Electronic Magazines: Phirst Amendment

Phirst Amendment is a collection of editorials and files about whatever was really annoying the editors that day. Subjects include viruses, poetry, goverment weirdness, and dumpster diving. They care enough about (or prefer to hide to behind) the First Amendment enough to put it at the beginning and end of their issues.

I am unable to find any evidence of this magazine beyond these issues; they come as a result of the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Computer Underground Archives, and I am not convinced that any other issues exist on the internet.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
1a01.phk 82077
Phirst Amendment Vol. 1 Issue #01 (November, 1992)
1a04.phk 112529
Phirst Amendment Vol. 1 Issue #04 (December, 1992)
1a09.phk 112524
Phirst Amendment Vol. 1 Issue #09 (January, 1993)
1a10.phk 101476
Phirst Amendment Vol. 1 Issue #10 (May 1993)
1a19.phk 112074
Phirst Amendment Volume 1 Issue #19 (August, 1993)
numbering.txt 1414
Speculation/Information on the Phirst Amendment Ezine Numbering (November 18, 2005)

There are 6 files for a total of 522,094 bytes.