ASCII Artwork: The RTTY Collection

This is a collection of ASCII Art files from a site called, run by George Hutchison (W7KSJ) and William Bytheway (AA6ED). This site is dedicated to a machine called a "Radio Teletype", and the amateur operatiors of these machines. Besides the technical aspects and the lore, there are these picture files, most of them from the 1970's, that represent ASCII art predating the BBS.

From the pages these were taken from: "The Teletype Artwork on these pages is the product of many different authors and artists over the years. Recent efforts on the part of Bob Roehrig, John Foust, Tom Jennings, and John Sheetz have sparked new interest in this art form.... We have found the easiest way to print the pictures is to save the files to disk, and using the editor in DOS, call each one into the edit mode and then print it. The DOS editor is also fairly straightforward in enabling corrections and modifications."

There are two different types of files here: PIX and POX. The .PIX files are easier to decode: they are one line of text for every line printed. The .POX files use what are called "overstrike" characters: some of the lines are meant to be printed over several times (by not putting in a carriage return) so that the characters will be much darker than would normally be seen in this situation. Work has been done at to have Java viewers of the final files.

Description of the Textfile
adam$eve.pix 5376
Picture of Adam and Eve (Actually Just Eve)
andycap.pix 5248
Image of Andy Capp by Don (W8DIS)
batman.pix 3840
Picture of Batman's Face
bbardot.pix 4992
Image of Brigitte Bardot by Anthony Mawby and Robert Connell
bcarter.pox 7168
Image of Billy Carter by Kent (W9LZQ)
bigben.pox 10112
Image of Big Ben
castle.pix 6528
My Home is My Castle, by Klaus (DF7FB) (1980)
caveman.pix 5888
Image of Caveman on Unicycle
chamglas.pix 4352
Image of Woman in Champagne Glass, by K6EQV
cookie.pix 4864
Image of Cookie from Beetle Bailey by John (WB4GlJ)
cougar.pix 3072
Image of Cougar from an Original Charcoal by Dennis Droz (K7OOW)
cowboy.pix 5632
Image of Cowboy: "Sudden Settlement" by Bill Skipper (K0ARG)
crane.pox 15744
Image of Japanese Craine by N. Tsuruno
cy.pix 2711
Image of Cy, the Iowa State University Mascot, by Doug (Wn0nRK)
cylonrdr.pix 3328
Image of a Cylon Raider by Dick (K7WYNC)
dog.pox 5888
Image of Greta, my German Shepherd, by Winky (AD4M)
dtchme.pix 10880
Noli M Tangere (Don't Touch Me), by DL6US (1975)
edison.pix 4736
Image of Thomas A Edison by Bill (W2LTJ)
entrpriz.pix 13573
Image of the Star Trek Enterprise "Space - The Final Frontier)
f4e.pix 4480
Image of a F4E Phantom U.S. Airforce Attack Fighter by Neil (K9WRL)
facegirl.pix 3584
Image of a Girl's Face, b W0CQN (October, 1978)
fang.pix 5248
Image of Siamese Pussy Cat by Don (WA6PIR)
fccgirl.pix 6016
The FCC Takes the Fun Out of Everything
ffstone.pix 7168
Image of Fred Flinstone
frnchnd.pix 4608
Image of French Nude, by F6DEG
fshnfrg.pix 6656
Image of Fishin' Frog by Bill (WD5HRB)
garroway.pix 3840
Image of Dave Garroway by Larsson of Teletype Corporation
genhtrk.pix 4736
Image of General Halftrack from Beetle Bailey by Tom (WB3FJY)
george.pix 5248
Image of George Washington by WA6PIR
getinout.pox 14592
Image of "Getting Out" Recreational Vehicle, by Al (WA7LQP) (November 23, 1974)
girl.pix 6784
Image of Topless Girl with Bikini Shorts
girlface.pix 2304
Image of Girl's Face

There are 32 files for a total of 199,196 bytes.