Electronic Magazines: HAKD

The title stands for "Ho'z ASCII/Anarchy Komputerz and Drugz". This is actually a series of small textfiles, each aimed around one specific subject, with the large header of a magazine at top.

A excellent textbook example of extremely poor writing and goals, this set of files goes from subject to subject almost randomly, dispensing useless information in an intentionally badly-spelled, dismissive, meandering fashion. While I hesitate to play the vintage game, these files date from 1994, about the time that it started really becoming the fashion to use major amounts of oddly spelled words (h4(k for HACK, etc.) with no sense of irony or meaning. Truly a pointless mess.

Description of the Textfile
hakd002.phk 2489
HAKD: The Poor Man's Bong
hakd003.phk 4452
HAKD: The Ancient Drug Cannabis
hakd004.phk 1932
HAKD: Welcome to File #3
hakd005.phk 3375
HAKD: A Rant from Psalm 69
hakd006.phk 4134
HAKD: How to Hack UNIX
hakd007.phk 3627
HAKD: Vandalism Follows Threats Via Computer, by Circle Jerk
hakd008.phk 3893
HAKD: Andy Rooney Slams Kurt Cobain on TV
hakd009.phk 6492
HAKD: How to Get Onto Those Lame-Azz Warez BBS's So You Can Leech
hakd010.phk 3064
HAKD: Ain't Nothin but a HAKD Thang (Parody of Ain't Nothin' but a G Thang)
hakd011.phk 4175
HAKD: How to Beat Klipper Chips
hakd012.phk 7363
HAKD: Something about MUSHrooms
hakd013.phk 15737
HAKD: Red Box Program by Trojan Phoenix
hakd014.phk 3866
HAKD: Do it Yourself Hypnosis
hakd015.phk 3800
HAKD: Toilet Paper Pipe
hakd017.phk 4072
HAKD: How to Grow Marijuana
hakd018.phk 3796
HAKD: Gravity Bong
hakd019.phk 4242
HAKD: How to Make a Tornado Bong
hakd020.phk 5252
HAKD: Miscellaneous Anarchy and Fun Things to Do!
hakd021.phk 2475
HAKD: ASCII Art of Smoking Pot
hakd022.phk 4656
HAKD: So you want to get into a system and learn how to hack?
hakd023.phk 2592
HAKD: Outdoor Hydrophonics
hakd024.phk 2312
HAKD: Other Things to Do Once You Art Inside of a Telephone Company Building

There are 22 files for a total of 97,796 bytes.