Electronic Magazines: Full Disclosure

Glen Roberts is one angry man. Concerned about the nature of privacy and personal information online, he has created a ton of newsletters and even runs a radio show centering around the proliferation of your personal data. In doing this, he makes himself a lightning rod for all sorts of madness. On the whole, quite an impressive pedigree. This collection is only a small part of all the files he's written; if I can find an easy way to get them all, I'll put them up. All intelligently written and worth a read.

Description of the Textfile
blue.txt 27648
The Death of the Blue Box
court.txt 11520
No Protection for U.S. Citizens
doggie.txt 25984
The Great American Dog Trial Vendetta, by P. Remington Adams
edit.txt 8704
There's Gotta Be a Better Way, by Glen Roberts and Bill Vajk
freq.txt 7424
Surveillance Frequency Selection
hopp.txt 10624
new FBI Attempts at Secure Communication
nag.txt 8064
The War on Privacy Hits You in the Pocket Book!
news.txt 8832
The IRS is Here to Protect Our Rights
ntia.txt 8960
Surveillance Conference Overview
post22.txt 5888
Mail Surveillance
postal.txt 3200
Inside the Postal Mail Cover
ripco.txt 13184
Dr. Ripco Seizure
sells.txt 7296
Surveillance Equipment Buys
spy.txt 7261
The Cell Structure of the Spy Network
surv.txt 7552
The World of Surveillance
trash.txt 5888
Dumpster Diving

There are 16 files for a total of 168,029 bytes.