Electronic Magazines: Hacking and Computer Krashing (HACK)

Starting out as a list of passwords and dialins, this little collection of information put out by Grey Wolf sort of grew into a magazine, although "bulletin" would perhaps describe it better. Done throughout 1984.

Description of the Textfile
hacking1.hac 4193
HACK Volume 1, by Grey Wolf 1984
hacking2.hac 6026
HACK Volume 2, by Grey Wolf
hacking4.hac 8385
HACK Volume 4, by Grey Wolf and Keith Johnson
hacking5.hac 5970
HACK Volume 5, by Grey Wolf
hacking6.hac 4646
HACK Volume 6, by Grey Wolf
hacking7.hac 4007
HACK Volume 7, by Grey Wolf, June 12, 1984
hacking9.hac 5766
HACK Volume 9, by Grey Wolf, September 21, 1984

There are 7 files for a total of 38,993 bytes.