmississippi.txt 4888
SOFTDOCS: Murder on the Mississippi by Digital Monk of LSD
mmm 5583
SOFTDOCS: Mega Mac Munch by Two Meg (1991)
modembuffer 1189
SOFTDOCS: ModemBuffer by Jay Krell (1991)
modzap 2189
SOFTDOCS: MODZap v00.41a (1992)
montezuma.rveng 5491
SOFTDOCS: Montezuma's Revenge by The Quzimodo
moreinfo 6053
SOFTDOCS: MoreInfo by Bull Tudor, Version 1.2 (June 1992)
moriarty 5305
SOFTDOCS: Moriarty by Bets C.
morlocs.tower.txt 2851
SOFTDOCS: Morloc's Tower
mouse.write.txt 21198
SOFTDOCS: MouseWrite Mini-Reference Manual
mouselink 8967
SOFTDOCS: MouseLINK Version 2.0 fx (January 7, 1988)
mousetalk 33631
SOFTDOCS: Mousetalk
movie 2840
SOFTDOCS: Movie Viewer v0.5 Beta
movie.maker 10468
SOFTDOCS: Movie Maker (The Disk Jocket and The Connection)
movie.maker.txt 10876
SOFTDOCS: Movie Maker Dox by The Blade, The Connection and The Disk Jockey
movie.maker2 10786
SOFTDOCS: Movie Maker 2 by The Disk Jockey 2397
SOFTDOCS: Mr. Cool, by Black Bag 4266
SOFTDOCS: Mr. Do! by The Cloak and The Spaz (April 7, 1985)
mr.fixit 17823
SOFTDOCS: Mr. Fixit by Bets C.
mr.robot 1929
SOFTDOCS; Mr Robot and his Robot Factory by The Centaur
mrcool.txt 4092
SOFTDOCS: Diamond Mind from Roklan Corp. (1984)
murderzind.txt 14809
SOFTDOCS: Murder on the Zinderneuf
natocomm.txt 13060
SOFTDOCS: N.A.T.O. Commander, from Apple Rebel, The Ace, etc.
neon.txt 4326
SOFTDOCS: Neon, by Captain Copy
neuro 11648
SOFTDOCS: Neuromancer Quick Reference
neuro.cj.hints 1755
SOFTDOCS: Neuromancer
neuro.code 7805
SOFTDOCS: Neuromancer Code Wheel
nibbles.away.iii.txt 28643
SOFTDOCS: Nibbles Away III by Mr. Wiz
nl.template 4322
SOFTDOCS: Templates v1.0 by Josef W. Wankerl (January 23, 1991)
nl.writ.modules 15881
SOFTDOCS: Writing Nifty List 3.4p Modules by David A. Lyons (October 17, 1991)
no.atlantic.1 16170
SOFTDOCS: North Atlantic 1986 by The Outpost
no.atlantic.2 15208
SOFTDOCS: North Atlantic 1986
nt.v1.00 6783
SOFTDOCS: Noise Tracker GS v1.0 by FTA
nt.vamp.his 3184
SOFTDOCS: Noisetracker GS v1.0 by The New I.Ci.A. Team Italy 1991 & FTA 'FEU'
nupak 26748
SOFTDOCS: NuPak IIgs Version 2.0 [ February 25, 1990 ]
odomnda 979
SOFTDOCS: Odometer Mouse v2.0 by Paul Meyers (June 12, 1992)
ogre.ref 10695
SOFTDOCS: Ogre Player Reference Card, by The Doc
ogre.strategy.1 23133
SOFTDOCS: Ogre: Stragegy and Notes
ogre.strategy.2 17394
SOFTDOCS: Ogre Strategy and Notes Part Two
ogre.strategy.3 20098
SOFTDOCS: Ogre Strategy and Notes Part Three
ogre1 10435
SOFTDOCS: Ogre by Digital Monk
ogre2 12211
SOFTDOCS: Ogre, by Digital Monk Part II
ogre3 11560
SOFTDOCS: Ogre Docs Part II by Digital Monk
ogre5 8919
SOFTDOCS: Ogre Docs Part III by Digital Monk
oil.s.well 3964
SOFTDOCS: Oil's Well by The Man in Black and The Penguin 6301
SOFTDOCS: One on One by Thomas Collins
oo.topos 14108
SOFTDOCS: Complete OO-TOPOS Docs written by Juan Matus & KnightWriter
oo.topos.checkl 1118
SOFTDOCS: Oo-Topos Inventory Presented by BETS C. 1185
SOFTDOCS: Out of This World GS Level Codes by The Magnet
orileys_mine.txt 5788
SOFTDOCS: O'Riley's Mine (1983)
outpost 279
oversampler 4885
SOFTDOCS: Oversampler v1.0 (April, 23. 1992) 2955
SOFTDOCS: Paint Box Documentation
painter.txt 3207
SOFTDOCS: The Painter v3.1 by The Famous Gumby (1984)
passwrd.penetra 27307
SOFTDOCS: The Password Penetrator by Automan
pbi.fix 2483
SOFTDOCS: Running Monte Carlo (and other software from PBI) from a hard disk
pcphack 22652
SOFTDOCS: PCP Hacker by The Phantom Hacker
pcs.txt 27270
SOFTDOCS: Pinball Construction Set, by Bill Budge
pdedit 12729
SOFTDOCS: PD-Edit Users Guide by Rosemary Robertson-Smith
pegasus 26748
SOFTDOCS: PHM Pegasus Docs By The Dostributor & Chief Justice
pengo 655
SOFTDOCS: Pengo by Bob and Bets C.
pensate 9488
SOFTDOCS: Pensate by Bets C.
pentapus 671
SOFTDOCS: Pentapus
perry.mason.txt 43866
SOFTDOCS: Perry Mason, The Case of the Mandarin Murder, by Sherlock Apple (1985)
phantasie.chart 9085
SOFTDOCS: Charts for playing Phantasie by SSI by 53 and Electric Brainstorm
phantasie.txt 19373
SOFTDOCS: Phantasie, from The TimeLord
phantasie1n2.txt 4037
SOFTDOCS: Phantasie Spells
phantom.access1 2520
SOFTDOCS: Phantom Access 5.7K by Lord Digital ( April 4th, 1987)
phantom.access2 7445
SOFTDOCS: Phantom Access 5.7K by Lord Digital Part II
pipedream 9368
SOFTDOCS: Lucasfilm Games' Pipe Dreams by Joe Hack & The Mercenary (October 02, 1990) 3889
SOFTDOCS: Pirate Page Producer b1.0 by Captain kidd
pirates 20736
SOFTDOCS: Sid Meier's Pirates
pitfali.ii.txt 2249
SOFTDOCS: Pitfall II, by The Whip (December 23, 1984)
pitfall.ii 2100
SOFTDOCS: Pitfall II: Lost Caverns by The Whip
pitfall2.txt 2176
Soft Docs for Pitfall 2: Lost Caverns
ple 14128
SOFTDOCS: PLE Documents by Judie Mac
ple.txt 14433
SOFTDOCS: Loading/Running Program Line Editor
plunder 10375
SOFTDOCS: Plunder! By Ken Franklin
pool.1 38988
SOFTDOCS: Pool of Radiance
pool.2 42787
SOFTDOCS: Pools of Radiance
pool.3 38350
SOFTDOCS: Pools of Radiance (Adventurer's Journal)
pool.4 37697
SOFTDOCS: Pools of Radiance (Journal Entries)
pool.5 22506
SOFTDOCS: Pools of Radiance (Still more Journal Entries)
pool.hints 37845
SOFTDOCS: Pool of Radiance Stuff from the Cluebook
pool.qstart 9798
SOFTDOCS: Pool of Radiance Quick Start by Llord Slasher
pool.ref.list 14759
SOFTDOCS: Pool of Radiance Reference by Llord Slasher
pool.wea.list 5341
SOFTDOCS: Pool of Radiance Weapons List
postcard 5993
SOFTDOCS: Postcards by Activision
power.bots.txt 3954
SOFTDOCS: Power Bots Documentation and Cheats by D.T. Legna of the Crunchy Booger Dox Warehouse
power_bots_docs.txt 1049
SOFTDOCS: Power Bots Docs by The Safe Cracker (January 5, 1985)
prefix.prowler 8183
SOFTDOCS: The Prefix Prowler by Automan
president.elect 6019
SOFTDOCS: President Elect by The Archer
prince.persia 17562
SOFTDOCS: Prince of Persia by The Ramsacker and Rampager
prince_of_persia.txt 17541
SOFTDOCS: Prince of Persia from Broderbund, by The Rampager/RamRods 8249
SOFTDOCS: Print Shop by Doctor Vax (June 24, 1984)
printrix 122665
SOFTDOCS: Printrix v1.05 by Scuba and The Kid
printrix.quick 2503
SOFTDOCS: Printrix Textfile Command Quick Reference
printrix.tutor 9728
SOFTDOCS: Printrix Tutor II by Bill Fortenberry (August 1987)
proarc 3421
SOFTDOCS: Proarc Version 1.0 by Freebooter
probyterman.txt 130379
TRANSCRIPTION: Manual for Probyter by Beagle Brothers Software (1985)
prodos.txt 10405
ProDOS Documentation by Gimli of Mordor for the Mines of Moria
prodosc.txt 1752
SOFTDOCS: Program Writer Quick Command Menu
proline.txt 16330
SOFTDOCS: Proline Documentation from Morgan Davis (February 1987)
prontodos.txt 45720
SOFTDOCS: ProntoDOS, by Tom Weishaar, Published by Beagle Brothers (1982) (Transcribed Later)
propann 6624
SOFTDOCS: Propagannihilate
prosel 7412
SOFTDOCS: Prosel (Program Selector) Version 2.8
protalk 27674
SOFTDOCS: ProTALK v2.1 by Parik Rao (July 21, 1988)
psed 7747
SOFTDOCS: ProTERM Special Editor v1.4c by Ron Mercer/The Dungeon Master
pt.networks 3394
SOFTDOCS: NetWorks v1.0 by Parik Rao (1988)
pt3.0.quickref 6450
SOFTDOCS: Proterm 3.0 Quick Reference/Short Cut Keys by Excalibur 11-20-91/ 54103
SOFTDOCS: The Five Steps to Desktop Publishing with Publish It!
puzzle.time 2041
SOFTDOCS: Puzzle Time
qdamapper.txt 32176
SOFTDOCS: Quick-Draw Adventure Mapper by Sherlock Apple and Silicon Scorpion of Apple Mafia 6301
SOFTDOCS: Qix GS by Taito (February 2, 1990)
quasar.txt 7268
SOFTDOCS: Quasar (1985)
questron 1257
SOFTDOCS: Questron by Apple Jack
questron.ii 8936
SOFTDOCS: Question by The Psycho
questron.ii.cmd 9408
SOFTDOCS: Question II Command Card by Fast Eddie
quick.draw.1 13065
SOFTDOCS: Quick-Draw Adventure Mapper by Sherlock Apple
quick.draw.2 12985
SOFTDOCS: Quick-Draw Adventure Mapper by Sherlock Apple (Part II)
quicklaunch 1014
SOFTDOCS: QuickLaunch by Steve Stepenson and Seven Hills Software 9950
rails.west 5375
SOFTDOCS: Rails West! Simulation Game Short Rules by The Kid
rdf.1985 17787
SOFTDOCS: RDF 1985 by Ali Baba and Commander Tosh
rdm.gsos 2715
SOFTDOCS: RAM Disk Manager v2.2 by jeff Noxon (1991)
reachstars.txt 9857
SOFTDOCS: Reach for the Stars, by Black Fire
rearguard 1229
red.october 29588
SOFTDOCS: The Hunt for Red October, by The Dirbag
reforger.txt 57350
SOFTDOCS: NATO Defense of the Fulda Gap Reforger 1988 Manual
rescue.fractlus 7442
SOFTDOCS: Rescue on Fractalus Manual by Black Cat
rescue.on.fractalus.txt 7615
SOFTDOCS: Rescue on Fractalus, by Commander Cat
rescue.raiders 7908
SOFTDOCS: Rescue Raiders by Zolton and Mr. Buster
rescue.raiders.txt 7418
SOFTDOCS: Rescue Raiders by Zolton and Mr. Buster
rescue_raiders_docs.txt 18650
SOFTDOCS: Rescue Raiders Docs by The Swamp Rat
rhps.txt 5508
SOFTDOCS: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, by The Triton 17866
SOFTDOCS: Ringside Seat by The Penguin
roadwar_2000.txt 54485
SOFTDOCS: Road Wars 2000
robotwar.1.of.3 11758
SOFTDOCS: Robotwar
robotwar.2.of.3 13824
SOFTDOCS: Robotwar 2
robotwar.3.of.3 12620
SOFTDOCS: Robotwar 3 3930
SOFTDOCS: Run for It Map by The Peeler
russia.1 28435
SOFTDOCS: Russia: The Great War in the East 1941-1945 517
SOFTDOCS: Russki Duck
rx 7522
sabotage.ii.txt 1222
SOFTDOCS: Sabotage II: The Revenge
sammy.lightfoot 359
SOFTDOCS: Sammy Lightfoot by Mr. Krac Man
sap.v0.5 37608
SOFTDOCS: SAP Beta Version 0.5 by Kenrick Mock (July 26, 1991)
sargon.iii 2313
SOFTDOCS: Sargon III by Reset Vector
sclu 6517
SOFTDOCS: Screen Layout Utility
scmasm.txt 8103
SOFTDOCS: S-C Macro Assembler Programmer Reference Card
scr.blank 1597
SOFTDOCS: Screen Blanker GS v2.2 by Ron Mercer (aka. The Dungeon Master)
script 9966
SOFTDOCS: Intele-Term 1.2 Script Language Description by Morgan Davis (1986)
sea.voyager.txt 1653
SOFTDOCS: Key Overlays for CBS' Voyager
sepia.izer 2239
SOFTDOCS: Sepia-izer 17442
SOFTDOCS: Seven Cities of Gold by The Camel Jockey 6055
SOFTDOCS: Seven Cities of Gold Reference Card by The Camel Jockey
sfr.txt 12410
SOFTDOCS: Swiss Family Robinson, by The Simitar 2723
SOFTDOCS: Shadowhawk One
shadow.keep.1 14024
SOFTDOCS: Shadow Keep by Friendly Man
shadow.keep.2 14187
SOFTDOCS: Shadow Keep Part II by Friendly Man
shadow.keep.3 8365
SOFTDOCS: Shadow Keep Part III by Friendly Man
shadowkeep.txt 42724
SOFTDOCS: The Complete Shadow Keep Docs, by The Zodiac (1984)
shard.sprng.cht 5844
SOFTDOCS: The Shard of Spring: The ORIGINAL Cheat by Coast to Coast (July 1, 1986)
shiela 1305
shk.v3.4 22609
SOFTDOCS: Shrinkit for the Apple II by Andy Nicholas and Karl Bunker
shogun 32091
SOFTDOCS: Shogun, by The Crasher and El Cid, as well as Ware Jerk (July 9, 1989)
short.circuit 4902
SOFTDOCS: Short Circuit by The Compiler
short.circuit.txt 4774
SOFTDOCS: Short Circuit, by The Compiler
sideways.1 12358
SOFTDOCS: Sideways, by The Penguin and Jay of A.P.P.L.E.
silent 11264
SOFTDOCS: Silent Service by Disk Doctor
silent.service.txt 4023
SOFTDOCS: Silent Service
sinbad 5962
SOFTDOCS: Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon by Exocet of FactUS
situation.critical.txt 10237
SOFTDOCS: Situation: Critical, by The Whip (March 10, 1985)
six.gun.shootout.txt 9140
SOFTDOCS: Six Gun Shootout, by The Half-Tracker and lone Star Distributors
skate.die 4102
SOFTDOCS: Skate or Die 8879
skyfox 10778
SOFTDOCS: Skyfox by The Time Lord
skyfox.charts.1 2788
SOFTDOCS: Skyfox Charts by The Wyvern
skyfox.charts.2 2416
SOFTDOCS: Skyfox Charts Explained by The Wyvern
skyfox.hints.1 5156
SOFTDOCS: Skyfox Hint Book by The Wyvern
skyfox.hints.2 6232
SOFTDOCS: Skyfox Hint Booklet #2 by The Wyvern
skyfox.txt 439
SOFTDOCS: Skyfox Help Screen
slb.txt 14704
SOFTDOCS: Star League Baseball by Random Access of Atlantic Pirate's Guild
smartboot 14436
SOFTDOCS: Smartboot by Steven Weyhrich
snake.byte 911
SOFTDOCS: Snake Byte
snoopy2rescue 8225
SOFTDOCS: Snoopy to the Rescue by Apple Mafia
snowterm 29230
SOFTDOCS: Snow Term by John F. Snow
solo.flight 13824
SOFTDOCS: Solo Flight by The Wombat, The Gonif, Dr. Micro
solo.flight.txt 13817
SOFTDOCS: Solo Flight, by The Wombat
sorceror.of.siva.txt 1307
SOFTDOCS: Sorceror of Siva
sourceror.siva 1278
SOFTDOCS: Sorcerer of Siva
space.ace 12898
SOFTDOCS: Space Ace by East Coast Connection (October 2, 1990)
space.ace.solve 8190
SOFTDOCS: Space Ace by Lupus (Slightly Modified Version)
space.rg 6528
SOFTDOCS: Space Rogue by Kid Slick 1119
SOFTDOCS: Space Rouge Help by The WiseGuy
space.shuttle.0 4694
SOFTDOCS: Space Shuttle: A Voyage Into Space
space.shuttle.1 10798
SOFTDOCS: For Space Shuttle by Disk Jockey
space.shuttle.2 10724
SOFTDOCS: Space Shuttle (Part II)
space.vikings 1291
SOFTDOCS: Space Vikings
spacefoxdocs.txt 2416
SOFTDOCS: Spacefox
spare.change 810
SOFTDOCS: Spare Change
speakupdox.txt 728
SOFTDOCS: Speak Up Software, from The Apple Mechanic
speedwayclassic 1377
SOFTDOCS: Speedway Classic
spellpruf 3743
SOFTDOCS: Spellpruf by Mark Murphy
spells.txt 4005
SOFTDOCS: Deathlord Spells
spiderbot.txt 8226
SOFTDOCS: Spiderbot, by Twilight Zone
spindizzy.txt 7872
SOFTDOCS: Spindizzy, typed by The Triton
spitfire.simula 1131
SOFTDOCS: Spitfire Simulator
spooler 6986
SOFTDOCS: Print Spooler Classic Desk Accessory by Bill Tudor (1990)
spy.hunter 3752
SOFTDOCS: Spy Hunter, by The Minuteman
spy.vs.spy.2 15983
SOFTDOCS: Spy vs. Spy by The Blind Thief
spy.vs.spy.txt 15766
ss.songwriting 14456
SOFTDOCS: How in the world do I write a song in Soundsmith?!?
ssmith.ref 8959
SOFTDOCS: SoundSmith Reference
sstrek.txt 2891
SOFTDOCS: Super Stellar Trek by The Copycatter
standing.stones 11021
SOFTDOCS: The Standing Stones by The Penguin
standingstones.txt 469
SOFTDOCS: Standing Stones from Electronic Arts Help page 12661
SOFTDOCS: Gamestar Stadium, by Random Access
star.maze 503
star.thief 422
SOFTDOCS: Star Thief
star.warrior 2195
SOFTDOCS: Star Warrior
station.v.txt 3949
SOFTDOCS: Station Five by The Compiler
stellar7.txt 3131
SOFTDOCS: Stellar-7, by The Raven
stevie.txt 15696
SOFTDOCS: Simply Try this Editor for VI Enthusiasts by Tony Andrews And G. R. (Fred) Walter
stkoby.txt 55180
SOFTDOCS: Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative by Team Xerox of TARDIS
sub.mission.txt 29665
SOFTDOCS: Sub Mission by Chief Justice (November 4, 1986)
subcommand.txt 502
SOFTDOCS: Some Notes on Submerine Command by Kilroy
submissionref.txt 2030
SOFTDOCS: Sub Mission Quick Reference by Chief Justice (November 4, 1986) 12491
SOFTDOCS: Summer Games II by Red-Alert (September 4, 1985) 5773
SOFTDOCS: Summer Games by Track Tracer
summer_games_ii.txt 28311
SOFTDOCS: Summer Games II (Exact Translation, Excellent Work) 6100
super.huey.txt 22630
SOFTDOCS: Super Huey by The Outlaw
sword.of.kadash.txt 6609
SOFTDOCS: Sword of Kadash, by The Whip (February 12, 1985)
t.beagle.bag 38249
DOCS: Beagle Bag Instructions
tapper.txt 3375
SOFTDOCS: Tapper From Bally, by Col. Hogan and Col. Klink
tasc.1 15604
DOCS: TASC by Judie Mac
tasc.2 7914
DOCS: TASC Part II by Judie Mac
tasstimes.txt 21969
DOCUMENTATION: Tass Times in Tone Town
tawala.txt 47561
SOFTDOCS: Tawala's Last Redoubt
tele.porter 6888
DOCS: Teleporter by The Nut and Preston Junior
telengard.cmds 610
DOCS: Telengard Command Key by The Wyvern
temple.apshai 748
DOCS: Temple of Apshai
temple.of.apshai.txt 781
SOFTDOCS: Temple of Apshai
testdrive 7851
DOCS: Test Drive by The Disk Raper
tex 7343
DOCSl TEX - Text File Utility by Floyd Zink, Jr. (1988)
the.other.side 8910
DOCS: The Other Side by Man o War 2315
DOCS: The Quest
the.snapper 6367
DOCS: The Snapper by Bets C.
third.iigs 28062
DOCS: The Third Courier IIgs by The Mechanic and Senkrad
third.iigs.ref 2491
DOCS: The Third Courier by The Mechanic
threshold 777
DOCS: Threshold
thunderbombs 1144
DOCS: Thunderbombs
tic 16845
DOCS: Talk is Cheap by Donald Elton (1987)
tie 10158
DOCS: The Icon Editor (TIE) by ACE Software (February 12, 1988)
time.mast.v2.1 20130
DOCS: TimeMaster IIgs v2.1 (13 August 1992)
time.tunnels 2274
DOCS: Time Tunnels by The Intern and The Chief Surgeon of Black Bag
timezone.txt 10657
WALKTHROUGH: Time Zone by Sierra from The Mercenary
tmachine.txt 1307
WALKTHROUGH: The Time Machine Mysterious Adventure
to.ultramacro 132352
DOCS: Timeout UltraMacros by Beagle Brothers 2427
DOCS: Tomahawk GS Documentation (May 30, 1988) by The Terminator
top.fuel 14937
DOCSL Top Fuel Eliminator by Tom E. Hawk
tracer.sanction 4262
DOCS: The Tracer Sanction by The Clone kids
track.n.pack 3584
DOCSK Track/N/Pack Pro 1.0 by Sergeant Busbee of IPG and The Bunny Slayer
trak_fld.txt 4096
SOFTDOCS: Track and Field, by The Intellectual, The Owl, and Free Pirate
tranquility.base.txt 6638
SOFTDOCS: Tranquility Base, by The Disk Jockey (May, 1984)
transylvania.txt 3082
WALKTHROUGH: How to Solve Transylvania, by The Enchantor (1983)
transylvw.txt 2138
WALKTHROUGH: Transylvania by Penguin Software
treasure.hunter.txt 1428
SOFTDOCS: Trasure Hunter by One Eye of the 1200 Club (1985)
treasure.island.txt 3789
SOFTDOCS: Treasure Island, by PAP Apple Pirate
triad 1838
DOCS: Triad
trinity 7866
DOCS: Infocom's Trinity by The Sheik (1986)
triple.dump 5044
DOCS: Triple Dump by The Masochist of Hires Hijackers
trollstribulations.txt 7553
SOFTDOCS: Trolls and Tribulations, by the Topper
tsanction.txt 5301
WALKTHROUGH: The Tracer Sanction
tubeway.trick 602
DOCS: Tubeway Trick
tunnelscheat.2 1050
DOCS: Tunnels of Armageddon Cheat Number Two by Dr. Microchip
turbo 3526
DOCS: Turbo Run, by The Game Master and Waldo
twerps 1301
DOCS: Twerps
type.attack.txt 3413
Review of Type Attack
u.boat.command 686
DOCS: U-Boat Command
ukrull.prayers 10674
DOCS: The Covert Society by Gator
ultima.i.part.1 15045
DOCS: Ultima I (The New Version) by Hobin Rood
ultima.i.part.2 13019
DOCS: Ultima I (The New Version) by Hobin Rood (Part II)
ultima.ii 1683
DOCS: Command List for Ultima II
ultima.iii 15034
DOCS: Ultima III Documentation by Dr. Who
ultima.iii.1 32017
DOCS: Ultima III SuperDoc
ultima.iii.2 36413
DOCS: Ultima III Super Doc (Part II)
ultima.iii.txt 9718
SOFTDOCS: Exodus Commands, by Jarrod Bell (May 29, 1984)
ultima.v.2 18518
DOCS: Ultima V Quick Dox and Reference
ultima.v.lters 2556
DOCS: Britannian Writing Key by Snipper
ultima.v.maps 6765
DOCS: Ultima V Maps
ultima.v.qref 5251
DOCS: Ultima V Quick Reference by Chief Justice March 15, 1988
ultima_4_5_6.txt 4243
SOFTDOCS: Hints for Ultima 4, 5 and 6.
ultimai.txt 29585
SOFTDOCS: Ultima I (The New Version) by Hobin Rood (January 8, 1987)
ulyssis 4114
DOCS: Ulysses and the Golden Fleece by Bsbal the Wise and Michael Decaye
unify 4876
DOCS: Unify - A Unidisk Checksum Utility version 1.1 by The Screamer (June 1, 1987)
universe.1 15244
DOCS: Universe Documention Part 1A by The Camel Jockey
universe.2 8389
DOCS: Universe Documention Part 1B by The Disk Jockey
universe.3 8348
DOCS: Universe Documention Part 1C by The Disk Jockey
universe.4 13964
DOCS: Universe Documention Part 2 by The Disk Jockey
universe.5 11832
DOCS: Universe Documention Part 3A by The Disk Jockey
universe.ii.1 17418
DOCS: Universe II Documentation by Dr. Fix
universe.ii.2 17030
DOCS: Universe II Docs Part II
usaaf.txt 94364
SOFTDOCS: The Daylight Bombing of Nazi Europe by the USAF (1985)
viet.cong 1491
DOCS: The Viet Cong
vip.professiona 21225
DOCS: VIP Professional keyboard
visicalc 1791
DOCS: Visicalc Command Chart by Night Hawk
wapabbs 26015
SOFTDOCS: WAPABBS (Assembly Tracer) 2966
SOFTDOCS: War in Russia, by Dos Toyevski and Palantir Computing 2878
SOFTDOCS: War in Russia, by Dos Toyevski
warriors.rasii 9661
SOFTDOCS: Warriors of RAS Volume II by KAIV
wasteland 8450
SOFTDOCS: Wasteland by Blue Adept and The Crackforce
watson.txt 12891
SOFTDOCS: Watson Quick Reference Chart and Commands List
wgbaseball.txt 12012
SOFTDOCS: World's Greatest Baseball, by The Exploiter
wgfoorball.txt 30408
SOFTDOCS: World's Greatest Football
willy.byte.txt 6721
SOFTDOCS: Willy Byte in the Digital Dimension by Dr. Micro (March 17, 1985)
wime.hints 3723
SOFTDOCS: War in Middle Earth
wime.ref 4245
SOFTDOCS: War in Middle Earth, by MNorgoth
windwalker 44428
SOFTDOCS: Windwalker 2e, Tales of Moebius, by The Neuromancer of Club 96
windwalker.ref 10359
SOFTDOCS: Windwalker 2e Apple II Quick Reference by Neuromancer
wings.of.fury 8576
SOFTDOCS: Wings of Fury, by Sir Beeblebrox 1190
SOFTDOCS: Salvation Wings Late News and User's Guide Update (December 1, 1990) 12845
SOFTDOCS: Winter Games by Sector Vector
wiz.3.monst.1 4941
SOFTDOCS: Wizardry III Monster Descriptions
wiz.3.monst.2 1738
SOFTDOCS: Wizardry III Monsters
wiz4.c 1413
Wizardry 4 Mordor Charge Number Generator V1.0 by Len Borowski
wizandprincess.txt 2791
WALKTHROUGH: How to Solve Wizard and the Princess
wizardry.editor 10442
SOFTDOCS: Wizardry Scenario Editor by The Big M (April 12, 1981)
wizardry.i.rule 52169
SOFTDOCS: Wizardry Documentation Part 1 from Sir Tech Software by Some Other Guy
wizardry.i.spel 15915
SOFTDOCS: Wizardry Part II, Spells, by Some Other Guy
wizardryse.txt 7070
SOFTDOCS: Wizardry Scenario Editor Softdocs by The Hardware Hacker (November 16, 1983)
wiziprint 5666
SOFTDOCS: Wiziprint by The Penguin
woggle 8444
SOFTDOCS: Woggle 0.9b from William Gulstad 3146
SOFTDOCS: Castle Wolfenstein II Maps
word.fair 805
SOFTDOCS: Word Fair from Carl Steadman 13205
SOFTDOCS: Epyx World Games, by Micro Mack 12091
SOFTDOCS: World Games, by High Voltage
world.iie 14464
SOFTDOCS: Epyx World Games, by Micro Mack and Dr. Phreak
world.tour.d 20887
SOFTDOCS: World Tour Golf by Beta
wrath.denether1 13980
SOFTDOCS: Wrath of Denethenor
wrath.denether2 9173
SOFTDOCS: Hints for the Wrath of Denethenor by the Nudge
x.jump 1166
SOFTDOCS: X.Jump, by Mr. Mayhem
x.mdmsend.s 6757
SOFTDOCS: X.Command by Hermes December 23, 1992
x.mdmsend.txt 2494
SOFTDOCS: X.MDMSEND by Eugene Skonicki (Hermes) Version 1.0
xenocide 10085
SOFTDOCS: Xenocide 65 by Hellrazer
xyphus 2454
SOFTDOCS: Xyphus, by Chief Surgeon and The Penguin (August 3, 1984)
xyphus.1a 16710
SOFTDOCS: Xyphus, by The Penguin
xyphus.1b 6501
SOFTDOCS: Xyphus Part 2, by The Penguin
xyphus.2 7994
SOFTDOCS: Xyphus Spellcasting and Magic by The Penguin
yankit 7884
SOFTDOCS: YankIt v1.2 (1992)
ymodem 36941
z9200hst 6845
SOFTDOCS: 19200HST: Locks your Apple Serial Port at 19200 baud
zapcode 76827
SOFTDOCS: Zapcode, Professional Printer Control v3.2, May 18, 1990
zippy.zombi 851
SOFTDOCS: Zippy Zombi, by John Romero
zmodem 36215
SOFTDOCS: ZMODEM Protocol Reference, by Chuck Forsberg
zonkers 4047
SOFTDOCS: Zonkers, by J.D. Holdeman 5524
SOFTDOCS: Zoom Grafix
zorro.txt 2932
SOFTDOCS: Zorro, by Cat Man

There are 810 files for a total of 9,419,303 bytes.