Fucked Up College Kids (1993-Present)

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
00fuck.index 32458
F.U.C.K. Index, Issues #1-#500
fuck-app.txt 4371
F.U.C.K. Distribution Application/Information (January 24, 1993)
fuck-faq.txt 3037
FAQ: F.U.C.K. Frequently Answered Questions about F.U.C.K.
fuck-faq.v15 5359
FAQ (Frequently Answered Questions) about the text files labeled F.U.C.K. (December 1995)
fuck-lst.txt 39516
F.U.C.K. Frequently Asked Questions
fuck0001.txt 5844
Where it all Begins, by Dis
fuck0002.txt 6078
Shock Value, by Loki/Dis
fuck0003.txt 5917
Laziness, by Dam
fuck0004.txt 4554
Those Close Minded College Boys, by Doc Z.
fuck0005.txt 7386
The BackYard, by Dis
fuck0006.txt 16113
FUCK Anthology I, by Dis
fuck0007.txt 13265
Users, by Dis
fuck0008.txt 11053
Journalism at its Finest, by Dis
fuck0009.txt 7059
The NSA, by Dis
fuck0010.txt 8017
Just Some Wildly Obscure Fiction, by Zach D.
fuck0011.txt 8547
That Social Thang, by Dis
fuck0012.txt 7712
Money, Bleh, by Dis
fuck0013.txt 8120
Good vs. Evil, by Dis
fuck0014.txt 7288
SysOps, by Dis
fuck0015.txt 12405
Fiction.txt Take 1, by Dis
fuck0016.txt 9476
A Guide to Shoplifting, by Max Headroom
fuck0017.txt 7310
Evolution, by Dis
fuck0018.txt 8412
Zany Fedz, by Dis
fuck0019.txt 6540
Posting, by Dis
fuck0020.txt 10863
Real Life.txt School, by Dis
fuck0021.txt 5852
General Info, by Dis
fuck0022.txt 11187
The Dream, by Dis
fuck0023.txt 7711
On Banning Things, by Dam
fuck0024.txt 12221
Computer Sniglets, by Overdriver
fuck0025.txt 6107
Looking Back I
fuck0026.txt 7026
Family Trip, by fastjack
fuck0027.txt 7387
Death of a Handle, by Dis
fuck0028.txt 4129
Small Town Rant, by fastjack
fuck0029.txt 8524
Time Passed, by Dis
fuck0030.txt 4902
Drivers, by fastjack
fuck0031.txt 9367
Dam's Random Thoughts, by Dis
fuck0032.txt 7366
Driving Sniglets, by Od
fuck0033.txt 4810
PsI vs. Pigs, by PSI
fuck0034.txt 4719
Pity the Cynic, by Uncle Elvis
fuck0035.txt 28495
Loki's BBSing Guide 1.3, by Loki
fuck0036.txt 4312
They Want Your Money, by Overdriver
fuck0037.txt 5009
Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, by Overdriver
fuck0038.txt 4047
CIA Conspiracies Revealed, by Overdriver/KC
fuck0039.txt 7759
Decisions Suck, by Dis
fuck0040.txt 4568
Night Sounds, by PSI
fuck0041.txt 4415
The Final Hour, by Overdriver
fuck0042.txt 3962
Lying, by Acid
fuck0043.txt 3392
*Whine*, by Dis
fuck0044.txt 5806
Fuck You.txt Part 1, by Dis
fuck0045.txt 11450
FUCK Anthology II, by Dis
fuck0046.txt 4358
Being Elite in '93, by Acid Warlock
fuck0047.txt 5878
T.V., by fastjack
fuck0048.txt 4560
Music Videos, by Dis
fuck0049.txt 20810
1994, by Dis
fuck0050.txt 8374
Looking Back II
fuck0051.txt 5042
Conformity, by fastjack
fuck0052.txt 4616
Brutality, by fastjack
fuck0053.txt 12950
The Epidemic, by Max Headroom
fuck0054.txt 7855
So You Wanna Be Cool, by Dis
fuck0055.txt 6563
Equal Rights, by Dis
fuck0056.txt 7323
File #56, by Dis
fuck0057.txt 12658
Acronym Mania, by Max Headroom
fuck0058.txt 3979
Hypocrisy, the Greatest Luxury, by Dis
fuck0059.txt 4844
Depression, the Future, and Me, by Dis
fuck0060.txt 4561
A F.U.C.K.ed Christmas, by fastjack
fuck0061.txt 5802
Sloth, by Zippy
fuck0062.txt 5468
Religion, by Acid Warlock
fuck0063.txt 5882
How Do I Validate?, by Acid Warlock
fuck0064.txt 4000
That's It, by Dis
fuck0065.txt 10417
Anthology III, by Dis
fuck0066.txt 5672
Get a Job, by Dis
fuck0067.txt 5139
Cash, Check, or Charge, by Dis
fuck0068.txt 4086
Growing Old, by Dis
fuck0069.txt 6282
Nighthawk's Ramblings, by Night Hawk
fuck0070.txt 7326
Scanning Phun, by Morpheus
fuck0071.txt 6947
Whee, by Dis/fastjack
fuck0072.txt 6074
Rag Wars, by Illusionary
fuck0073.txt 6493
What Next?, by Dis
fuck0074.txt 9587
Com-pyoo-ter, by Dis
fuck0075.txt 8356
Looking Back III
fuck0076.txt 7614
Fit the Crime, by Dis
fuck0077.txt 5940
Today, by Dis
fuck0078.txt 7390
People Care, by Rage
fuck0079.txt 7154
The Old Dirt Road, by Dis
fuck0080.txt 3655
Learn the Language, by Morpheus
fuck0081.txt 4291
The Digital Age, by Distortion
fuck0082.txt 6025
Flying High, by Illusionary
fuck0083.txt 4443
Manners, by Dis
fuck0084.txt 5844
Generation _, by Rage
fuck0085.txt 11175
The Interview, by Dis
fuck0086.txt 5336
Convictions?, by Illusionary
fuck0087.txt 6701
It Started, by Rage
fuck0088.txt 6524
The Man, by Illusionary
fuck0089.txt 4337
Three Easy Steps to Getting Laid, by Distortion
fuck0090.txt 35387
Defcon ][, by Dis
fuck0091.txt 6793
So-Called Friends, by Zen
fuck0092.txt 6826
Crime in America, by Rice
fuck0093.txt 8143
Why the Scene is So Lame, by Murc
fuck0094.txt 6419
Change of Standard, by Dis
fuck0095.txt 5825
Originality, by Rage
fuck0096.txt 5890
Ratings, by Dis
fuck0097.txt 9588
Support Your Local Police..., by Lettus B
fuck0098.txt 5300
Overkill, by Murc
fuck0099.txt 10313
UFO.txt The Secret, by Rage
fuck0100.txt 16351
Looking Back IV
fuck0101.txt 5412
File 101, by Dis
fuck0102.txt 5016
Mindfuck, by Dis
fuck0103.txt 8709
Chocolate Lovin..., by Shockwave
fuck0104.txt 4549
My Brother's Keeper, by Dis
fuck0105.txt 4730
Rated Best Overall, by Dis
fuck0106.txt 10688
Sexism and Racism, by Murc
fuck0107.txt 38844
H0h0 '94, by Dis
fuck0108.txt 5984
I Wanna Know, by Dis
fuck0109.txt 6352
Camera 8.txt ON, by Dis
fuck0110.txt 6111
Anatomy of Love, by Illusionary
fuck0111.txt 8000
What Happened To You, by Pallbearer
fuck0112.txt 6168
Respect, by Dis
fuck0113.txt 18644
An Inside Look at the CIA, by Far Reaches
fuck0114.txt 4869
"Its not my Fault", by Major
fuck0115.txt 14486
The Art of Begging, by Morpheus
fuck0116.txt 9664
Corruptivity, by Murc
fuck0117.txt 9735
The Judicial System, by Murc
fuck0118.txt 5026
GET A LIFE!, by Pallbearer
fuck0119.txt 6759
I'm Gonna Sue, by Demonika
fuck0120.txt 4854
The Mind as a Muscle, by Voyager
fuck0121.txt 4577
We Pay, They Die, by Voyager
fuck0122.txt 8202
Summercon '95, by Voyager
fuck0123.txt 2920
In My Neighborhood, by Voyager
fuck0124.txt 9283
What is a Twit? Are you a Twit?
fuck0125.txt 7132
Looking Back V
fuck0126.txt 13069
I'm The Only Way to Go!, by Rage
fuck0127.txt 10414
Religion in Schools, by Rage
fuck0128.txt 6965
St00pid Things Part 1, by Demonika
fuck0129.txt 5928
I've Got Your Info, by Dis
fuck0130.txt 7259
It's My Fault, by Illusionary
fuck0131.txt 6176
Toll Fraud, by Dis
fuck0132.txt 7826
Dummie's Guide to T-Files, by Dis
fuck0133.txt 6849
Repetitive History, by Murc
fuck0134.txt 5987
The Protester, by Dem
fuck0135.txt 7495
St00pid Things Part 2, by Dem
fuck0136.txt 7208
Anthology IV, by Dis
fuck0137.txt 9670
My Win95 Experience, by Dis
fuck0138.txt 15473
The BATF, by Dis
fuck0139.txt 5213
New Mail, by Dis
fuck0140.txt 8322
The Scene, by Dis
fuck0141.txt 7008
Intersection, by Dis
fuck0142.txt 4920
Recent News, by Dis
fuck0143.txt 6638
Telesluts, by Dis
fuck0144.txt 4630
Ethical Nihilism, by Ores
fuck0145.txt 46046
Internet Resource Listing 1.0, by Dis
fuck0146.txt 7341
The Urine Pit, by Major
fuck0147.txt 5217
Why Do It?, by DJ
fuck0148.txt 7981
New Year, Old Idea, by Slayer
fuck0149.txt 12814
Continuing Education Part 1
fuck0150.txt 8251
Looking Back VI
fuck0151.txt 5370
Memorial, by Legion
fuck0152.txt 5505
Capitalistic Slavery, by Dem
fuck0153.txt 5642
Respectfully Yours, by Dem
fuck0154.txt 11134
You Can't Survive Without Being a Rebel Voy
fuck0155.txt 5322
Three Cheers for O.J. Simpson!, by Deadkat
fuck0156.txt 95091
The Giving Spirit, by Dis
fuck0157.txt 9027
A Higher Purpose, by Dis
fuck0158.txt 11734
Reflecting Death, by Death
fuck0159.txt 12042
Talk Back to Your T.V., by Legion
fuck0160.txt 4464
You Know You're An Evil Hacker When Voyager
fuck0161.txt 6373
Dummies, by Dem
fuck0162.txt 5873
The Man Keeps ME Down, by Dis
fuck0163.txt 7894
Pseudo-Article, by K2
fuck0164.txt 4486
You Don't Know Me, by Anon
fuck0165.txt 23897
A Voyager's Parable, by Voyager
fuck0166.txt 9080
Jehova, Lord of the Universe, by Rage
fuck0167.txt 6029
The 1996 Election, by Major
fuck0168.txt 6301
Jonathan Smith: President, by Dem
fuck0169.txt 5659
Freedom of the Press..., by Major
fuck0170.txt 6338
What Am I Doing?, by Deadkat
fuck0171.txt 16727
Major51, by Major
fuck0172.txt 6308
Pathways to Eleetness, by Voyager
fuck0173.txt 4211
To Kristine With Love, by Ores
fuck0174.txt 5327
The Superior Race, by K2
fuck0175.txt 9167
Looking Back VII
fuck0176.txt 7880
The Glowing Monitors, by Rage
fuck0177.txt 8932
#zine faq, by mogel
fuck0178.txt 4381
Idiot National Park
fuck0179.txt 4676
School Today
fuck0180.txt 5330
fuck0181.txt 7890
fuck0182.txt 4656
Why Should I Respect You, by DisordeR
fuck0183.txt 4524
Guilty by Text, by DisordeR
fuck0184.txt 10156
Macintosh: God's Gift to Microwaves Dem
fuck0185.txt 5993
Internet Madness, by Dem
fuck0186.txt 8917
Review of _Takedown_, by Anon
fuck0187.txt 15455
File #187, by Death
fuck0188.txt 6772
Meric Religion, by Dis
fuck0189.txt 6510
Vigilante Justice, by Dis
fuck0190.txt 8144
Free Debt, No Justice, by Pallbearer
fuck0191.txt 8796
Journal Entries, 1992, by Pallbearer
fuck0192.txt 6174
What If..., by Dis
fuck0193.txt 13427
Anarchy Anyone?, by Dis
fuck0194.txt 10777
Concern, by Dis
fuck0195.txt 4735
Free Stickers and Info
fuck0196.txt 10918
Fucked Beyond Repair, by Pallbearer
fuck0197.txt 7381
Netquisition, by Dem
fuck0198.txt 5744
The New Hackers, by Legion
fuck0199.txt 6549
Fuck You
fuck0200.txt 12573
No More Looking Back, by Dis/Dem
fuck0201.txt 9717
My New Fraternity, by Dis
fuck0202.txt 5553
Today's News, by Dis
fuck0203.txt 7254
A Real Hack, by Anon
fuck0204.txt 5468
A Day in the Life, by Red Baron
fuck0205.txt 6619
How Trivial, by dis
fuck0206.txt 8124
How to be an Evil Computer Hacker, by voy
fuck0207.txt 6004
Freedom!, by dis
fuck0208.txt 10286
The Hacker Job Hunt, by voy
fuck0209.txt 3850
Pain, by Anon
fuck0210.txt 39533
Proof at Last, by Dis
fuck0211.txt 10931
A Network Orange, by Rage
fuck0212.txt 13864
Instant/Willing Obedience to Orders Inverse
fuck0213.txt 23167
Robbery, by K2
fuck0214.txt 4461
Regret, by Legion
fuck0215.txt 6023
24, by Dis
fuck0216.txt 7683
More Lame Legislation
fuck0217.txt 8303
Mutual Stupidity, by Lord Humongous
fuck0218.txt 6824
Half an Ass, by Dis
fuck0219.txt 5546
More Than Obvious
fuck0220.txt 6107
Under New Management, by Dis
fuck0221.txt 7189
Drugs, by Murc
fuck0222.txt 5393
The Roots of Tragedy, by Pluto
fuck0223.txt 8908
Club Asshole, by Death
fuck0224.txt 5777
Goodbyes, by Dem
fuck0225.txt 9036
Frustratingly Stupid, by Lord Humongous
fuck0226.txt 7294
Naughty Bill, by Nancy Dunlap
fuck0227.txt 5128
Born of Two Against, by Pallbearer
fuck0228.txt 6096
Apathy and Laziness, by Inverse
fuck0229.txt 7371
Death Isn't a Hobby, by Inverse
fuck0230.txt 9362
Checks Cashed Here, by Pallbearer
fuck0231.txt 9696
I Could Not Make Him Understand, by Voyager
fuck0232.txt 7521
Miss ADiss/Granted Permissions, by GNN
fuck0233.txt 21559
Bed Bugs, by Pallbearer
fuck0234.txt 6943
The Dating War, by Malloc
fuck0235.txt 9501
Riddle Me This, by Capone
fuck0236.txt 7376
Inter-Not, by Capone
fuck0237.txt 7377
What't Black&White and BS All Over? Capone
fuck0238.txt 5380
The Blood in My Veins, by Red Baron
fuck0239.txt 8425
Black Holes/History/Office Politics Capone
fuck0240.txt 6045
Half Respect, by Dis
fuck0241.txt 6725
One of Ten, by Rage
fuck0242.txt 11456
Shut Up Gen X Weenie, by fastjack
fuck0243.txt 7721
You Plottin' on Me Uncle Sam?, by fastjack
fuck0244.txt 6226
Ignorance is Death of the Society, by DropComm
fuck0245.txt 5986
Sick of Being Sick of Being Sick, by fastjack
fuck0246.txt 5650
Duality, by Dis
fuck0247.txt 12700
The Dirt on Satanism, by Malloc
fuck0248.txt 8865
Mortality, by fastjack
fuck0249.txt 5111
Time Bomb, by rbaron
fuck0250.txt 6134
100 Pennies, by dis
fuck0251.txt 8799
InnerReflectiveThoughts, by Anarchy-X
fuck0252.txt 6870
The Manipulation of Women and Children se7en
fuck0253.txt 6755
How to Become and Addict, by Malloc
fuck0254.txt 7098
Vs, by Anarchy-X
fuck0255.txt 7943
Technology and Adults, by se7en
fuck0256.txt 4176
Cyber Impulses, by Heather
fuck0257.txt 11389
Overman, by Voyager
fuck0258.txt 9103
The Psychology of Presence, by se7en
fuck0259.txt 10220
Whoooo are you..., by Capone
fuck0260.txt 5340
Killing Time on a Sunday Afternoon Legion
fuck0261.txt 6887
SOL on AOL, by Capone
fuck0262.txt 7409
He's Not a Truthful Person, by se7en
fuck0263.txt 8513
An Old Debt, by Voyager
fuck0264.txt 5683
Unhappy Birthday, by Capone
fuck0265.txt 14122
Jake Bastard, by Dis
fuck0266.txt 10642
Doin' It In Texas, by Dis
fuck0267.txt 32682
Suicide Note, by Anon
fuck0268.txt 7207
A Lesson in Trailer Park Utopia, by Capone
fuck0269.txt 5917
Death of ..., by tersian
fuck0270.txt 4927
Fading Away, by dropcomm
fuck0271.txt 8086
What Are You Really Like?, by anonymous
fuck0272.txt 4181
Intimidated by the Sun, by dropcomm
fuck0273.txt 10231
They Don't Know Better, by dis
fuck0274.txt 9544
Legion's Rants, by legion
fuck0275.txt 6412
Get Lost!, by se7en
fuck0276.txt 4775
A Femme's Philosophy, by skinflower
fuck0277.txt 3345
Nice Dreams, by sick boy
fuck0278.txt 4730
Stereotyping, by Malloc
fuck0279.txt 8500
master?, by skinflower
fuck0280.txt 5919
Inner Turmoil, by dis
fuck0281.txt 4484
What are you going to do? shoot me? Malloc
fuck0282.txt 6044
Being Heard Hurts, by DropComm
fuck0283.txt 5707
Can't Fight the Seether, by skinflower
fuck0284.txt 4502
Dialogue of Eyes, by dis
fuck0285.txt 5954
Love in Vein, by legion
fuck0286.txt 4847
Lost and Found, by zens
fuck0287.txt 14526
me and a gun, by dis
fuck0288.txt 9690
Death Wish 93, by pallbearer
fuck0289.txt 3828
The Waiting, by dropcomm
fuck0290.txt 3744
Fortunato's Logic, by sick boy
fuck0291.txt 5918
Security is Obscure, by legion
fuck0292.txt 5006
The Talking Cure, by palpable obscure
fuck0293.txt 5252
Because I'm Alive, by rabies
fuck0294.txt 2629
The Void, by disc jockey
fuck0295.txt 9140
Out of the Closet, by legion
fuck0296.txt 10322
Red Casino, by rage
fuck0297.txt 4156
Imagine The Possibilities, by dropcomm
fuck0298.txt 7417
Dry, Emotionless, Random Gripes, by se7en
fuck0299.txt 5464
Hack Yourself, by skinflower
fuck0300.txt 10345
Three Zero Zero
fuck0301.txt 8182
zen.txt me.txt zine, by dis
fuck0302.txt 7713
Emotional Skin, by palpable obscure
fuck0303.txt 3849
Land of the Priceless, by christopher stolle
fuck0304.txt 3632
ipf-1-hb, by illusionary
fuck0305.txt 13573
Idaho Has Its Revenge, by wednesday
fuck0306.txt 4073
Daily Rot, by bluerose
fuck0307.txt 4989
Sniff My Glue, by pallbearer
fuck0308.txt 3978
Exeunt, by palpable obscure
fuck0309.txt 8594
BUZZ, by wednesday
fuck0310.txt 3854
Rachmaninov's Dream, by rage
fuck0311.txt 5179
Shit List, by wednesday
fuck0312.txt 6652
I Pay For This?, by tersian
fuck0313.txt 4059
MaxDaemonChildren, by palpable obscure
fuck0314.txt 7805
Declaration of Digital Independence anarchon
fuck0315.txt 8167
Convoluted Rants, by dis
fuck0316.txt 5609
Drowning in Rights, by Joeseattle
fuck0317.txt 19025
Revenge of Zit-Man, by Murmur
fuck0318.txt 33382
CIA: Conspiracies In Action, by Brooklyn
fuck0319.txt 9265
While the Cats Away..., by Simunye
fuck0320.txt 4878
We Sure Bitch A Lot, by Deadkat
fuck0321.txt 5362
I Don't Like Chick-Flicks, by Capone
fuck0322.txt 7593
Who's Net Is It?, by dis
fuck0323.txt 10766
Technology and Adults Part II, by se7en
fuck0324.txt 4601
Louie Armstrong's Sunday Afternoon sick_boy
fuck0325.txt 9345
Men Are Children, by simunye
fuck0326.txt 6776
Gossip Whore, by dis
fuck0327.txt 7787
Hell's Wrath, by se7en
fuck0328.txt 7421
101 Things For Kids To Do..., by Anarchon
fuck0329.txt 4030
Losing It, by Bluerose
fuck0330.txt 5517
The Past Revisited, by Dropcomm
fuck0331.txt 4805
You Speak to Me in Riddles..., by Simunye
fuck0332.txt 9842
Welcome to Vietnam, by Brooklyn
fuck0333.txt 7318
War is Hell, by Brooklyn
fuck0334.txt 4260
Old Ghosts, by palpable obscure
fuck0335.txt 7450
Possession, by simunye
fuck0336.txt 11743
Anarchy's Guide to Life, by anarchy
fuck0337.txt 3678
the rose and the bloodgarden, by palpable obscure
fuck0338.txt 6104
earthfuck, by edchrist
fuck0339.txt 4409
Stand By Me Day, by chris
fuck0340.txt 4592
begging for love in a suicide threat palpable obscure
fuck0341.txt 8834
In Response..., by spyder
fuck0342.txt 4611
"No Habla Espanol", by psycho
fuck0343.txt 4274
Criminal Intent, by palpable obscure
fuck0344.gif 10052
fuck0344.txt 29120
DeBucks Sod Farm and Gift Ship, by simunye
fuck0345.txt 5081
Happy Holidays from the Sheep!, by capone
fuck0346.txt 14294
Two Plus Two, by dis
fuck0347.txt 7658
She Lied To Me, by Dropcomm
fuck0348.txt 64965
Identity, by Flood
fuck0349.txt 7016
Lovely Hate, by zens
fuck0350.txt 2822
Death and the Maiden, by palpable obscure
fuck0351.txt 10106
Playing With Fire, by Simunye
fuck0352.txt 4169
Losers, by psycho
fuck0353.txt 7478
Do We Condemn Ourselves, by Lord H
fuck0354.txt 9773
How The Hell Do You Stand It All?, by Styx
fuck0355.txt 55494
Loving Solitude, by dis
fuck0356.txt 5748
The World Has Turned, by Dropcomm
fuck0357.txt 3720
I Am Laundromat, by Murmur
fuck0358.txt 5041
Would You Like Fries With That?, by Rio
fuck0359.txt 9257
An Excerpt from My Diary, by Unbidden
fuck0360.txt 5185
Thanks, by dis
fuck0361.txt 6611
Hi Fundie, by Lord H
fuck0362.txt 13026
Suicide and Airplanes: Jumping, by Unbidden
fuck0363.txt 3504
The Escher Cage, by Demonika
fuck0364.txt 9633
Right/CDA/Wire-Mother Parenting, by Capone
fuck0365.txt 3414
heat, by palpable obscure
fuck0366.txt 6350
body image, by Demonika
fuck0367.txt 4669
The Rope I Swing On, by dropcomm
fuck0368.txt 6460
Things to Ponder, by dis
fuck0369.txt 19841
separation of church and state, by dis
fuck0370.txt 5185
Airline Follies, by se7en
fuck0371.txt 4773
A Rambling Discourse on the Night, by Ambrose
fuck0372.txt 5241
Hate Therapy, by Wednesday
fuck0373.txt 4546
Ups and Downs, by se7en
fuck0374.txt 4525
Them and Us, by Wednesday
fuck0375.txt 5329
God I Love To Get Stoned, by anonymous
fuck0376.txt 4910
How Does Everyone Else Do It?, by Tersian
fuck0377.txt 7122
The Beating of My Heart, by Tortured Soul
fuck0378.txt 5302
I'd Like/Tell You How/Lost/Religion Porno Funk
fuck0379.txt 11790
no title.. does it matter?, by yt
fuck0380.txt 4151
No Money, Mo' Problems, by apok
fuck0381.txt 6370
Musical Reflections, by el_jefe
fuck0382.txt 6964
The Beating of My Bones, by Tortured Soul
fuck0383.txt 4237
elevator dreams, by dem
fuck0384.txt 6507
Poor Poor Me, by GNN
fuck0385.txt 4513
Peeping Tom, by Hackem Siegh
fuck0386.txt 4520
Hands, by dem
fuck0387.txt 8903
Can Apathy Die?, by Capone
fuck0388.txt 6620
Disparity of the Soul, by Spyder
fuck0389.txt 2825
palpable obscure, by dem
fuck0390.txt 4870
Mindfuck Me Baby, by Pornofunk
fuck0391.txt 4355
How Does Everyone Else Do It? Part 2 Tersian
fuck0392.txt 4339
x, by Demonika
fuck0393.txt 6180
diphthong, by Pornofunk
fuck0394.txt 10202
prelude to sleeping, by simunye
fuck0395.txt 3779
the daily routine, by shaedow
fuck0396.txt 7025
spring cleaning, by styx
fuck0397.txt 6402
Ever Have One of Those Mornings?, by telecon
fuck0398.txt 4537
Spew, by dem
fuck0399.txt 4861
Four Years, by Pill
fuck0400.txt 15248
Four Zero Zero, by dis
fuck0401.txt 10839
just because, by simunye
fuck0402.txt 7135
A Few Things That Annoy Ruth, by wraith
fuck0403.txt 3724
joy, by demonika
fuck0404.txt 8384
scene. lame. 1997., by dis
fuck0405.txt 3952
Why Do I Hate You So Much?, by Inverse
fuck0406.txt 7132
Live WIthout Regret, by Kamria
fuck0407.txt 8866
Self Pity, by Simunye
fuck0408.txt 5952
Revolution, by Anemic Royalty
fuck0409.txt 7496
Shard, by dis
fuck0410.txt 3235
The Years of Glass Kamria
fuck0411.txt 3156
Fortune Cookies se7en
fuck0412.txt 6449
Some Raindom Thoughts illusionary
fuck0413.txt 8390
Addiction or Need? Kamria
fuck0414.txt 10030
Returning to the City of Angels se7en
fuck0415.txt 5960
Fuck You InVerse
fuck0416.txt 8023
what were you doing 2 hours ago?, by tbc
fuck0417.txt 3296
everything i needed to know..., by demonika
fuck0418.txt 9006
Permanence is Not the Ground..., by se7en
fuck0419.txt 7206
Friendships Kamria
fuck0420.txt 7243
Fuckin' Tech Support InVerse
fuck0421.txt 7171
Purpose flood
fuck0422.txt 11679
Radom Acts of Kindness illusionary
fuck0423.txt 6671
...tbc..., by tbc
fuck0424.txt 4557
enlightenment demonika
fuck0425.txt 4401
Mysteries We Understand Kamria
fuck0426.txt 8936
love, by rage-303
fuck0427.txt 5731
What Makes It So?, by Kamira
fuck0428.txt 6438
Crime and Punishment InVerse
fuck0429.txt 5732
It Was Only a Nightmare, by Pallbearer
fuck0430.txt 4515
I Am Okay, by dropcomm
fuck0431.txt 5686
They, by krystalia
fuck0432.txt 5164
Every City Loves the Night, by w3rd
fuck0433.txt 27575
You Need to Know This, by d1s
fuck0434.txt 5862
Privacy anonymous
fuck0435.txt 5520
mercurial temperament , by demonika
fuck0436.txt 9132
The Predicament, by Voyager[TNO]
fuck0437.txt 15569
Death: He Deserved It, by idiot
fuck0438.txt 5648
blah blah blah, by simunye
fuck0439.txt 4243
The Resume, by demonika
fuck0440.txt 7808
How to be a Truly Bad Person, by Anonymous
fuck0441.txt 4096
Glamour Kamira
fuck0442.txt 9369
Solitude Standing, by d1s
fuck0443.txt 5867
Legion's Rants, Part Whatever..., by Legion
fuck0444.txt 2868
Pixilated Pictures, by simunye
fuck0445.txt 10625
anger, by rage-303
fuck0446.txt 6713
Dark Reflection, by Mordeth
fuck0447.txt 4262
A Story, by Kamira
fuck0448.txt 3604
Just Ramblings, by Kamira
fuck0449.txt 15160
Past Explanation, by anonymous
fuck0450.txt 5780
The Fallen, by demonika
fuck0451.txt 14639
Honor Among Thieves, by dis
fuck0452.txt 5690
My Sin, by jade
fuck0453.txt 4878
The Fates, by demonika
fuck0454.txt 5400
The Symbolic Nipple, by ntt 6
fuck0455.txt 5258
Mirrors of Years, by kamira
fuck0456.txt 5745
More..., by Jade
fuck0457.txt 4801
Lost Children, by Anarchy
fuck0458.txt 5676
Remaining, by Wednesday
fuck0459.txt 6253
Goth, Hat, and Tie, by dis
fuck0460.txt 3365
New Light, by dem
fuck0461.txt 6404
Her and the Stone, by kami
fuck0462.txt 6164
Hacker Blues, by dis
fuck0463.txt 8584
3 Become 1, by pallbearer
fuck0464.txt 7282
Driven to Suicide, by kami
fuck0465.txt 5477
About Work, by Anon
fuck0466.txt 8609
Gramps, by SG
fuck0467.txt 5207
Torn And Damned, by Modify
fuck0468.txt 6458
The Light, by Kami
fuck0469.txt 6319
Rose Colored Glasses, by FTF
fuck0470.txt 4923
Content, by Kami
fuck0471.txt 19146
The Turning, by Krys
fuck0472.txt 3573
Just Myself, by Orbie
fuck0473.txt 3954
Price of Progress, by Rabies
fuck0474.txt 3710
Just Some Early Thoughts in the Morning FTF
fuck0475.txt 8389
Why I Stayed, by Kamira
fuck0476.txt 5316
First Impressions, by ShyGuy
fuck0477.txt 21675
why are fucked up ? because we are slaves! anon
fuck0478.txt 4766
The Public Transportation Failure, by se7en
fuck0479.txt 8820
With Loose Ends.txt Tied Up, by kamira
fuck0480.txt 4669
Murderous Rage, by The Jackal
fuck0481.txt 6364
Back to the Basics, by dis
fuck0482.txt 8779
Drive, by Screamin Lord Byron
fuck0483.txt 5998
1-900-SUICIDE, by sadia
fuck0484.txt 6430
Another Massacre Would Be a Nice Change Capone
fuck0485.txt 10841
In Case You Blinked..., by dis
fuck0486.txt 5677
Movies: My High School Yearbook, by dem
fuck0487.txt 4969
The New Year, by kamira
fuck0488.txt 5099
Skitzo?, by sadia
fuck0489.txt 6747
Beyond Your Limits, by inverse
fuck0490.txt 7116
Your Rights!, by the jackal
fuck0491.txt 5360
Velvet Without, by kamira
fuck0492.txt 6788
A Big Blue Circle, by Dropcomm
fuck0493.txt 8952
Hacker Charity, by SysP
fuck0494.txt 22611
Celibacy: The New Frontier, by Simunye
fuck0495.txt 4245
Why I Won't Be Writing for FUCK Anymore Inverse
fuck0496.txt 3842
Me, Myself, and I, by Kamira
fuck0497.txt 4418
No Seconds Thoughts, by Anon
fuck0498.txt 11492
Jimmy's, by ShyGuy
fuck0499.txt 11938
E, by Scex
fuck0500.txt 11539
Five Zero Zero, by Dis
fuck0501.txt 10292
Strangers in a Strange Land, by Cancer Omega
fuck0502.txt 5519
Don't Give a Shit, by Kamira
fuck0503.txt 5789
lost, by pallbearer
fuck0504.txt 4723
smart thinking, by dem
fuck0505.txt 5059
something original, by steve
fuck0506.txt 39865
his plan, part ii, by rage
fuck0507.txt 7005
another day, by darknyss
fuck0508.txt 3872
Dead Man Living, by Sarikei
fuck0509.txt 11781
Becoming, by Demonika
fuck0510.txt 9744
Twentytwo, by YT
fuck0511.txt 6801
With No Caring, by Sarikei
fuck0512.txt 4170
Pavlov's Dogs, by Dropcomm
fuck0513.txt 4685
Waste Your Life/Improve.., by Inverse
fuck0514.txt 15951
coffee talk, by skmcd
fuck0515.txt 4578
Last Exit, by shyguy
fuck0516.txt 4511
It is Ok, by kamira
fuck0517.txt 4579
These Shoes Were Made For Walking, by ?
fuck0518.txt 8007
Metamorphasis, by skmcd
fuck0519.txt 14051
what would have inevitably happened..., by styx
fuck0520.txt 6972
Alongside the stranger in myself, by agrajag
fuck0521.txt 4037
go away from my window, by dropcomm
fuck0522.txt 6874
Concede, by Kami
fuck0523.txt 7876
Inkblotting the Hoochies, by Innatic
fuck0524.txt 4620
Gripes from a 23 Year Old Woman, by Dem
fuck0525.txt 9148
This is your brain on life, by Tuxedo Mask
fuck0526.txt 4087
You Are Not Better, You Are Different, by DBR
fuck0527.txt 5055
Napolean in Rags, by Dropcomm
fuck0528.txt 8557
Precedence: Junk, by Dem
fuck0529.txt 6146
Reflections, by Mithrandir
fuck0530.txt 4661
No Face, by Kamira
fuck0531.txt 4538
Afraid of the Ball, by Demonika
fuck0532.txt 5325
Synchronom, by Demi
fuck0533.txt 4442
High Standards, by Canine
fuck0534.txt 4726
Useful Techniques for Adding..., by Huck Finn
fuck0535.txt 6773
Association by mutual benefit, by inner kry
fuck0536.txt 5804
F.U.C.K. #536: Dress Codes
fuck0537.txt 6839
more stupidity, by lord h
fuck0538.txt 4227
four walls, by modify
fuck0539.txt 6633
reverb of the echoes, by tuxedo mask
fuck0540.txt 11834
F.U.C.K. #540: He Deserved It
fuck0541.txt 4790
F.U.C.K. #541: God Help Me, I Can't Breathe
fuck0542.txt 8429
F.U.C.K. #542: Beautiful Night
fuck0543.txt 4812
F.U.C.K. #543: And It Won't Make Any Difference
fuck0544.txt 5456
F.U.C.K. #544: Evolution in Two Parts
fuck0545.txt 5467
F.U.C.K. #545: Normality of Rage
fuck0546.txt 5153
F.U.C.K. #546: Confronting My Old Self
fuck0547.txt 7230
F.U.C.K. #547: Escape vs. Running Away
fuck0548.txt 10759
F.U.C.K. #548: Cynictology
fuck0549.txt 10299
F.U.C.K. #549: Guilt in Three Parts
fuck0550.txt 5528
F.U.C.K. #550: Eyes on the Floor
fuck0551.txt 6836
F.U.C.K. #551: Can Any of Us Get Ahead In Our Lifetime
fuck0552.txt 9486
F.U.C.K. #552: Emotional Census and a Glass of Self
fuck0553.txt 7457
F.U.C.K. #553: What's Wrong With You?
fuck0554.txt 4965
F.U.C.K. #554: The Plug In Drug
fuck0555.txt 8105
F.U.C.K. #555: An Alternative Heaven (And/or Hell)
fuck0556.txt 7391
F.U.C.K. #556: Chinese Water Torture
fuck0557.txt 5940
F.U.C.K. #557: Hipster Flare
fuck0558.txt 5599
F.U.C.K. #558: Deep Inside
fuck0559.txt 7590
F.U.C.K. #559: A Question Answered
fuck0560.txt 3796
Sometimes I Wonder, by lexington
fuck0561.txt 11650
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch capone
fuck0562.txt 6965
SoulDome, by agrajag
fuck0563.txt 6349
can it feel this wrong?, by dis
fuck0564.txt 5151
Stirring My Anxiousness, by shyguy
fuck0565.txt 6311
Just Words, by kamira
fuck0566.txt 4685
The Silent Rant, by Gentleman Who Fell
fuck0567.txt 6336
The Best Years of Our Lives, by Pallbearer
fuck0568.txt 13049
F.U.C.K. #568: His Plan, Part 1
fuck0569.txt 8008
F.U.C.K. #569: Da Nigga
fuck0570.txt 4405
F.U.C.K. #570: Normality
fuck0571.txt 7670
F.U.C.K. #571: Sdkgjdsgjsd
fuck0572.txt 9299
F.U.C.K. #572: Solstice
fuck0573.txt 5855
F.U.C.K. #570: Marijuana and the Political Science: The Connection
fuck0574.txt 6144
F.U.C.K. #574: Getting High School
fuck0575.txt 5020
F.U.C.K. #575: Got What I Want
fuck0576.txt 5822
F.U.C.K. #576: Random Thoughts
fuck0577.txt 6245
F.U.C.K. #577: Dear Mom and Dad
fuck0578.txt 6965
F.U.C.K. #578: Your Rights!!!
fuck0579.txt 3413
F.U.C.K. #579: Rest in Peace
fucklist.txt 812
F.U.C.K.: The New List
fuckp001.txt 4810
F.U.C.K. Poetry Issue #1
fuckp002.txt 4563
F.U.C.K. Poetry Issue #2
fuckp003.txt 6048
F.U.C.K. Poetry Issue #3
fuckp004.txt 6118
Fucked Up College Kids Poetry Venture #4
fuckp005.txt 6011
F.U.C.K. Poetry Issue #5
fuckp006.txt 5729
F.U.C.K. Poetry Issue #6
fuckp007.txt 6247
F.U.C.K. Poetry Issue #7
fuckp008.txt 7040
F.U.C.K. Poetry Issue #8
fuckp009.txt 6395
F.U.C.K. Poetry Issue #9
fuckp010.txt 4301
F.U.C.K. Poetry Issue #10
fuckp011.txt 6232
F.U.C.K. Poetry Issue #11
fuckp012.txt 10299
F.U.C.K. Poetry Issue #12
fuckp013.txt 6952
F.U.C.K. Poetry Issue #13
fuckp014.txt 8249
F.U.C.K. Poetry Issue #14
fuckp015.txt 6654
Fucked Up College Kids Poetry Venture #15
fuckp016.txt 7265
Fucked Up College Kids Poetry Venture #16
fuckp017.txt 7252
Fucked Up College Kids Poetry Venture #17
fuckp018.txt 7904
Fucked Up College Kids Poetry Venture #18
fuckp019.txt 9011
Fucked Up College Kids Poetry Venture #19
fuckp020.txt 11026
Fucked Up College Kids Poetry Venture #20
fuckp021.txt 7835
Fucked Up College Kids Poetry Venture #21
fuckp022.txt 7689
Fucked Up College Kids Poetry Venture #22
fuckp023.txt 7906
Fucked Up College Kids Poetry Venture #23
fuckp024.txt 8638
Fucked Up College Kids Poetry Venture #24
fuckp025.txt 7007
Fucked Up College Kids Poetry Venture #25
fuckplst.txt 5007
Fucked Up College Kids Poetry Venture Index

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