File Listings

Many BBSes had "file sections", where you could use XMODEM (and later YMODEM, ZMODEM, KERMIT, and a bunch of other specifications) to download programs and files to your local machine, and run them. This was amazing; use the modem, get a program! Of course, over time, it became a point of pride to say how many programs you had online, and file sections grew to enormous sizes. Some captured file listings are presented below.

Why include such a mundane aspect of the BBS world? Well, for the same reason that it was great that people took random street shots of cities thoughout the last century. Even though they seemed boring and uneventful, the progression of time away from when the picture was taken gives it interest. Maybe someone will browse a file list and see a program that was their favorite; maybe they'll see that there was a embryonic version of a program they use to this day, that was billed a lot different. No matter; there's a thousand stories buried in these listings. You might hear them tell one to you.

Description of the Textfile
170-609.asc 134646
Master Filelist for the Big Dreams FAXable CEC
access.lst 153281
FILELISTS: The Access System, Huntsville, AL (September 9, 1992)
access.old 144526
FILELISTS: The Access System, Huntsville, AL (July 20, 1992)
ajfafile.txt 723820
The Damage Incorporated File List and Collection of Paradise City BBS, from Blackened
allfile1.txt 353248
File List of the Matrix BBS (Birmingham, AL) (July, 1992)
allfile2.txt 369950
File List of the Matrix BBS (Birmingham, AL) (July, 1992)
allfile3.txt 381864
File List of the Matrix BBS (Birmingham, AL) (July, 1992)
allfiles.lst 682403
File List of the Owlabama MENSA BBS List (Birmingham, AL)
asblist.txt 159562
Listing of Files from the Altered States BBS 23503
buzzardsnest4.txt 980073
File Listing for the Buzzard's Nest IV BBS (December 13, 1994)
catalog.6 2629
FILELIST: Texts from the Wonderland BBS in Billerica MA (June 12, 1990)
cybahq.lst 228635
File List: CYBERSPACE Headquarters BBS (June 1993)
filearea.txt 3891
Altered States (BBS) Files Areas as of May 25th, 1992
filelist.txt 399832
FILELIST: The Temple of the Screaming Electron (June 6, 1992)
filelst.txt 95636
FILELIST: The Circuit Cellar BBS Master File List
files.bbs 26787
Large File Listing of all sorts of Typical Textfiles a BBS Might Have (Phreaking Oriented)
fuzzylogic.txt 41524
FILELIST: Fuzzy Logic BBS (Circa 1994)
liberty.txt 8186
File System of the Liberty Bell BBS
mastlist.txt 422236
File List of the Rocket City VBBS (Huntsville, AL) (April, 1992)
mbfile.txt 1640280
Huge Listing of Files from the MB BBS (March 15, 1993)
north444.lst 104898
Filelist for the Northern Lights BBS
owlabama.lst 301689
File List of the Owlabama MENSA BBS List (Birmingham, AL)
rocktcty.lst 422236
FILELIST: Rocket City VBBS (1992)
snakepit.dld.txt 9764
FILELIST: The Snakepit BBS (1989)
southexp.lst 435177
FILE LIST: Southern Express BBS (1992)
spacelnk.lst 68608
FILE LIST: NASA Spacelink File List (1992)
sysop.txt 49626
Complete File Listings of the Psychotronic BBS (March 31, 1992)
tdrfiles.txt 346762
FILELIST: The Dark Realm BBS in Sweden (January 3, 1993)
totlist.txt 139482
FILELIST: Never Never Land (Sweden)
totselist.txt 697933
File List of the Temple of the Screaming Electron BBS (June 8, 1993)
wfobbs.lst 130602
FILELIST: Werewolves From Outerspace (1,300 Files)

There are 32 files for a total of 9,683,289 bytes.