Electronic Magazines: Aftershock

All the rage of the 907 area code comes through in this collection of textfiles. From transcribed rap lyrics to calls for the downfall of priests and the government, the writers craft a profanity-laced set of screeds you can read in less than 10 minutes. Very obviously, Nitro 187 was the geek and Meaty Smurf his rap-listening, destructive buddy.

Description of the Textfile
aftershk001.phk 4703
Issue #1: Grettings, by Nitro-187, 01/01/1993
aftershk002.phk 3393
Issue #2, Libraries can be Fun, 02/12/1993
aftershk003.phk 11555
Issue #3: Miscellaneous VAX/VMS Text, by Nitro-187
aftershk004.phk 7116
Issue #4: Absolutely NOTHING!! by Meaty Smurf, 04/26/1993
aftershk005.phk 10217
Issue #5: Guide to the IRIS System, by Nitro-187, 05/04/1993
aftershk006.phk 10856
Issue #6: The BLAH/Aftershock Twit of the Month, by Lord Gee
aftershk007.phk 10631
Issue #7: Guide to BBS Abusing, by Meaty Smurf, 05/08/1993
aftershk008.phk 37396
Issue #8: General Info on Linux, by Nitro-187, 05/08/1993
aftershk009.phk 9888
Issue #9: Source for MGRMAIL(c) by Nitro-187, 05/08/1993
aftershk011.phk 40532
Issue #11: Davidian Search Warrant, by Some ATF Guy, 05/16/1993
aftershk012.phk 5144
Issue #12: The Fundamentalist Christian File, by Meaty Smurf, 05/16/1993
aftershk013.phk 18410
Issue #13: Body Count (Lyrics), by Meaty/N-187, 05/18/1993

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