Game Reviews

A large collection of reviews of different games for many different platforms. After buying and playing a given game, many people like to write reviews of their experience with the software so that others are informed/forewarned. Like all reviews, your opinion of the games might differ.

As technology barrels ahead and games become more and more graphically and audibly intense, it helps to have perspective as to what parts of a game were important before there was any hope of graphics being photo-realistic or 3-D routines being built-in on the CPU. Also, you can see the beginning strains of game lines (sequels) that continue to today.

Description of the Textfile
3d.rev 3853
REVIEW: 3-D Pool (Atari ST)
3stooge.rev 10097
REVIEW: The Three Stooges (IBM-PC)
688.rev 6155
REVIEW: 688 Attack Sub (IBM-PC)
a10tank.rev 8332
REVIEW: A-10 Tank Killer (IBM-PC)
a10v15.rev 6772
REVIEW: A-10 Tank Killer Version 1.5 (IBM)
abcfoot.rev 10113
REVIEW: ABC Monday Night Football (IBM-PC)
abrams.rev 7148
REVIEW: Abrams Battle Tank (IBM-PC)
aftrburn.rev 3923
REVIEW: After Burner (IBM-PC)
airstrke.rev 3870
REVIEW: Airstrike USA (Amiga)
alcon.rev 3985
REVIEW: Alcon (Atari ST)
alienfrs.rev 11192
REVIEW: Alien Fires (Atari ST)
alsyn.rev 4060
REVIEW: Alien Syndrome (IBM-PC)
alterbst.rev 8167
REVIEW: Altered Beast (Commodore 64/128)
altered.rev 9081
REVIEW: Altered Destiny (IBM-PC)
androm.rev 3998
REVIEW: Chaos in Andromeda (Amiga)
annals.rev 9618
REVIEW: Annals of Rome (Commodore 64/128)
apgolf.rev 3976
REVIEW: Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf
apollo18.rev 4810
REVIEW: Apollo 18 (IBM-PC)
aquanaut.rev 5849
REVIEW: Aquanaut (IBM PC)
arach.rev 6261
REVIEW: Arachnophobia (IBM-PC)
aralley.rev 7526
REVIEW: Armor Alley (Macintosh)
armged.rev 10616
REVIEW: Armour-Geddon (Amiga)
armor.rev 5369
REVIEW: Armor Alley (IBM-PC)
arthur.rev 7404
artura.rev 7426
REVIEW: Artura (Atari ST)
badblood.rev 4626
REVIEW: Bad Blood (IBM-PC)
balance.rev 7924
REVIEW: Balance of the Planet (IBM-PC)
ballistx.rev 4215
REVIEW: Ballistix (Amiga)
balpowr.rev 5899
REVIEW: Balance of Power (IBM-PC) (1990)
bargames.rev 6487
REVIEW: Bar Games (IBM-PC)
bat.rev 3741
batman.rev 7551
REVIEW: Batman, the Caped Crusader (Atari ST)
batman2.rev 8703
REVIEW: Batman, The Movie (Amiga)
batnap.rev 8111
REVIEW: The Battles of Napoleon (Apple II)
bc2.rev 3631
REVIEW: Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess (IBM-PC)
berlin.rev 6968
REVIEW: East Vs. West: Berlin 1948 (Atari ST)
bermuda.rev 4289
REVIEW: bermuda Project (Atari ST)
bismark.rev 7905
REVIEW: Bismarck: The North Sea Chase (Atari ST)
blckhole.rev 9556
REVIEW: Beyond the Black Hole (IBM-PC)
bldmoney.rev 4463
REVIEW: Blood Money (Amiga)
blockout.rev 4564
REVIEW: Blockout (Amiga)
blueangl.rev 8978
REVIEW: Blue Angels (IBM-PC)
bluemax.rev 9508
bndtking.rev 4857
REVIEW: Bandit Kings of Ancient China (IBM-PC)
boyblob.rev 2469
REVIEW: A Boy and His Blob (Nintendo)
brain.rev 3110
REVIEW: Action Pak Brainblaster (Amiga)
breach2.rev 7534
REVIEW: Breach 2 (Atari ST)
bringer.rev 8380
REVIEW: Death Bringer (Commodre 64/128)
btlchess.rev 5902
REVIEW: Battle Chess (Atari ST)
btletech.rev 13969
REVIEW: Battletech: The Crescent Hawk's Revenge (IBM-PC)
btlhawks.rev 5912
REVIEW: Battlehawks 1942
btltech.rev 9027
REVIEW: Battletech (IBM-PC)
bubble.rev 4566
REVIEW: Bubble Bobble (Nintendo)
budokan.rev 3446
REVIEW: Budokan: The Martial Spirit (Sega Genesis)
butcher.rev 3571
REVIEW: Butcher Hill (C64)
camelot.rev 8361
REVIEW: Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail (IBM-PC)
careurp.rev 3022
REVIEW: Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego? (Macintosh)
carmap.rev 8118
REVIEW: Where in America's Past is Carmen Sandiego? (IBM-PC)
cartime.rev 9080
REVIEW: Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? (IBM-PC)
cartog.rev 4628
REVIEW: The Cartographer (Atari-ST)
castle.rev 16890
REVIEW: Castles (IBM-PC)
centauri.rev 3615
REVIEW: Centauri Alliance (Apple II)
centur.rev 7442
REVIEW: Centurion (IBM-PC)
chamber.rev 10074
REVIEW: Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess (Amiga)
chaos.rev 8467
REVIEW: Chaos Strikes Back (Atari ST)
chckmate.rev 4082
REVIEW: Checkmate (Amiga)
ches2100.rev 4716
REVIEW: Chessmaster 2100 (IBM-PC)
citadel.rev 4147
REVIEW: Citadel (Macintosh)
clown.rev 4482
REVIEW: Clown-O-Mania (Atari ST)
cluedect.rev 4616
REVIEW: Clue Master Detective (IBM-PC)
cme.rev 4566
REVIEW: Conflict: Middle East (IBM-PC)
colony.rev 7051
REVIEW: The Colony (Macintosh)
commndhq.rev 17463
conflict.rev 5729
REVIEW: Conflict (IBM-PC)
contin.rev 4029
REVIEW: Continuum (IBM-PC)
countdwn.rev 6757
REVIEW: Countdown (IBM-PC)
covert.rev 10902
REVIEW: Covert Action (IBM-PC)
cptblood.rev 5566
REVIEW: Captain Blood (Amiga)
crashgar.rev 4659
REVIEW: Crash Garrett (Atari ST)
cribking.rev 7449
REVIEW: Cribbage King/Gin King (IBM-PC)
crnoqut2.rev 8079
REVIEW: Chrono Quest II (Amiga)
cycles.rev 6310
REVIEW: The Cycles: International Grand Prix Racing (IBM-PC)
darkside.rev 10474
REVIEW: Dark Side (Amiga)
dasboot.rev 9334
davdwolf.rev 9184
REVIEW: David Wolf: Secret Agent (IBM-PC)
deathkk.rev 10380
REVIEW: Death Knights of Krynn (IBM-PC)
deathtrk.rev 3809
REVIEW: Deathtrack (IBM-PC)
defcrown.rev 5945
REVIEW: Defender of the Crown (IBM-PC)
demnwint.rev 7695
REVIEW: Demon's Winter (Commodore 64)
dethlord.rev 9494
REVIEW: Deathlord (Commodore 64/128)
dforce.rev 1960
doubdrag.rev 8466
REVIEW: Double Dragon (IBM-PC)
downhill.rev 4629
REVIEW: Downhill Challenge (Amiga)
draglord.rev 1674
REVIEW: Dragon Lord (IBM)
drdoom.rev 5353
REVIEW: Dr. Doom's Revenge (Atari ST)
drgnlord.rev 14728
REVIEW: Dragon Lord (Amiga)
drgnstrk.rev 3946
REVIEW: Dragonstrike (IBM-PC)
drgnwars.rev 7408
REVIEW: Dragon Wars (Apple II)
drteam.rev 5650
REVIEW: The Dream Team (IBM-PC)
dtomb.rev 3516
REVIEW: Demon's Tomb: The Awakening (IBM-PC)
duck.rev 3594
REVIEW: Disney's Duck Tales: The Quest for Gold
dungmagc.rev 7422
REVIEW: Dungeon Magic (Nintendo)
dungmr2b.rev 5970
REVIEW: Dungeon Master's Assistant, Vol II: (Apple II)
dungmstr.rev 4904
REVIEW: Dungeon Master (Atari ST)
earl.rev 8068
REVIEW: Earl Weaver Baseball v1.5 (IBM-PC)
earth.rev 5552
REVIEW: Earthrise (IBM-PC)
elvira.rev 8688
REVIEW: Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (Amiga)
empire.rev 11638
REVIEW: Empire (Commodore 64/128)
escape.rev 5420
REVIEW: Escape from Hell (IBM-PC)
eye.rev 3222
REVIEW: Eye of Horus (Amiga)
eyebehld.rev 9624
REVIEW: Eye of the Beholder (IBM-PC)
f-16.rev 13450
REVIEW: F-16 Combat Pilot (Amiga)
f-18.rev 4236
REVIEW: F-18 Hornet (Commodore 64)
f-19.rev 7648
REVIEW: F-19 Stealth Fighter (IBM-PC)
f29.rev 7798
REVIEW: F-29 Retaliator (Amiga)
faceoff.rev 6700
REVIEW: Faceoff! (Commodore 64/128)
faces.rev 5267
REVIEW: Faces (Tris III) (IBM-PC)
faery.rev 3288
REVIEW: The Faery Tale Adventure (Amiga)
falcon.rev 4675
fast.rev 5346
REVIEW: Fast Break (Amiga)
federat.rev 17364
REVIEW: Federation (Amiga)
ferrari.rev 8512
REVIEW: Ferrari Formula One (Amiga)
fff.rev 3740
REVIEW: Freakin' Funky Fuzzballs (IBM-PC)
finehour.rev 9982
REVIEW: Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britan (IBM-PC)
fire.rev 5950
REVIEW: Fire King (IBM-PC)
firebrig.rev 7217
REVIEW: Fire Brigade (IBM-PC)
firehawk.rev 5041
REVIEW: Fire Hawk: Thexder the Second Contact (IBM-PC)
firezone.rev 5648
REVIEW: Firezone (Commodore 64/128)
first.rev 3553
REVIEW: First Over Germany (IBM-PC)
flight.rev 6287
REVIEW: Flight of the Intruder (IBM-PC)
flight4.rev 9483
REVIEW: Microsoft Flight Simulator v4.0 (IBM-PC)
flight4b.rev 7678
REVIEW: Microsoft Flight Simulator v4.0B (IBM-PC)
flood.rev 5175
REVIEW: Flood (Atari ST)
fltassmt.rev 12198
REVIEW: Flight Assignment: A.T.P. (IBM-PC)
fltsim3.rev 7128
REVIEW: Microsoft Flight Simulator v3.0 (IBM-PC)
fool.rev 5460
REVIEW: The Fool's Errand (IBM-PC)
fountain.rev 6248
REVIEW: Fountain of Dreams (IBM-PC)
freddy.rev 9117
REVIEW: Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' Fun (Atari ST)
fright.rev 5100
REVIEW: Fright Night (Amiga)
fs4.rev 10425
REVIEW: Microsoft Flight Simulator Aircraft and Scenery Designer (IBM-PC)
galactic.rev 5683
REVIEW: Galactic Conqueror (Atari ST)
gatewy.rev 5844
REVIEW: Gateway to the Savage Frontier (IBM-PC)
gauntlt2.rev 10169
REVIEW: Gauntlet II (Atari ST)
gboat.rev 7219
REVIEW: Gunboat (Amiga)
ghost2.rev 4982
REVIEW: Ghostbusters II (IBM-PC)
ghoul.rev 4678
REVIEW: Ghouls N' Ghosts (Sega Genesis)
gldrealm.rev 4416
REVIEW: Gold of the Realm (Atari ST)
global.rev 5353
REVIEW: The Global Dilemma: Guns or Butter (IBM-PC)
gnorm.rev 4705
REVIEW: Greg Norman's Shark Attack! The Ultimate Golf Simulator (IBM-PC)
gog.rev 7847
REVIEW: Galleons of Glory (MS-DOS)
gold.rev 6504
REVIEW: The Gold of the Aztecs (IBM-PC)
goldamer.rev 12236
REVIEW: Gold of the Americas (IBM-PC)
goldrush.rev 6015
REVIEW: Gold Rush! (IBM-PC)
grndprix.rev 8457
REVIEW: Grand Prix Circuit (Commodore 64/128)
hardball.rev 6523
REVIEW: Hardball II (IBM-PC)
hardnova.rev 6012
REVIEW: Hard Nova (IBM-PC)
harley.rev 4721
REVIEW: Harley-Davidson: The Road to Sturgis (IBM-PC)
harmony.rev 9778
REVIEW: Harmony (Amiga)
harpoon.rev 10107
REVIEW: Harpoon (IBM-PC)
harrier7.rev 4501
REVIEW: Harrier 7 (IBM-PC)
heatwave.rev 4028
REVIEW: Heat Wave (Commodore 64/128)
heros.rev 14869
REVIEW: Heroes of the Lance (Atari ST)
herzog.rev 3592
REVIEW: Herzog Zwei (Sega Genesis)
hidden.rev 7654
REVIEW: Hidden Agenda (Macintosh)
hillsfar.rev 8962
REVIEW: Hillsfar (Commodore 64)
hoc.rev 6738
REVIEW: Heart of China (IBM-PC)
holen1.rev 3677
REVIEW: Hole-In-One Miniature Golf (Atari ST)
houscard.rev 3876
REVIEW: House of Cards (IBM-PC)
hover.rev 6361
REVIEW: Hoverforce (IBM-PC)
hoyle.rev 6416
REVIEW: Hoyle's Book of Games, Volume One (Amiga)
hq.rev 13197
REVIEW: Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be A Hero (IBM-PC)
iceman.rev 10050
REVIEW: Codename: Iceman (IBM-PC)
ifmoves.rev 3285
REVIEW: If It Moves, Shoot It (IBM-PC)
ijlc-1.rev 7477
REVIEW: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Action Game) (Atari ST)
ijlc-2.rev 11679
REVIEW: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphics Adventure (IBM-PC)
immortal.rev 10374
REVIEW: The Immortal (Amiga)
imperium.rev 15769
REVIEW: Imperium (Amiga)
infest.rev 9875
REVIEW: Infestation (Amiga)
ironlord.rev 10335
REVIEW: Iron Lord (Amiga)
ishido.rev 7264
REVIEW: Ishido: The Way of Stones (IBM-PC)
itcame.rev 7858
REVIEW: It Came From the Desert (Amiga)
jack.rev 5067
REVIEW: Jack Nicklaus' Golf (Commodore 64/128)
jbsteal.rev 5990
REVIEW: James Bond: The Stealth Affair (IBM-PC)
jet.rev 10882
REVIEW: Jet (Apple II)
jetf2.rev 8312
REVIEW: Jetfighter II (IBM-PC)
jig.rev 5003
REVIEW: Jigsaw Puzzlemania (Atari ST)
jnunlimt.rev 7061
REVIEW: Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf and Course Design (IBM-PC)
joan.rev 6543
REVIEW: Joan of Arc: Siege and the Sword (IBM-PC)
jones.rev 6087
REVIEW: Jones in the Fast Lane (IBM-PC)
jordan.rev 5346
REVIEW: Jordan vs. Bird: One on One (Commodore 64)
jug.rev 5234
REVIEW: Jug (Atari ST)
keef.rev 11373
REVIEW: Keef the Thief (Amiga)
keys.rev 4133
REVIEW: The Keys of Maramon (IBM-PC)
kingbea.rev 8355
REVIEW: Kings of the Beach (IBM-PC)
kingbnty.rev 8008
REVIEW: King's Bounty (IBM-PC)
knight.rev 5852
REVIEW: Knight Force (Atari ST)
knigtsky.rev 11773
REVIEW: Knights of the Sky (IBM-PC)
knileg.rev 8977
REVIEW: Knights of Legend (IBM-PC)
kq5.rev 7163
REVIEW: King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder (IBM-PC)
kristal.rev 3341
REVIEW: The Kristal (IBM-PC)
krynn.rev 12822
REVIEW: Champions of Krynn (IBM-PC)
l&d.rev 10614
REVIEW: Life and Death (IBM-PC)
lakers.rev 3775
REVIEW: Lakers Vs. Celtics (IBM-PC)
lance.rev 3093
REVIEW: Lancelot (Commodore 64)
landys.rev 3055
REVIEW: Ancient Land of Ys (IBM-PC)
last.rev 5499
REVIEW: Last Battle (Sega Genesis)
lhx.rev 4232
REVIEW: LHX Attack Chopper (IBM-PC)
licence.rev 6886
REVIEW: License to Kill (Amiga)
lightspd.rev 9913
REVIEW: Lightspeed (IBM-PC)
links.rev 7957
REVIEW: Links: The Challenge of the Game (IBM-PC)
livjigsw.rev 3727
REVIEW: Living Jigsaws (IBM-PC)
loom.rev 8244
lordring.rev 11765
REVIEW: Lord of the Rings, Volume 1 (IBM-PC)
low.rev 2946
lsl2.rev 7372
REVIEW: Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking For Love (In Several Wrong Places) (Atari ST)
lsl3.rev 8980
REVIEW: Leisure Suit Larry III: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals (IBM-PC)
m1tank.rev 10250
REVIEW: M1 Tank Platoon (Amiga)
macart.rev 4355
REVIEW: Macarthur's War (Apple II)
madden.rev 8994
REVIEW: John Madden Football (IBM-PC)
magic.rev 6142
REVIEW: Magic Johnson's Basketball (Amiga)
magiccan.rev 7857
REVIEW: The Magic Candle (Commodore 64/128)
magicfly.rev 7638
REVIEW: Magic Fly (Amiga)
manhunt.rev 11037
REVIEW: Manhunter: New York (IBM-PC)
marsdrm.rev 7554
REVIEW: Ultima Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams (IBM-PC)
meanst.rev 9577
REVIEW: Mean Streets (IBM-PC)
megapack.rev 24688
REVIEW: Megapack (Commodore 64/128)
megatr1.rev 9833
REVIEW: Megatraveller 1: The Zhodani Conspiracy (IBM-PC)
menace.rev 4478
REVIEW: Menace (Amiga)
mental.rev 5724
REVIEW: Mental Blocks (Commodore 64/128)
miami.rev 4098
REVIEW: Miami Vice (Atari ST)
micro.rev 5505
REVIEW: Micro League Baseball II (IBM-PC)
minetitn.rev 4520
REVIEW: Mines of Titan (IBM-PC)
miracle.rev 4030
REVIEW: Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark (Sega Master System)
mlords.rev 6855
REVIEW: Medieval Lords (IBM-PC)
mm2.rev 4055
REVIEW: Might and Magic II (Apple IIgs)
modem.rev 9666
REVIEW: Modem Wars (Commodore 64/128)
monopoly.rev 9242
REVIEW: Monopoly (Commodore 64/128)
montezum.rev 10710
REVIEW: Halls of Montezuma (Commodore 64)
murder.rev 6704
REVIEW: Murder Club (IBM-PC)
neuro.rev 8906
REVIEW: Neuromancer (Commodore 64/128)
nevrmind.rev 6918
REVIEW: Nevermind (Amiga)
nightsft.rev 5468
REVIEW: Night Shift (IBM-PC)
nigthunt.rev 1145
REVIEW: Night Hunter (IBM-PC)
north.rev 11781
REVIEW: North and South (IBM-PC)
nuclear.rev 10249
REVIEW: Nuclear War (Amiga)
nywar.rev 5394
REVIEW: NY Warriors (Amiga)
omega.rev 11515
omnicron.rev 3216
REVIEW: Omnicron Conspiracy (IBM-PC)
opcntr.rev 3487
REVIEW: Operation Counterstrike (Atari ST)
opfire.rev 2990
REVIEW: Operation: Firefight (Atari ST)
opwolf.rev 8242
REVIEW: Operation Wolf (Amiga)
orbiter.rev 7379
REVIEW: Orbiter (Atari ST)
orel.rev 4401
REVIEW: Orel Hershiser's Strike Zone (IBM-PC)
outrun.rev 2798
REVIEW: Out Run (Atari ST)
overrun.rev 5653
REVIEW: Overrun! (Apple II)
paper.rev 5631
REVIEW: Paperboy (Amiga)
patrol.rev 1729
REVIEW: The Lost Patrol (IBM-PC)
persia.rev 4768
REVIEW: Prince of Persia (Apple II)
peterose.rev 9269
REVIEW: Pete Rose Pennant Fever (IBM-PC)
phantasy.rev 5146
REVIEW: Phantasy Star (Sega Genesis)
phelios.rev 7460
REVIEW: Phelios (Sega Genesis)
pictionr.rev 4764
REVIEW: Pictionary: The Computer Edition (IBM-PC)
pipe.rev 2611
REVIEW: Pipe Dream (IBM-PC)
pirates.rev 14135
REVIEW: Pirates! (Commodore 64/128)
platoon.rev 5545
REVIEW: Platoon (IBM-PC)
playmake.rev 6002
REVIEW: Playmaker Football (Macintosh)
pnept.rev 4096
REVIEW: Project Neptune (Atari ST)
poolrad.rev 15674
REVIEW: Pool of Radiance (Commodore 64/128)
populous.rev 14716
REVIEW: Populous (Amiga)
power.rev 5903
REVIEW: Power Play Hockey (Commodore 64/128)
pq2.rev 9915
REVIEW: Police Quest II (IBM-PC)
projfire.rev 4775
REVIEW: Project Firestart (Commodore 64/128)
ps3.rev 8851
REVIEW: Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom (Sega Genesis)
pt-109.rev 7474
punisher.rev 7221
REVIEW: The Punisher (IBM-PC)
purple.rev 6288
REVIEW: Puple Saturn Day (IBM-PC)
pwrmongr.rev 6736
REVIEW: Powermonger (Amiga)
qix.rev 3644
REVIEW: Qix (Commodore 64/128)
quadra.rev 4357
REVIEW: Quadralien (IBM-PC)
quarter.rev 3057
REVIEW: Quarterstaff (Macintosh)
que.rev 7270
REVIEW: A Question of Scruples (Atari ST)
quest2.rev 9211
REVIEW: Quest for Glory 2: Trial By Fire (IBM-PC)
rabbit.rev 7196
REVIEW: Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (IBM-PC)
rack.rev 9467
radgrvty.rev 3044
REVIEW: Rad Gravity (Nintendo)
railroad.rev 9106
REVIEW: Railroad Tycoon (IBM-PC)
rambo3.rev 4831
REVIEW: Rambo III (Atari ST)
rampage.rev 3493
REVIEW: Rampage (Apple II)
rc.rev 5402
REVIEW: R.C. Pro-Am Racing (Nintendo)
realmwr.rev 4079
REVIEW: Realm of the Warlock (Amiga)
red.rev 6938
REVIEW: Red Lightning (Atari ST)
redbaron.rev 13127
REVIEW: Red Baron (IBM-PC)
reel.rev 11726
REVIEW: Reel Fish'N (Atari ST)
renegade.rev 5179
REVIEW: Renegade (Commodore 64/128)
revol.rev 9938
REVIEW: Revolution '76 (IBM-PC)
revshin.rev 7596
REVIEW: Revenge of Shinobi (Sega Genesis)
rickd.rev 3337
REVIEW: Rick Dangerous (Atari ST)
rings.rev 6148
REVIEW: Rings of Medusa (Atari ST)
risedrag.rev 9417
REVIEW: Rise of the Dragon (IBM-PC)
risk.rev 5531
robo2.rev 3325
REVIEW: Robocop 2 (Amiga)
robosp.rev 7396
REVIEW: Robosport (Macintosh)
rom3king.rev 10718
REVIEW: Romance of the Three Kingdoms (MS-DOS)
rommel.rev 6294
REVIEW: Rommel: Battles for North Africa (Commodore 64/128)
rotox.rev 6309
REVIEW: Rotox (Amiga)
rsrising.rev 8201
REVIEW: Red Storm Rising (IBM-PC)
sands.rev 10582
REVIEW: Sands of Fire (IBM-PC)
savage.rev 9474
REVIEW: The Savage Empire (IBM-PC)
search.rev 6302
REVIEW: Search for the King (IBM-PC)
secmon.rev 7271
REVIEW: The Secret of Monkey Island (IBM-PC)
secsol.rev 6733
REVIEW: The Secret of the Silver Blades (IBM-PC)
secur.rev 6899
REVIEW: Security Alert (Commodore 64/128)
sf2.rev 5184
REVIEW: Starflight II: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula (IBM-PC)
shadow.rev 7286
REVIEW: Shadow of the Beast (Amiga)
shang2.rev 9152
REVIEW: Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye (IBM-PC)
shdowdnr.rev 3499
REVIEW: Shadow Dancer (Sega Genesis)
shinobi.rev 3365
REVIEW: Shinobi (IBM-PC)
shootem.rev 8378
REVIEW: Shoot Em Up Construction Kit (Amiga)
shuffle.rev 7094
REVIEW: Shufflepuck Cafe (Macintosh)
silpheed.rev 7094
REVIEW: Slipheed (IBM-PC)
silserv.rev 9484
REVIEW: Silent Service II (IBM-PC)
simcity.rev 13616
REVIEW: Simcity (Commodore 64/128)
simearth.rev 5362
REVIEW: Simearth (Macintosh)
skate.rev 8084
REVIEW: Skate or Die (Commodore 64/128)
skatewar.rev 3827
REVIEW: Skate Wars (Commodore 64/128)
ski.rev 5057
REVIEW: Ski or Die (IBM-PC)
skychse.rev 3152
REVIEW: Skychase (IBM-PC)
skyshark.rev 5518
REVIEW: Sky Shark (IBM-PC)
soccer.rev 6625
REVIEW: World Class Soccer (World Cup 1990 Edition) (IBM-PC)
sorcer.rev 5322
REVIEW: Sorcerman (IBM-PC)
spaceace.rev 3245
REVIEW: Space-Ace (Atari ST)
spell101.rev 6400
REVIEW: Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get All the Girls (IBM-PC)
sphercal.rev 4459
REVIEW: Spherical (Atari ST)
spiritex.rev 10553
REVIEW: The Spirit of Excalibur (IBM-PC)
spot.rev 5453
REVIEW: Spot: The Computer Game (IBM-PC)
sproffrd.rev 7839
REVIEW: Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off-Road (IBM-PC)
sprogue.rev 7555
REVIEW: Space Rogue (Apple II)
spst.rev 4542
REVIEW: Space Station Oblivion (Atari ST)
sq3.rev 11035
REVIEW: Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon (IBM-PC)
sr2.rev 6507
REVIEW: Street Rod 2 (IBM-PC)
st5.rev 9916
REVIEW: Star Trek V (IBM-PC)
starcntr.rev 8314
REVIEW: Star Control (IBM-PC)
starcomm.rev 6220
REVIEW: Star Command (Atari ST)
starflt.rev 7717
REVIEW: Starflight (IBM-PC)
stargose.rev 2847
REVIEW: Stargoose (IBM-PC)
starrank.rev 13634
REVIEW: Star Rank Boxing II (IBM-PC)
starsga1.rev 5843
REVIEW: Star Saga: One (IBM-PC)
starsga2.rev 5862
REVIEW: Star Saga: Two (IBM-PC)
starwars.rev 1369
REVIEW: Star Wars (Macintosh)
steel.rev 6071
REVIEW: Steel Thunder (IBM-PC)
stellar7.rev 3531
REVIEW: Stellar 7 (IBM-PC)
stir.rev 4092
REVIEW: Stir Crazy (Atari ST)
stntdrvr.rev 4174
REVIEW: Stunt Driver (IBM-PC)
storm.rev 7896
REVIEW: Stormovik: Soviet Attack Fighter (IBM-PC)
storme.rev 12071
REVIEW: Storm Across Europe (IBM-PC)
stratcon.rev 6688
REVIEW: Strategic Conquest (Apple IIe)
stratego.rev 7142
REVIEW: Stratego (IBM-PC)
stretrod.rev 5187
REVIEW: Street Rod (IBM-PC)
strider.rev 4578
REVIEW: Strider (Japanese Mega Drive)
strikace.rev 7469
REVIEW: Strike Aces (Commodore 64/128)
stryx.rev 7112
REVIEW: Stryx (Amiga)
stunt.rev 5321
REVIEW: Stunt Track Racer (Atari ST)
super.rev 3996
REVIEW: Superman: The Man of Steel (Atari ST)
superhng.rev 4760
REVIEW: Super Hang-On (Atari ST)
swdsam.rev 7339
REVIEW: Sword of the Samurai (IBM-PC)
sword.rev 8784
REVIEW: Sword of Aragon (IBM-PC)
swords.rev 7727
REVIEW: Swords of Twilight (Amiga)
sworverm.rev 4819
REVIEW: Sword of Vermillion (Sega Genesis)
swrdsodn.rev 5822
REVIEW: Sword of Sodan (Sega Genesis)
table.rev 5055
REVIEW: Table Tennis Simulation (Atari ST)
tailspin.rev 7933
REVIEW: Talespin (Atari ST)
tangled.rev 5337
REVIEW: Tangled Tales (Commodore 64/128)
tank.rev 8917
td3.rev 8884
techno.rev 5697
REVIEW: Techno Cop (Atari ST)
tennis.rev 4553
REVIEW: Tennis Cup (Atari ST)
terran.rev 4744
REVIEW: Terran Envoy (Amiga)
testdr2.rev 10574
REVIEW: Test Drive II: The Duel (Amiga)
tetris.rev 6249
REVIEW: Tetris (Macintosh)
third.rev 11274
REVIEW: The Third Courier (IBM-PC)
thublad.rev 2939
REVIEW: Thunder Blade (IBM-PC)
thunder.rev 7056
REVIEW: Thunderchopper (IBM-PC)
thunforc.rev 4050
REVIEW: Thunder Force II (Sega Genesis)
times.rev 8733
REVIEW: Times of Lore (IBM-PC)
tko.rev 5434
REVIEW: TKO (Commodore 64/128)
tongue.rev 4106
REVIEW: Tongue of the Fatman (IBM-PC)
tq.rev 12010
REVIEW: Timequest (MS-DOS)
train.rev 6570
REVIEW: The Train (IBM-PC)
trap.rev 4962
REVIEW: Treasure Trap (Atari ST)
trivial.rev 6318
REVIEW: Trivial Pursuit (IBM-PC)
trump.rev 14062
REVIEW: Trump Castle: The Ultimate Gambling Simulation (IBM-PC)
trump2.rev 3767
REVIEW: Trump Castle II (IBM-PC)
tun&trol.rev 12407
REVIEW: Tunnels and Trolls: Crusaders of Khazan (IBM-PC)
tunnels.rev 3776
REVIEW: Tunnels of Armageddon (Amiga)
turboout.rev 2743
REVIEW: Turbo Out Run (Commodore 64/128)
tvbasket.rev 10324
REVIEW: TV Sports: Basketball (Amiga)
tvfoot.rev 9542
REVIEW: TV Sports: Football (Amiga)
tvsprts.rev 6940
REVIEW: TV Sports: Basketball (IBM-PC)
twilight.rev 3728
REVIEW: Twilight Zone (Amiga)
twiran.rev 13699
REVIEW: Twilight's Ransom (IBM-PC)
typhoon.rev 6330
REVIEW: Typhoon of Steel (Commodore 64/128)
typthom.rev 7155
REVIEW: Typhoon Thomspon: In Search of the Sea Child (Amiga)
ufo.rev 10701
ultima.rev 11738
REVIEW: The Ultima Trilogy (Commodore 64/128)
ultima4.rev 6554
REVIEW: Ultima VI: The False Prophet (IBM-PC)
ums2.rev 9020
REVIEW: UMS II: Nations at War (IBM-PC)
univer.rev 4041
REVIEW: Universe III (Atari ST)
unreal.rev 3121
REVIEW: Unreal (Amiga)
upsurp.rev 3096
REVIEW: The Usurper: The Mines of Qyntarr (IBM-PC)
vaxine.rev 9234
REVIEW: Vaxine (Amiga)
vegas.rev 5114
REVIEW: Vegas Casino 2 (IBM-PC)
vette.rev 9919
vigil.rev 3204
REVIEW: Vigilante (Commodore 64/128)
viper.rev 7175
REVIEW: Day of the Viper (IBM-PC)
warcs.rev 11980
REVIEW: Wargame Construction Set (Atari)
warlance.rev 8906
REVIEW: War of the Lance (Commodore 64/128)
warlords.rev 10230
REVIEW: Warlords (IBM-PC)
warme.rev 7123
REVIEW: War in Middle Earth (IBM-PC)
waste.rev 10737
REVIEW: Wasteland (Apple II)
wayne.rev 6708
REVIEW: Wayne Gretzky Hockey 2 (IBM-PC)
wdreams.rev 7714
REVIEW: Weird Dreams (Amiga)
werewolf.rev 4739
REVIEW: Werewolf: The Last Warrior (Nintendo)
whereusa.rev 6684
REVIEW: Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? (Amiga)
whiprush.rev 4904
REVIEW: Whip Rush (Sega Genesis)
wibarm.rev 4469
windwalk.rev 5745
REVIEW: Windwalker (Apple II)
wizban.rev 2969
REVIEW: Wizardry: Bane of the Cosmic Forge (IBM-PC)
wzrd.rev 6431
REVIEW: Wizard Duel (MS-DOS)

There are 428 files for a total of 2,985,163 bytes.