Electronic Magazines: Cracking 101

Buckaroo Banzai is one of the few copy protection breakers who took the time to write lessons for others to learn. Cracking 101 is geared towards the IBM PC, and covers some of the basics.

Note that the top award still goes to Kracowicz, whose files are both in the top 100 and in the Apple section.

Description of the Textfile
c101-01.txt 3937
Cracking 101: Introduction
c101-02.txt 32962
Cracking 101: Lesson 1: Cracking DOS Files
c101-03.txt 31676
Cracking 101: Lesson 2: DOC Check Primer
c101-04.txt 15105
Cracking 101: Lesson 3: Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Preistest
c101-05.txt 56228
Cracking 101: Lesson 4: Removing the Doc Check for Star Control

There are 5 files for a total of 139,908 bytes.