Electronic Magazines: The Anti-Warez Association

A very amusing collection of issues with parodies and stories of some of the more common aspects of the pirating/leeching cultures, with some really interesting mid-80's references coupled with internet-era events. Good stuff if you lived through these times, not all that good if you've never heard the terms 'Zero Day' or 'Leech'.

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awa-001.txt 61882
The Anti-Warez Association, Premiere Issue (August, 1993)
awa-002.txt 16269
The Anti-Warez Association Issue #2 (August 1993)
awa-003.txt 109937
The Anti-Warez Association (Friday 13th, August, 1993)
awa-004.txt 357
A Goodbye to the WOrld from AWA
awa-chrt.txt 5091
awa-subm.txt 1402

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