Electronic Magazines: Citronic Journal

Besides an amazing inability to spell correctly, this magazine had a lot of interesting contributors and a wide variety of subjects, although most of the writing was bent towards destroying something ot another. It seems to have ended rather abruptly.

Description of the Textfile
citro-1.phk 18432
Citronic Journal Issue #1: August 1994
citro-1.txt 38490
Citronic Journal Issue #1 (August, 1994)
citro-2.phk 42028
Citronic Journal Issue #2: October 1994
citro-3.phk 61394
Citronic Journal Issue #3: November 1994
citro-3.txt 62586
Citronic Journal Number 3 (November, 1994)
citro-4.txt 34201
Citronic Journal Issue #4 (January-February 1995)

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