Electronic Magazines: Freaker's Bureau Incorporated

Part of that strange subset of hacker magazines that insisted on having the same initials as other, more common acronyms, Freaker's Bureau Incorporated offered lots of lists of the burgeoning Internet underground, and peppered lots of quaint text graphics.

Description of the Textfile
0002.fbi 113408
Freakers' Bureau Incorporated Newsletter #2
0003.fbi 114893
Freaker's Bureau Inc. Issue #1 Volume #2 Number 3 by Garbled User
0004.fbi 76956
Freakers' Bureau N Incorporated Newsletter #4
0006.fbi 135534
Freakers' Bureau Newsletter #6 (January 6, 19993)
fbi1-1.phk 54284
Freaker's Bureau Incorporated Issue #1: July 15, 1991
fbi1-2.phk 111127
Freaker's Bureau Incorporated Issue #2

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