BBS: Jerry W. Decker's Keelynet BBS

Located in Texas, the Keelynet BBS was dedicated to delving into the paranormal or "odd" science, whether it be new medical therapies, UFOs, psychic happenings, or someone finding old articles which brought up a topic not covered in recent times. The SysOp, Jerry Decker, has always encouraged skepticism but never takes the excuse of "if someone hasn't done anything with it yet, it's not worth doing" that has stopped so much exploration in new ideas.

These files have often shown up on lots of BBSes, stripped of their headers, or alone without any companion files that included skeptics or additional information. We're happy to have pretty much the whole collection from the BBS days of Keelynet up in this section.

The collection here is arranged as it was in the file archives that Keely makes available for users to download. Some files could arguably be in other sections, but they all pretty much stay on topic.

KeeleyNet has gone on to find a new life as a website located at It's worth checking out, as jerry expands his reach and quest for information onto the Internet.

Description of the Textfile
BIOLOGYFiles dealing with biological issues: Health, Anatomy
CONTACTBBS and Telephone Numbers of Individuals and Agencies
ECOLOGYFiles about the Environment or Conservation of Energy
ENERGYFiles about Free Energy or New Power Sources
GRAVITYFiles involving Gravitation and Manipulation of It
HUMORFiles of a Humorous Nature
KEELYFiles About the life and Work and Inspiration of Keely
PARANORMFiles Discussing the Paranormal or Bible
PDFiles Explaining Various Public Domain Programs
UFOFiles about Unidentified Flying Objects, and Their Coverups
UNCLASSUnclassified Files; a Real Grab Bag of Information from All Over
filelist.1995 225395
The File Listing for the KeelyNet BBS on May 1st, 1995

There is 1 file for a total of 225,395 bytes.
There are 11 directories.