BBS Textfiles: Dr. Delam's Collection

Dr. Delam contributes this collection of captures, messages, and strange files from his past. Some of these have been seen elsewhere; most of it is not and is from his own buffers and terminal program as he browsed around the Internet and BBS world in the early 1990's. Some files are very short, while others are significant. Through them all, one sees the day to day text that came through his screen.

The CAPTURES collection ranges from straight logins of now-gone BBSes, to banners and internals of infrastructure computers. In some cases, there is corruption or broken buffering, and in others it is not entirely clear what is going on. It is not up to me to decide what history needs to know.

Description of the Textfile
CAPTURESRandom Captures and Buffers of Hacking, Reading, and Posting Online
MESSAGESSelections of Message Bases from Various BBSes
dnic3 9535
List of DNICS, by Laser Brain
dream 471
Short List: Information about Phone Systems
hacker 3674
BBS LIST: Hacking BBSes
hoho 9626
Announcement for HoHoCon (1992)
hypnosis.txt 10261
What Hypnosis Is, from Metal Communications (1985)
knightx.cap 1510
MAIL: Knight Lightning drops information on federal agent Russell Brand (December 9, 1991)
lysergic 1098
Information on lysergic Acid
matrix.txt 12473
A Strange Conversation for Mr. Epstein
pagan 2056
BBS List: Pagan BBS Systems
pc 10566
Memories and Overview of the Pumpcon Bust (1992)
phufile.cap 63698
FILELIST: Virus and Other Underground Files
point0 2767
USER LIST: Unknown BBS (Point Zero?)
red.boxa 1942
How to Build and Use a Red Box, by U.N. and The Master (1987)
ripusers 69094
USERLIST: List of Users on the Ripco BBS (1992)
rvprimer.txt 12287
The Racal-Vadic Primer v1.0, or, What's This Blasted Manual Answer, Anyway
sources 13791
terminal.txt 13344
List of Terminal Identification Codes
thunt 11109
Count Zero's Tymnet Hut (1992)
tips.txt 18331
Troubleshooting PC-Pursuit Calls: Tips for Helping Customers (January, 1987)
tits 917
ASCII Representation of Breasts
tshirt.cap 1214
Legion of Doom: Internet World Tour T-Shirt Announcement, by Chris Goggans (Erik Bloodaxe)
tshirts.cap 1261
Legion of Doom: Internet World Tour T-Shirt Announcement, by Chris Goggans (Erik Bloodaxe)
ufoetc 1005
viso.cap 5948
FILES: Virus Listings
vmblist1.txt 2078
List of Working Voice Mailboxes by Digital CyberBass (aka Mage) (December 18, 1990)
warning-secure.txt 1212
"Warning: This Terminal Is Not a Secure Device." (Warning Banner)

There are 26 files for a total of 281,268 bytes.
There are 2 directories.