BBS: Jerry W. Decker's Keelynet BBS: Contact Numbers

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bbsnumb.asc 1804
Collection of BBS Numbers Used by KeelyNet (January 20, 1991)
book1.asc 25074
List of Books of Interest to the Users of KeelyNet (December 2, 1990)
bsconf92.asc 6187
Information on the Second International Borderland Sciences Congress (July 30th, 1992)
contact1.asc 8421
Contacts and Special People Known to the KeelyNet BBS
crater1.asc 1960
Help NASA Name a Crater on Venus (May 4th, 1991)
engbbs.asc 29861
Collection of Engineering-Oriented Bulletin Board Systems (June 19, 1990)
extra.asc 5556
The 1st Extraordinary Sciences Conference (May 20th, 1991)
fdabbs.asc 7616
The FDA Electronic BBS users Guide (October 30, 1993)
foia.asc 16774
The Freedom of Information Act and How You Can use it (March 8th, 1990)
globcon1.asc 9521
The Global Sciences Congress (Winter 1992)
govtbbs.asc 9216
The Economic Bulletin Board (Computer Bulletin Boards in the Department of Commerce)
ians93.asc 6440
Invitation to the Advanced Energy Technologies Forum (November 7th, 1992)
iecec92.asc 9698
The Internation Conference of the Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (March 20th, 1992)
iececall.asc 9613
The Call for Papers at the 28th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (November 7th, 1992)
isne94.asc 10068
The International Symposium on New Energy: An Exploration of "Free Energy" Generators (May 12-15, 1994)
its95.asc 4692
The International Tesla Society Contact Information and the 1995 International Tesla Society Conference (May 22, 1995)
ncc1701.asc 1513
Message Areas on the NXX-1701 BBS
philly.asc 5821
The Focus on Unconventional Energies (March 23, 1994)
sciebib.asc 33107
Bibliography on Science and Spirituality and New Developments in Science with implications for Possible Validation and Illumination of Esoteric Teachings (April 17, 1991)
searl.asc 12143
Information on the Scientific Work of Professor John Roy Robert Searl (October 30th, 1993)
sfse94.asc 10882
Notice of the Thirteenth Annual Meeting of the Socirty for Scientific Exploration (June 8th, 1994)
sft-390.asc 13690
The San Francisco Tesla Society Newsletter Volume 1 Number (March 1990) (September 2, 1993)
sft-590.asc 21266
The San Francisco Tesla Society Newsletter (Volume 1, Number 5) September 2, 1993
source1.asc 9012
Catalog of Books and Materials Available from Dale Pond at Delta Spectrum Research
sse95.asc 6249
14th Annual Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration Call for papers and registration
teslacnf.asc 4503
Announcement of the 1992 International Tesla Symposium (July 23-26, 1992)
utcat.asc 9094
Using UTCAT with Personal Computers (August 24th, 1990)
vsrtmay.95 31654
The Vanguard Sciences and Keelynet Newsletter (May 24th, 1995)

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