Electronic Magazines: H-NET

Another PHRACKalike zine, this 1990 issue appears to have had only one release, consisting of 20 files, three of which advertise the board the issue came from. Lots of stories about JANET, (the Joint Academic NETwork) and a smattering of unix-related hacking files. A promising first issue, sadly the only one.

Description of the Textfile
hnet0101.hac 3357
Index of H-Net #1 by Bauderline
hnet0102.hac 2892
Welcome message and intro to H-Net
hnet0103.hac 12883
An Introduction to Unix Part 1 by Minotaur
hnet0104.hac 13675
Hacking Unix Part 1 by Weazle
hnet0105.hac 6917
Beginners Guide to JANET by Weazle
hnet0106.hac 4284
JANET Pad phone numbers by Boris
hnet0107.hac 8702
JANET Network Address List
hnet0108.hac 5964
Comshare PADS & Info by Knight_of_ni & Co.
hnet0109.hac 6183
How to Crack those PASSWORDS!
hnet0110.hac 3139
Default Passwords by Nik & Bauderline
hnet0111.hac 4367
CCITT Specifications by Zed Haytey
hnet0112.hac 33764
Hacking DATASTREAM, logfile by Minotaur
hnet0113.hac 6392
Hacking SIGNET, logfile by Weazle
hnet0114.hac 1846
OPEN UNIVERSITY phone numbers by Zed Haytey
hnet0115.hac 3435
MERCURY off-peak phone charges by Bauderline
hnet0116.hac 18265
hnet0117.hac 7485
H-Net World News by Bauderline
hnet0118.hac 2230
Some Useful Addresses by Screaming Wall
hnet0119.hac 1234
Hackers BBS list from HACKERNET BBS

There are 19 files for a total of 147,014 bytes.