Electronic Magazines: The Hogs of Entropy

Where to begin with the Hogs of Entropy? Well, I can tell you that the first words that came to my mind during my initial browsing were "Cult of the Dead Cow Ripoff Group". Everything, from the dead pig logo, to the method of dating files with a file number at the end, to a lot of the subject matter, told me that they just took a look at the cDc and said "Yeah, sure, we can do that." and then set off to do it. Mogel seems to have been the primary motivating force behind their initial files, and his influence is all over them.

What I did NOT expect was to go out and download all the current HoE files (I only had 60) and suddenly discover they had over SIX HUNDRED FILES created. And these weren't just transcriptions of news stories or lyrics; these were honestly created text files, adding up past the five meg mark in total. That's just a lot of files, by any standard.

And as for the files themselves... well, it's VERY hard to write or supervise the writing of that many files and not start to increase in quality over time. As it stands, though, the quality is pretty enjoyable from the get-go and continues to be entertaining over the years. The Hogs of Entropy also have a nice selection of interviews with other electronic magazine writers, making for an interesting study from the Zine World perspective. There's even files and interviews with cDc members peppered in there.

All in all, definitely worth your time, although you should be prepared to set aside a LOT of time to read them. A lot of fun.

Description of the Textfile
hoe-0001.txt 3270
The Entropic Theme Song, by Defiant (August 6, 1994)
hoe-0002.txt 4954
The Wrecking Ball, by Fuzzy (September 5, 1994)
hoe-0003.txt 2977
The Microwave Bomb, by Shotgun Willie (August 30, 1994)
hoe-0004.txt 9033
Meaningful Shit, by Mogel (August 13, 1994)
hoe-0005.txt 6323
Eternal Sickness v1.1, by The Guest (August 22, 1994)
hoe-0006.txt 25415
Nirvana Unlimited, by Mogel (August 15, 1994)
hoe-0007.txt 3305
The Ping Pong Bomb, by Everlast (September 2, 1994)
hoe-0008.txt 12529
The End is Near, by Mogel (September 2, 1994)
hoe-0009.txt 9704
Mortal Kombat II Docs, by Mogel (September 4, 1994)
hoe-0010.txt 16054
The Violent Femmes - Add it Up Lyrics (September 9, 1994)
hoe-0011.txt 8556
The Beef on Ham, by Jeager (September 10, 1994)
hoe-0012.txt 7235
Hate Edge, by Abigwar (September 7, 1994)
hoe-0013.txt 11530
Paradise Lost, by Corrosion
hoe-0014.txt 15019
Rage Lyrics, by Everlast (October 8, 1994)
hoe-0015.txt 6193
C'est La Mort, by DLSproule, Transcribed by Corrosion (October 21, 1994)
hoe-0016.txt 12411
How to be |<001 Anarkust, by Mogel (October 28, 1994)
hoe-0017.txt 11006
Chronic Must Be Destroyed, by Abigwar (October 15, 1994)
hoe-0018.txt 9276
Random Spam, by Zorro (October 31, 1994)
hoe-0019.txt 13353
Darkness, by Abigwar (October 23, 1994)
hoe-0020.txt 15264
HOE Date #1, by Mogel (October 31, 1994) (Includes Index)
hoe-0021.txt 13032
The Poetic Terrorist, by Abigwar (October 31, 1994)
hoe-0022.txt 26582
My Penis is Unbound, by Mogel (October 31, 1994)
hoe-0023.txt 11291
Thinking, by Abigwar (November 3, 1994)
hoe-0024.txt 14498
The K-Rad Exploitation, by Abigwar, Defiant, and Mogel (November 14, 1994)
hoe-0025.txt 14672
Stars and Stripes Lyrics, by Abigwar (November 17, 1994)
hoe-0026.txt 10764
That Damn Red Ant File, by Abigwar (November 15, 1994)
hoe-0027.txt 10383
The Revenge of the Nerds, by Mogel (November 17, 1994)
hoe-0028.txt 45160
Rifts Character Selection Reference, by Mogel (November 20, 1994)
hoe-0029.txt 17533
My Venting Thing, by Chal E. Mac (November 27, 1994)
hoe-0030.txt 11288
Poetic Terrorist 2, by Abigwar (November 20, 1994)
hoe-0031.txt 24622
The True Clash of the Titans, by Psycho Santa (November 27, 1994)
hoe-0032.txt 15713
Proof on the Questions, by Abigwar (December 8, 1994)
hoe-0033.txt 12327
King Missile Lyrics, by Korrupt (December 12, 1994)
hoe-0034.txt 5457
Pink Noise, by Obscure Images (December 8, 1994)
hoe-0035.txt 8276
Bob the Prophet, by Logik (December 9, 1994)
hoe-0036.txt 12201
The GNU Hog Order, by Mogel and Corruption (December 9, 1994)
hoe-0037.txt 15359
Peanut Heaven, by Black Francis (December 11, 1994)
hoe-0038.txt 5292
K-Rad Alert, by Mad Arab (December 12, 1994)
hoe-0039.txt 23898
Mogel *WILL* Marry Winona Ryder, by Mogel (December 12, 1994)
hoe-0040.txt 47193
Hoe Date #2, by Mogel (December 12, 1994)
hoe-0041.txt 27015
The Bastard K-Kit, by Mad Arab (December 12, 1994)
hoe-0042.txt 10613
The Gods Sent Us for Shrooms, by Abigwar (January 15, 1995)
hoe-0043.txt 13584
The Infomercial Superhighway, by Chal E. Mac (January 15, 1995)
hoe-0044.txt 7526
Cindy Wants Us Dead! By Abigwar (December 26, 1994)
hoe-0045.txt 6979
The Meaning of Life and How to Hack it, by Mogel (February 4, 1995)
hoe-0046.txt 6097
Bus Driver Irv, by Corrosion (February 4, 1995)
hoe-0047.txt 9347
Religion with Eggs and Coffee, by Defiant (February 4, 1995)
hoe-0048.txt 10273
Without Want or Need, by Half-Baked (February 4, 1995)
hoe-0049.txt 19259
Searching, by Abigwar (February 4, 1995)
hoe-0050.txt 34778
Who the Hell Are Ya'? by The HOE Schmoes (February 4, 1995)
hoe-0051.txt 32605
Stand Back! It's the Modem Mafia! by Chal e. Mac (February 4, 1995)
hoe-0052.txt 14557
The Lump from the Dump, by Visioknight (February 4, 1995)
hoe-0053.txt 4781
Satisfaction, by The Chickenlord (February 4, 1995)
hoe-0054.txt 14201
Excuse me, could you remove your steatopyghous? by Mogul (February 4, 1995)
hoe-0055.txt 16562
I Object! The Introduction to being a Lawyer, by Charlie (February 5, 1995)
hoe-0056.txt 10432
The Sandwich, by Black Francis (February 4, 1995)
hoe-0057.txt 16781
A Vampire's Thoughts, by Vampire (February 4, 1995)
hoe-0058.txt 9219
The Smile that Couldn't Be Forgotten, by Mogel (February 4, 1995)
hoe-0059.txt 15093
Santa Claws Must DIE! by the Chickenlord (February 4, 1995)
hoe-0060.txt 54546
HOE-Date #3 by the HOE (February 4, 1995)
hoe-0061.txt 35448
True Stories from Pathological Liars by Alex Swain (April 12, 1995)
hoe-0062.txt 5906
My Application to [Name of College Here], by Thanatos (April 12, 1995)
hoe-0063.txt 12059
Everything Inbetween, by IM2K4U2C (April 4, 1995)
hoe-0064.txt 14835
Take a Wiz, Make Me Jiz, by Mogel (April 4, 1995)
hoe-0065.txt 9380
My BA in Attitude, by DisordeR (April 12, 1995)
hoe-0066.txt 16405
Life and the IRC Log, by Dash (April 12, 1995)
hoe-0067.txt 10661
So This Is How It Ends For Us? by Abigwar (April 12, 1995)
hoe-0068.txt 7566
About Nothin', by Spiff (April 12, 1995)
hoe-0069.txt 13425
Why Information Must Be Free, by Mr. Sandman (April 12, 1995)
hoe-0070.txt 49638
The Massive ELITE! Interview, by Mogel (April 12, 1995)
hoe-0071.txt 7447
Biff Redneck Goes to the Big City, by Sed (May 1, 1995)
hoe-0072.txt 14779
There's Pain In There, by Mogel (May 1, 1995)
hoe-0073.txt 8176
Ripping and Screaming Your Way to a Better You, by KidKnee (May 1, 1995)
hoe-0074.txt 21104
The Great Cyberspace Coaster Chat Board Caper, by IM2K4U2C (May 1, 1995)
hoe-0075.txt 11880
Cockroach Assault, by Alex Siegel (May 1, 1995)
hoe-0076.txt 7167
Home and Garden, by Morpheus (May 1, 1995)
hoe-0077.txt 14670
The Other Side of the Mirror, by Black Sunshine (May 1, 1995)
hoe-0078.txt 7099
The Oedipus Complex in Modern Day Times, by James Hetfield (May 1, 1995)
hoe-0079.txt 10010
Behind the Mask, by The Stranger (May 1, 1995)
hoe-0080.txt 111699
HOE-Date #4, by the HOE (May 1, 1995)
hoe-0081.txt 11212
The Cerished Illusion, by Dead Cheese (June 16, 1995)
hoe-0082.txt 18802
I'm a Chick, you Obviously Want Me, by Crank (June 16, 1995)
hoe-0083.txt 9021
Children of the Tube, by Neko and an Anonymous Wigger (June 16, 1995)
hoe-0084.txt 12251
Thou Shall Not Think, by Thalassocracy (June 16, 1995)
hoe-0085.txt 8583
Cries of Night, by The Stranger (June 16, 1995)
hoe-0086.txt 6013
Essays from my Childhood, by Pip the Angry Youth (June 16, 1995)
hoe-0087.txt 19414
Me Too!!! by Mogel (June 16, 1995)
hoe-0088.txt 7657
The Magical Penis, by Lucky (June 16, 1995)
hoe-0089.txt 20128
Politics, Freedom, and the Human Spirit, by I Wish My Name Were Nathan (May 5, 1995)
hoe-0090.txt 156447
Connecting to HOE.ORG.... (July 25, 1995)
hoe-0091.txt 3134
The Death of Our Scene, by Pip The Angry Youth
hoe-0092.txt 1443
DIE MIKE!, by Metal Chick
hoe-0093.txt 8059
My Nipples Are Erect For You!, by Hardcore
hoe-0094.txt 7605
Collected Suicide Letters, by Metal Chick
hoe-0095.txt 13815
Girls Are Dumb, by Metal Chick
hoe-0096.txt 7792
Midnight Munchies, Valium, Take a Shower You Dirty Fuck, by Styx
hoe-0097.txt 3616
Long-sleeve Shirts, by Kaia's friend Drew
hoe-0098.txt 3554
The Intertwining Worlds of The Dumb and The Ugly, by Pixy
hoe-0099.txt 3026
A REAL Bush Fan, by Creed
hoe-0100.txt 15763
The Computer Underground Lovechart, by Goldy the Pimp from Pamona
hoe-0101.txt 5583
Group Therapy, by Trilobyte
hoe-0102.txt 7602
I'm So Stupid, by Trip
hoe-0103.txt 4012
The Rise of The Mogels, Part One, by Eerie
hoe-0104.txt 5147
SCREW, by Trilobyte
hoe-0105.txt 5602
Nobody Loves Me, by Eerie
hoe-0106.txt 19561
The Triangle, by pVc
hoe-0107.txt 11583
AO, Li-fo #7, by Food
hoe-0108.txt 3625
And You Wonder, by Aproh
hoe-0109.txt 1898
How to Hack NASA with AOL, by Jubjub
hoe-0110.txt 22378
A Dialogue on Love, by Jamesy & Murmur
hoe-0111.txt 7553
The Rise of The Mogels, Part Two, by Nybar
hoe-0112.txt 2889
Militia Entrance Exam, by IM2K
hoe-0113.txt 12992
Who the Fuck is This Jesus Christ Guy?, by Creep
hoe-0114.txt 3804
The Boy Who Seeks Happiness Meets Darkthrone, by Murmur
hoe-0115.txt 1710
It's Me!, by Nyar
hoe-0116.txt 2157
The Dangerous Streets of NYC, by Eerie
hoe-0117.txt 4176
An Interview with Mogel, by Jamesy
hoe-0118.txt 5134
So Much to Live for, So Much to Die for, Right?, by Kheldar
hoe-0119.txt 3071
Rise of The Mogels, Part Three, by Mercuri
hoe-0120.txt 2286
On Yumas, by HACKERS
hoe-0121.txt 4327
Free Buttplug, by Styx
hoe-0122.txt 4012
How to Get Chicks: The FAQ!, by Swiss Pope
hoe-0123.txt 1181
An ASCII Portrait of Antihero, by Morpheus
hoe-0124.txt 4608
Short Story (Code Number ORANGE), by Murmur
hoe-0125.txt 1705
Laughing, by Mogel
hoe-0126.txt 1834
hey i'm in the chinese channel, by Styx
hoe-0127.txt 2162
Rise of The Mogels, Part Four, by Murmur
hoe-0128.txt 5321
The Fun I had with a Crazy, Old Vietnamese Lady, by Muze
hoe-0129.txt 5144
Christ Demands More Money, by The Onion
hoe-0130.txt 3782
How to Kill Your Roommate and Frame Her Fat Friends, by Muze
hoe-0131.txt 4300
Text Files, by Darwin
hoe-0132.txt 2186
C-, by Glynis
hoe-0133.txt 1963
Reality and Fantasy: An Indepth Analysis, by Nybar
hoe-0134.txt 1798
Ode to Manson, by Taraxis
hoe-0135.txt 2523
Asshole or Bitch, by Styx
hoe-0136.txt 2692
It's All A Facade, by Pagenwait
hoe-0137.txt 2891
Hemmorhoids, by Shadow Tao
hoe-0138.txt 3487
Killing Time On A Sunday Afternoon, by Legion
hoe-0139.txt 6406
Potato Salad, by Murmur
hoe-0140.txt 5269
Enter MatCat, by Antihero
hoe-0141.txt 9371
A Womans's Guide to Geeky Guys, by Lonewolf
hoe-0142.txt 4608
Are You Calling Me A Liar?, by Trilobyte
hoe-0143.txt 4187
Carmex Rocks My World, by MoonBagel
hoe-0144.txt 1432
A Sentence, by Orestes
hoe-0145.txt 2975
Here's The Story of A Cat Named Buddy, by Trip
hoe-0146.txt 2165
Eaten Alive by A Faulty Ball Bearing Cooling Fan, by Skinhorse
hoe-0147.txt 7469
A Call-Us & Damnit! Adventure, by Whoops
hoe-0148.txt 4752
Thoughts And Deja Vu, by Gaurdian
hoe-0149.txt 4365
Sleep Deprivation, by Sonia
hoe-0150.txt 4548
Slit and Slot; No, Just Coffee, Thanks, by Styx
hoe-0151.txt 3656
Fear and Loathing in The Suburban Midwest, by MoonBagel
hoe-0152.txt 5498
Normal Vacation, by Murmur
hoe-0153.txt 2178
Missing The Boat, by Kraftwerk
hoe-0154.txt 2487
THE... BITCH.... QUEEN... IS DEAD!!!, by Nybar
hoe-0155.txt 1298
The Spice Girls, by Jubjub
hoe-0156.txt 2233
Why Are They Eating This? -- Quarex & RottenZ
hoe-0157.txt 3322
Emoticons Explained, by Swiss Pope
hoe-0158.txt 8734
yellow.american.cheese.gz, by Ilsundal
hoe-0159.txt 1813
Dick Van Dyke, by Jubjub
hoe-0160.txt 4481
2599 Unlimited, by 2599
hoe-0161.txt 12577
Hope Dies Last, by Neko
hoe-0162.txt 2101
hoe-0163.txt 3890
The Dead Hippo, by Kraftwerk
hoe-0164.txt 5663
Notes From My Freshman Year, by MoonBagel
hoe-0165.txt 3622
Can I Be A Barber, Mom?, by Jook
hoe-0166.txt 4521
The Spirit of Giving, by PezMonkey
hoe-0167.txt 6713
Hippo Crackers, by Trilobyte
hoe-0168.txt 2204
Bots Are Evil, by Aster
hoe-0169.txt 2530
Your Sister is Hot, by Styx
hoe-0170.txt 5033
Why Can't I Be A Crack Baby?, by Backwash
hoe-0171.txt 2479
The Hanson Scourge, by DeusVitae
hoe-0172.txt 6795
The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig, by File13
hoe-0173.txt 6645
Dwindle Dwindle Dwindle, by Cstone
hoe-0174.txt 2106
Barbeque, I Don't Like You, by Phorce
hoe-0175.txt 5086
A Horrible Imitation of Henry Miller, by Skinhorse
hoe-0176.txt 2641
Anything Else, by PezMonkey
hoe-0177.txt 4568
What's Your New Year's Resolution? Huh?, by FyFy
hoe-0178.txt 2073
Drop Dead, by Rattle
hoe-0179.txt 3639
The Storys of Le and Kurt, by Aster
hoe-0180.txt 23264
I'm Complicated, by Lilnilhil
hoe-0181.txt 5766
There Was A Girl, by Neko
hoe-0182.txt 3450
The Continued Storys of Le and Kurt, by Aster
hoe-0183.txt 2574
Why Drugs Are Queer, by Kraftwerk
hoe-0184.txt 2904
My Stupid h0e, by Plexus
hoe-0185.txt 2365
A Super Cool Way to Kill Yourself, by Sighrik
hoe-0186.txt 2557
Friends, by Aster
hoe-0187.txt 14577
Homosexuality Unleashed, by Ilsundal
hoe-0188.txt 4786
MatCat Explains Christianity, by Antihero
hoe-0189.txt 13304
My Ass, by Skinhorse
hoe-0190.txt 15734
Hume Tickles Me, by MoonBagel
hoe-0191.txt 2773
Dear Jewel Kilcher, by Styx
hoe-0192.txt 9378
The 815 Bust Revisted, by Neko
hoe-0193.txt 3152
The Lady with Red Hair, by Aster
hoe-0194.txt 6765
MatCat Goes Hacking, by Antihero
hoe-0195.txt 2623
The Netsplit Heard 'Round The World, by Kraftwerk
hoe-0196.txt 5898
Marching Over Me, by Leprekon
hoe-0197.txt 3299
Bob and Suzy, by Aster
hoe-0198.txt 3103
MatCat Gives Up, by Antihero
hoe-0199.txt 27399
POETRY EXPLOSTION!, by Various Artists
hoe-0200.txt 36812
Hubris, by Various Artists
hoe-0201.txt 3649
Cancerman vs. Clinton, by GrayWolf
hoe-0202.txt 5135
Big, Scary, Jungle Snake, by MoonBagel
hoe-0203.txt 3664
No Sleep, by Neko
hoe-0204.txt 3004
Ode to Yak Boy, by Captain Bovine
hoe-0205.txt 8649
HYPE eZine -- Issue 1, by Craig Martin
hoe-0206.txt 4251
An Interview with Aster, by Mogel
hoe-0207.txt 2442
Go to a Real Strip Club!, by Muze
hoe-0208.txt 5482
Anarchy, by ANdz0oey
hoe-0209.txt 3434
Boobie the Pig, by Kraftwerk
hoe-0210.txt 7230
HYPE eZine -- Special Edition, by Craig Martin
hoe-0211.txt 4676
Social Darwinism Never Sounded So Good, by RM
hoe-0212.txt 3515
Let Me Out of My Cellar, by Gangsta Spanksta
hoe-0213.txt 1403
The Poem Of Orality, by Alternative Rocks
hoe-0214.txt 8010
Two Short Stories, by ANdz0oey
hoe-0215.txt 2485
Why Valentine's Day Sucks, by Muze
hoe-0216.txt 26745
Alfheim Fuzes with Tlorah, by Ilsundal & Rattle
hoe-0217.txt 4136
Non-condition, by ANdz0oey
hoe-0218.txt 3985
mp3's Rule!!!!!, by Skinhorse
hoe-0219.txt 5100
BioWar: Not Just a Novel Idea, by Tom Adam
hoe-0220.txt 1853
bOO- Teaches Me Finnish, by Mogel
hoe-0221.txt 6612
The Never-ending Story of Norman, a Guy Who Hates Fishing..., by RM
hoe-0222.txt 5168
I Believe in God, by Captain Bovine
hoe-0223.txt 3229
hoe-0224.txt 3151
Afterschool Specials: Lost on The Cutting Room Floor, by Whoops
hoe-0225.txt 15471
Bounty Hunter, by Trilobyte
hoe-0226.txt 5324
The Day Armaggedon Began, by Alternative Rocks
hoe-0227.txt 4790
Some Rants, by Mokie
hoe-0228.txt 2419
The Inaccessible Woman, by Mooer
hoe-0229.txt 11089
Game Over, by RedMan
hoe-0230.txt 4105
Shot: Chapter 3, by ANdz0oey
hoe-0231.txt 4416
A Scholarly Essay on the Benefits of Rape in Society, by PezMonkey
hoe-0232.txt 3556
Collect Call of Cthulhu, by Ken-ohki
hoe-0233.txt 1973
Yellow Balloon, by Aster
hoe-0234.txt 65678
hehehehe!, by Murmur
hoe-0235.txt 3919
The Last Man On Earth, by Puck
hoe-0236.txt 3266
I Don't Care If You Like Eating Pussy, by Styx
hoe-0237.txt 47602
PrisonSex7, by Mogel
hoe-0238.txt 3149
The Way The Flying Pencils Made it Into..., by Ilsundal
hoe-0239.txt 2554
Translating for The Army in Deutschland, by Teerts
hoe-0240.txt 2783
Harrey Carrey's a Drunk, But We Still Love 'em, by Jook
hoe-0241.txt 1665
My Life Is Shit Becud Why Dee, by FishLipper
hoe-0242.txt 1883
hoe-0243.txt 1968
Grumble. Grumble., by Scott S.
hoe-0244.txt 12137
Colfax, Colfax - I love thee, by Jook
hoe-0245.txt 1282
Albert Knibschuk, by Styx
hoe-0246.txt 3123
Gaa-nomes, by Aster
hoe-0247.txt 1710
Penis Plural Is NOT Penii, by PezMonkey
hoe-0248.txt 3603
Sort of Just Filler, by Guardian
hoe-0249.txt 3375
Natural Selection By Equality, by AltRocks
hoe-0250.txt 5669
You butt-poking anal baby, by Styx
hoe-0251.txt 3104
The Gingerbread Man, by File13
hoe-0252.txt 2794
Fishies, by Aster
hoe-0253.txt 3517
Apotheosis, by Lifelike
hoe-0254.txt 2641
Today's Forecast: Intelligent and Dreary With an 85%..., by AltRocks
hoe-0255.txt 9852
A Crackpot Mathematician Analyzes The Fifth..., by Swiss Pope
hoe-0256.txt 3757
Return To BBS Greatness, by Nybar
hoe-0257.txt 12153
Serious Art A La T.S. Eliot, by Zaff & Soybean
hoe-0258.txt 7032
Hello, This Submission Is So Bad It's Funny, by Northstar
hoe-0259.txt 3323
Being Accepted In Public, by Chris Cox
hoe-0260.txt 5482
Why I Won't Be At Graduation, by Cyn
hoe-0261.txt 1740
HOE HAS BEEN SEIZED!, by Ziego Vuantar
hoe-0262.txt 4098
An Act of God, by Jesse
hoe-0263.txt 3942
Pig Story, by Nybar
hoe-0264.txt 6769
About me!, by Glynis
hoe-0265.txt 13018
How To Maintain the Mr. Sensitive Persona with..., by Trilobyte
hoe-0266.txt 2757
Bruce Corey's 15 Minutes of Fame, by Fenris J. Sunswallower
hoe-0268.txt 2149
The Dorm Room Bong, by Neko
hoe-0269.txt 5267
Undulating Mr. Lizard, by Trilobyte
hoe-0270.txt 3296
The Coming of the Lord, by Cyn
hoe-0271.txt 12316
An Interview with Ben Ohmart, by Mogel
hoe-0272.txt 9113
Flip The 'Off' Switch, by Charlie
hoe-0273.txt 5828
6 Things That Are Always Funny, by Mogel
hoe-0274.txt 2593
An Epilogue to Wargames, by Neko
hoe-0275.txt 4885
Libertarians, by Nybar
hoe-0276.txt 3272
Librarian Phone Sex, by Mutter
hoe-0277.txt 5070
Drunk at 3AM, by Phairgirl
hoe-0278.txt 8518
Smart Bomb, by Seaya
hoe-0279.txt 2211
Mel The He/she Girl Slug, by Aster
hoe-0280.txt 3972
Should You Date The Devil?, by Anjee
hoe-0281.txt 2850
Suicidal Tendencies, by Tasha
hoe-0282.txt 4104
Public Transportation, by AnonGirl
hoe-0283.txt 2696
Participles Are Perceptions, too, by Cstone
hoe-0284.txt 4007
Sponsor an IRC Asshole, by Teerts
hoe-0285.txt 4741
Sellin' Smack On Da Street Ain't No Treat..., by Snaf00
hoe-0286.txt 2652
Things To Do with a Brick, by Ramsey String
hoe-0287.txt 4234
I Wanna Rock!, by Phairgirl
hoe-0288.txt 2978
Political Science?, by Altrocks
hoe-0289.txt 4338
The Benefits of Higher Education, by Teerts
hoe-0290.txt 8789
Smashface, by Neko
hoe-0291.txt 2173
Earl: The Flightless Balloon, by Aster
hoe-0292.txt 3445
Mother Goose is a Pervert, by Anjee
hoe-0293.txt 3055
Yeah, by Kreid
hoe-0294.txt 4439
I Need an Inexpensive Computer, by Anonymous
hoe-0295.txt 2800
New Teenage Girl Magazine: Girl Vibe, by Quarex
hoe-0296.txt 25827
Pictures of Our Genitalia, by Rush2 & Xgirl
hoe-0297.txt 4690
The Basics of Brother Torture, by Inner Logic
hoe-0298.txt 5419
Suffer the Children, by Zaff
hoe-0299.txt 37048
POETRY EXPLOSION 2!, by Various Artists
hoe-0300.txt 95155
Meet The Writers, by The HOE Staff
hoe-0301.txt 26604
The BIG-ASS Story, by Various Artists
hoe-0302.txt 3707
Christian Science, by Ramsey String
hoe-0303.txt 17071
Harlan Ellison Responds..., by Squinky
hoe-0304.txt 3772
Space People, by Aster
hoe-0305.txt 18016
Rise of The Mogels, The Final Chapter, by Trilobyte
hoe-0306.txt 1436
The Short-lived Diary of William Ernest Nuremberg..., by Kreid
hoe-0307.txt 10856
Sand Paper, by Trilobyte
hoe-0308.txt 4361
Killing People, by Nybar
hoe-0309.txt 5182
A History of Shame, by Squinky
hoe-0310.txt 3436
Hey, I'm an Asshole, too!, by Teerts
hoe-0311.txt 4044
Moo, Oink, Quack, Meow, by Anjee
hoe-0312.txt 3205
Beepers, by Mutter
hoe-0313.txt 5519
Girls, Girls, Girls, by AnonGirl
hoe-0314.txt 7213
A Cheer Medium Pace, by LilNilHil
hoe-0315.txt 5174
Veggie Burger Eatin' Hippie Reject, by Phairgirl
hoe-0316.txt 5720
In The Beginning..., by AnonGirl
hoe-0317.txt 3668
HOE Supports Teleconferences, by Tasha
hoe-0318.txt 2800
Twenty Ways to Deal With Being Dumped, by Cyn
hoe-0319.txt 4961
Girls That Write Text Files Know Everything About Love, by Mogel
hoe-0320.txt 9967
Same Sex Marriages, by Neko
hoe-0321.txt 59672
hoe-0322.txt 4350
How to Make Top Ten Lists, by Avenger
hoe-0323.txt 4066
Bums and the Everlasting Search for God, by The Jester
hoe-0324.txt 9698
Why I Don't Eat Fondue, by Meenk
hoe-0325.txt 7732
Jesus In Your Cereal, by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0326.txt 4898
Fuck Tibet, by Zaff
hoe-0327.txt 8524
The Crap I Write, by PezMonkey
hoe-0328.txt 1989
Mogel is GOD, by Anjee
hoe-0329.txt 5766
Better Living Through Chemistry?, by Kreid
hoe-0330.txt 3503
I Need a New Roommate, by Cyn
hoe-0331.txt 3448
Regarding Webster, by Mogel
hoe-0332.txt 3722
It's JUICE!, by AnonGirl
hoe-0333.txt 2488
Are You Man Enough?, by Nybar
hoe-0334.txt 44763
hoe-0335.txt 14696
IRC Must Die, by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0336.txt 3213
Going Out For Drinks, by Swiss Pope
hoe-0337.txt 2703
I am Uberground, by Meenk
hoe-0338.txt 3234
Anal Retentive People Are Fun!, by Muze
hoe-0339.txt 2918
The... House, by Meow
hoe-0340.txt 8920
Drugs are bad, mmMM kay?, by TPP
hoe-0341.txt 8808
Learn About Pagenwait!, by Pagenwait
hoe-0342.txt 2245
It Was Unmistakably Human, by Darwin
hoe-0343.txt 3957
Annoying Scratch, by Glynis
hoe-0344.txt 2955
I Want To Fuck A Midget, by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0345.txt 9821
Selected Witty Retorts For Completely Desperate Idiots, by Mogel
hoe-0346.txt 3027
Death Becomes Him, by Neko
hoe-0347.txt 5939
Christian Conspiracy, by Anjee
hoe-0348.txt 4814
Precisely, by Viledandy
hoe-0349.txt 2492
A Bunch of Little Notes I Wrote to Myself, by Kreid
hoe-0350.txt 5184
The Origin of Euphoria, by AnonGirl
hoe-0351.txt 6251
People are Dumb and Stupid and Jerks..., by Squinky
hoe-0352.txt 13373
It's a Conspiracy, by Mr. Sandman
hoe-0353.txt 2453
Leave Me Empty, by Tasha
hoe-0354.txt 2997
The Chair, by Deadpan
hoe-0355.txt 5865
Square Dancing with The Fucking Fatsos, by Ewheat
hoe-0356.txt 3279
Bitchin' Text File, by Ramsey String
hoe-0357.txt 3500
Sad Days, by Aster
hoe-0358.txt 4785
Reforming Your Tenets, by The Jester
hoe-0359.txt 7527
The Jerry Springer Show, by Neko
hoe-0360.txt 6014
Lifestyles, by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0361.txt 4392
From Ape to Man, to Ape Again: Darwin's Dilemma, by Anjee
hoe-0362.txt 3206
Manic Depression, by Phairgirl
hoe-0363.txt 2681
Wild Man Goes Hunting, by Apollo
hoe-0364.txt 9601
Harp or Motion?, by Trilobyte
hoe-0365.txt 15787
I'm Complicated, Part 2, by LilNilHil
hoe-0366.txt 3151
The True Meaning of Christmas, by Mutter
hoe-0367.txt 2848
Death Notification, by Squinky
hoe-0368.txt 4780
A Life More Ordinary, by Girl From Mars
hoe-0369.txt 2501
What Really Happened at Christmas, by Avenger
hoe-0370.txt 3163
Gerbil Feed Bomb, by Swamp Ratte'
hoe-0371.txt 7614
Naked People (Are People, too), by Paganini
hoe-0372.txt 11667
Internet Depression, by LilNilHil
hoe-0373.txt 8170
Geeks With Big Dicks, by Darwin
hoe-0374.txt 4431
Jesse's Self-destructive Methods, by The Jester
hoe-0375.txt 7161
Unsatisfactory Behavior, by Cap'n Sparky
hoe-0376.txt 9890
Teletype's First Lay, by Squinky
hoe-0377.txt 7743
The Problem with Pooh, by Paganini
hoe-0378.txt 5759
My Brother's Pockets, by Phairgirl
hoe-0379.txt 2133
hoe-0380.txt 2221
I Want My Fucking Anubi, by Avenger
hoe-0381.txt 3714
Ego et Internet, by Isaac
hoe-0382.txt 5117
I Thought Ignorance Was Supposed To Be Bliss, by Caitlin
hoe-0383.txt 3817
Microsoft, Clinton, and Mogel's Balls, by Vyrus
hoe-0384.txt 4219
That Time I Tried to Conquer The World or Something, by LilNilHil
hoe-0385.txt 21916
Macking, by Mogel
hoe-0386.txt 5547
This History of Capitalism, by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0387.txt 5404
A Goat Named Abel, by Kreid
hoe-0388.txt 5545
True Story, by Isaac
hoe-0389.txt 4001
Electrifying Discoveries On Alcohol, by Anjee
hoe-0390.txt 2965
Is it Normal or Ugly?, by Daisy
hoe-0391.txt 6003
plaZa auTomatIon, by Trilobyte
hoe-0392.txt 9927
Drivel, by LilNilHil
hoe-0393.txt 4593
Let's Be Friends, by Hal08
hoe-0394.txt 12921
Phairgirl's Diary, by Phairgirl
hoe-0395.txt 14195
HOE #395: House of the Rising Sun: Inssmouth, USA by Ken Ichigawa (December 28, 1998)
hoe-0396.txt 7775
Macking Methods: A Rebuttal, by Quarex
hoe-0397.txt 22366
Looking For A Handle?, by Various Artists
hoe-0398.txt 53434
The HOE Rejects, by Various Artists
hoe-0399.txt 75142
Intentional HOE Rejects, by The HOE Staff
hoe-0400.txt 60347
Choose Your Own Adventure, by Various Artists
hoe-0401.txt 4925
Jersey Girls Suck (I Wish), by Hardcore
hoe-0402.txt 2940
Why I Am Changing My Handle, by Squinky/AIDS
hoe-0403.txt 3971
1999 Is The Year of The Apocalypse, by Caitlin
hoe-0404.txt 2902
Another Statistic, by AltRocks
hoe-0405.txt 3684
My Microwaveable Pillow, by Girl from Mars
hoe-0406.txt 7161
Jacques Cousteau is An Alien and Still..., by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0407.txt 3153
Stupid Fuckin' Gas Station Customers, by Daisy
hoe-0408.txt 3569
Business Practice, by Mistawho
hoe-0409.txt 4213
I Like Monkeys, by Holocost
hoe-0410.txt 3106
Clear Bawta, by Isaac
hoe-0411.txt 4868
The Day I Fucked That Hot Girl, by Caitlin
hoe-0412.txt 3169
I Froze My Tits Off in Minneapolis, by Seaya
hoe-0413.txt 3762
My Phallic Pistol, by Teerts
hoe-0414.txt 3799
Meet Betty, by Phairgirl
hoe-0415.txt 3494
Picking Your Ass in Public, by Anjee
hoe-0416.txt 6202
A Package For a Girl, by Styx
hoe-0417.txt 3957
That Silly Dog, by Trilobyte
hoe-0418.txt 3077
FuCkelibacy Soot Rant, by Miasma
hoe-0419.txt 9740
The Rape and Murder of Katherine Genovese, by AIDS
hoe-0420.txt 3477
The Story Of Want and Love, by Muze
hoe-0421.txt 2247
hoe-0422.txt 4861
Talented, by Mutter
hoe-0423.txt 2357
A Day in The Life of a Gangster, by Belial
hoe-0424.txt 10370
House and Home with Lynette Jennings, by AnonGirl
hoe-0425.txt 2856
Organic Farming, by Kaia
hoe-0426.txt 2650
Area 401, by Laja
hoe-0427.txt 5985
One Man, Standing At The Threshold, by Rantaslin
hoe-0428.txt 30858
Lamb of God, by AIDS
hoe-0429.txt 3892
An Agnostic Tourettic Obsessive Compulsive..., by Soybean
hoe-0430.txt 7219
The Glorious Fate of a Boy Who Failed in Life..., by Kreid
hoe-0431.txt 4461
Illicit Substances and a Carefree Lifestyle, by Quarex
hoe-0432.txt 6429
Run From My Car, by Paganini
hoe-0433.txt 4559
Le Rocke Hyperstructure, by Isaac
hoe-0434.txt 11523
A Little Too Much About Me, by Meenk
hoe-0435.txt 2101
The Insistence of Meaning, by Neko
hoe-0436.txt 2917
Only in Quebec, by Anjee
hoe-0437.txt 3346
Boogiemen Are Scary, by Aster
hoe-0438.txt 6050
Alcohol Discoveries On Electrifying, by M4D 3LF
hoe-0439.txt 2927
Confetti On Your Head, by Mogel
hoe-0440.txt 4376
Ignorant Guardian, by Trilobyte
hoe-0441.txt 1909
K-R4D vs. Emoticons :), by Phairgirl & M4D 3LF
hoe-0442.txt 8398
News Flash: Women Are Not Helpless, by Nitro-187
hoe-0443.txt 2899
Purple, by Tasha
hoe-0444.txt 3599
Understood, by Mutter
hoe-0445.txt 4571
Legalize Suicide or Change!, by AltRocks
hoe-0446.txt 2695
My Fucking Ex-Roommate, by Cyn
hoe-0447.txt 3595
A Log of Boredom, by Avenger
hoe-0448.txt 3705
What I Did During My Winter Break, by Girl From Mars
hoe-0449.txt 4795
My Brother's Friends, by AnonGirl
hoe-0450.txt 8341
Obituary for IM2K, by AIDS
hoe-0451.txt 13639
Karaoke, by Phairgirl
hoe-0452.txt 2086
I Am Trying to be Clever, by Neko
hoe-0453.txt 3545
I'll Flip You For It, by Z
hoe-0454.txt 3076
Computers 'n Stuff, by M4D 3LF
hoe-0455.txt 4131
Sincerely Yours, by AIDS
hoe-0456.txt 13442
The Bottle Rocket Gun -- A True Story, by Cap'n Sparky
hoe-0457.txt 2897
The Futility of Education in America, Stupid., by The Jester
hoe-0458.txt 6629
Drunken Nice Guy Misogyny, by Rantaslin & Teerts
hoe-0459.txt 11692
Why Do I Date Closed-minded Pricks?, by Caitlin
hoe-0460.txt 1729
The Evil Comes, by Aster
hoe-0461.txt 6195
Your Own Personalized Issue of HOE, by Mogel & Kaia
hoe-0462.txt 4808
The Smartest Man Alive is Somewhere Out There..., by Kreid
hoe-0463.txt 1565
Breaking Up For Christ, by Phairgirl
hoe-0464.txt 4574
Mass Media, by Reflecks
hoe-0465.txt 4527
Urges of Sexual Gratification, by Miasma
hoe-0466.txt 4407
Modern Art, by PezMonkey
hoe-0467.txt 3504
Misery Takes a Victim, by Postal
hoe-0468.txt 5007
Cereal Killas, by M4D 3LF
hoe-0469.txt 4036
Dwelling On It, by Tasha
hoe-0470.txt 8310
Gefallen Von Der Anmut, by Meenk
hoe-0471.txt 3216
Warez Requests, by The HOE Staff
hoe-0472.txt 1836
Sorrow, by Kreid
hoe-0473.txt 5644
The Grinch That Could Not Pleasure Himself, by Hardcore
hoe-0474.txt 4523
My Analytical Self, by Anjee
hoe-0475.txt 45058
When The Beast Met The Outhouse... and My Fear is Great, by AIDS
hoe-0476.txt 5631
Dubuque Hoes, by Phairgirl
hoe-0477.txt 46885
Teerts Luvs #ezines, by Teerts
hoe-0478.txt 9227
Yesterday Was A Text File, by Styx
hoe-0479.txt 2930
Bill Clinton is A Fascist Mass-murdering Hypocrite, by TPP
hoe-0480.txt 15690
The Final Voyage of the Golden Unmutak, by Tan Adept
hoe-0481.txt 3077
The Girl Who Never Cried Wolf, by Girl From Mars
hoe-0482.txt 3472
O, Classic Way, by Isaac
hoe-0483.txt 4820
Mother's Green Sweater, by Jook
hoe-0484.txt 2533
Drivers Education, by Caitlin
hoe-0485.txt 2857
Kermit The Frog Meets The World, by Reflecks
hoe-0486.txt 3375
Exploring Yourself... Healthy?, by Postal
hoe-0487.txt 2707
A Critical Essay on Shakespeare, by Kreid
hoe-0488.txt 3086
Enticing and Dicing, by Mooer
hoe-0489.txt 4868
Head Full of Garbage, by Mutter
hoe-0490.txt 5648
I Fell in Love Today, by Quarex
hoe-0491.txt 5745
In Search of BigDaddy, by Paganini
hoe-0492.txt 3047
Hairdryer of Instant Karmic Justice, by Uberfizzgig
hoe-0493.txt 3611
Change of Heart?, by M4D 3LF
hoe-0494.txt 7237
When a Mack Fails, by Anjee
hoe-0495.txt 3092
You're Weird, by Tasha
hoe-0496.txt 4086
Realizations, Pre-dawn., by The Jester
hoe-0497.txt 5026
Not Me, Not Now, by AnonGirl
hoe-0498.txt 11363
How About A Nice Game Of Chess?, by Cap'n Sparky
hoe-0499.txt 55380
Meet The Other Writers, by The HOE Staff
hoe-0500.txt 92707
HOE: Representing Planet Earth, by The HOE Staff
hoe-0501.txt 40530
Gnosis, by Kreid
hoe-0502.txt 2050
A Vegetarian Moral Dilemma, by Art
hoe-0503.txt 4036
Internet Dating Services, by AnonGirl
hoe-0504.txt 3738
Addictive Personality, by Phairgirl
hoe-0505.txt 4173
Live For Your Children, by Vyrus
hoe-0506.txt 2646
Hypothetical Question, by Z
hoe-0507.txt 6499
Oli, by Isaac
hoe-0508.txt 2033
Yesterday Was Hell... Today is Butter, by ZZi
hoe-0509.txt 6793
Realistic Fabrication, by Trilobyte
hoe-0510.txt 4789
No Regrets, I Never Asked to Be Born, by Meenk
hoe-0511.txt 9686
My Beef with Phil Collins, by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0512.txt 6029
Teenage Angst Has Paid Off Well, by Kreid
hoe-0513.txt 5911
hoe-0514.txt 3935
Going To The Hotel, A Creative Piece, by Reflecks
hoe-0515.txt 2906
No More Porn, by Hardcore
hoe-0516.txt 5692
Prosthelyzation, by Phairgirl
hoe-0517.txt 13218
Random Generic, by Neko
hoe-0518.txt 2813
Bedtime Story, by Z
hoe-0519.txt 4849
How I Blamed The Female Logic on Something That Can..., by Anilos
hoe-0520.txt 9271
For Kelly, by Isaac
hoe-0521.txt 3205
Effective Fast-Food Training, by Phairgirl
hoe-0522.txt 15186
After 5 Beers At The Amiga Convention, by Trilobyte
hoe-0523.txt 8136
Memories with Pink-Floyd, by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0524.txt 5675
For Kelly 2, by Isaac
hoe-0525.txt 6677
Introducing ReasonToVive, by AnonGirl
hoe-0526.txt 7254
Auto Disconnect, by PezMonkey
hoe-0527.txt 7179
Four Stories To Giggle Over, by Anilos
hoe-0528.txt 9164
Viable Substitutions for Intelligence, by Caitlin
hoe-0529.txt 2100
It's News to Us, by Uberfizzgig
hoe-0530.txt 8313
Dreambath of Hallucinogens, by Tasha
hoe-0531.txt 12159
So You Want To Be A Masked Vigilante, by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0532.txt 2752
SVP Aidez Nous!, by AnonGirl
hoe-0533.txt 10636
Murphy's Pub, by Trilobyte
hoe-0534.txt 6697
Complete Crap, by LilNilHil
hoe-0535.txt 3794
Too Young to Love, Not Old Enough to Marry, by Daisy
hoe-0536.txt 4213
Bummer of a Dream, by Another Mike
hoe-0537.txt 7646
Things That Annoy Me, by Anilos
hoe-0538.txt 20400
For Kelly 3-6, by Isaac
hoe-0539.txt 3719
How Zines Are Made, by Nybar
hoe-0540.txt 5391
When Yesterday Was Tomorrow, by AIDS
hoe-0541.txt 4095
Call Me Naked, by Paganini
hoe-0542.txt 3105
Why I'm Not an Angry Queer, by Cyn
hoe-0543.txt 4169
Your Perfect Match (Ugol's Law), by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0544.txt 2780
Why Sex is NOT Better Than Masturbation, by AltRocks
hoe-0545.txt 6789
Dirk Diggler Can Eat My Ass Out, by Meenk
hoe-0546.txt 5391
Nobody Loves a Dishwasher, by Unrelated
hoe-0547.txt 5723
A Love Story, by Caitlin
hoe-0548.txt 5560
Instruction Manual for The Sexually Frustrated, by Reflecks
hoe-0549.txt 3848
Just Another Friday, by AnonGirl
hoe-0550.txt 40256
The Sweetest of Fruits, by Phairgirl
hoe-0551.txt 5277
Happy Floggings, by Kreid
hoe-0552.txt 3287
I Rawk ur m0m, by AnonGirl
hoe-0553.txt 7752
Why Am I So Nice?, by Anilos
hoe-0554.txt 3906
I Love a Man in Uniform, by Muze
hoe-0555.txt 2776
CUSTENU.TLX, by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0556.txt 9298
Drive, by Another Mike
hoe-0557.txt 4033
My First C++ Program, by Seaya
hoe-0558.txt 17739
For Kelly 7-9, by Isaac
hoe-0559.txt 4126
How I Really Feel, by Daisy
hoe-0560.txt 7713
Create Your Own Fun!, by Phairgirl
hoe-0561.txt 8746
An Explanation Of One Of My More Inscrutable Works, by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0562.txt 3280
Friends, by Phairgirl
hoe-0563.txt 4386
Real, Not Real, by Unrelated
hoe-0564.txt 6474
The New Adventures of..., by Nybar
hoe-0565.txt 1224
10 Things I Hate About Me, by AltRocks
hoe-0566.txt 4132
How I Became Normal, by AnonGirl
hoe-0567.txt 2309
Jessie and the Bunny, by Oregano
hoe-0568.txt 4727
Do You Want Cheese With Your Whine?, by Granny
hoe-0569.txt 2581
When Computers Go On Humanitarian Crusades, by Uberfizzgig
hoe-0570.txt 4297
Why I'd Pity a Psychic, by Rhea
hoe-0571.txt 7977
How Hardk0re Learned To Stop Worrying and Love, by Kaia
hoe-0572.txt 5038
'Can anybody tell me what's wrong?', by Tasha
hoe-0573.txt 6081
hoe-0574.txt 2482
I Suck, by Phairgirl
hoe-0575.txt 5930
Barbie's Untold Story, by AnonGirl
hoe-0576.txt 3354
In Defense of Kinko's, by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0577.txt 6903
Waiter, There's a Fly in My Primordial Soup, by Miasma
hoe-0578.txt 2516
Yesterday I Saw True Vanity, by ZZi
hoe-0579.txt 6681
Love's Labour's Lost, by Darwin
hoe-0580.txt 5662
DNA, The Perfect Template for a Metaphor, by Anilos
hoe-0581.txt 6577
He Needed Inner Healing, and NRMLGRL Knew It, by Kaia
hoe-0582.txt 6738
Styx Debunks Marijuana Myths, by Styx
hoe-0583.txt 4685
IRC is Better Than Stand Up Comedians, by Granny
hoe-0584.txt 4779
hoe-0585.txt 4149
Satire On The Truth About Men, by Effy
hoe-0586.txt 3586
Possibly Proverbial Parables, Volume One, by Trilobyte
hoe-0587.txt 3963
Dear You, by Mutter
hoe-0588.txt 2627
My Nomination for 'Greatest Eccentric of the..., by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0589.txt 27833
Gang Bang Business Trip, by Jamesy
hoe-0590.txt 7142
Farmer Floyd, by Phairgirl
hoe-0591.txt 16435
A Personal Rekolektion & HIStory of TELETYPE, by AIDS
hoe-0592.txt 7128
The Secret History of Teletype, by AIDS
hoe-0593.txt 4204
My Very First HOE Article by RottenZ, by RottenZ
hoe-0594.txt 4148
The Night I Killed Eilien, by Oregano
hoe-0595.txt 7145
Catatonia, by AnonGirl
hoe-0596.txt 3913
Think For Ourselves? What Kind of Concept is That?, by Rhea
hoe-0597.txt 13960
Mean Jimmy Gets Drunk, by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0598.txt 16689
Child of Satan, by Effy
hoe-0599.txt 3857
The Gojira Theorem, by Quarex
hoe-0600.txt 748
My Favorite Letter of The Alphabet, by Kreid
hoe-0601.txt 4693
Three Stories for Children of All Ages, by Phairgirl
hoe-0602.txt 2961
Words That Rhyme With Shed, by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0603.txt 6308
The Girl From Mars' Superhero Story, by Girl From Mars
hoe-0604.txt 3083
When All Else Fails, by AnonGirl
hoe-0605.txt 3998
Driving to The Pacific and Jumping In, by Tasha
hoe-0606.txt 3819
Little Dolls With BIG GUNS, by Beretta Ruger
hoe-0607.txt 2504
Murder is Illegal, Embarrassment Isn't: A Realization..., by Anjee
hoe-0608.txt 9437
Things That Annoy Me, Episode 2, by Anilos
hoe-0609.txt 11893
hoe-0610.txt 5899
My Second Hoe Article by RottenZ, by RottenZ
hoe-0611.txt 4978
How to Win a Guess-Your-Age Contest, by Seaya
hoe-0612.txt 2647
Widget's Nachos, by Aster
hoe-0613.txt 11593
When Jamesy Met Caity, by Caitlin
hoe-0614.txt 8164
The Smart, the Wooden, and the Ugly, by Kniht & Uberfizzgig
hoe-0615.txt 3069
Why I Refuse to Believe in God, by Cyn
hoe-0616.txt 5179
The Picnic Channel, by Oregano
hoe-0617.txt 4379
Why I'm Not Cheering For Gonzaga, by Anilos
hoe-0618.txt 3895
Help for Those in Need, by Twister
hoe-0619.txt 3309
A Personal Tribute To A Man Named Hasslehoff, by Paganini
hoe-0620.txt 2731
Music Is Evil!!!!, by AltRocks
hoe-0621.txt 43178
Family Circus, by Anonymous
hoe-0622.txt 1700
Saving Celebrities, by Cyn
hoe-0623.txt 6559
Apocalyptica Plays Metallica -- Four Cellos, by Phairgirl
hoe-0624.txt 8096
Marilyn Manson, Friends, and Ex-Girlfriends, by Unrelated
hoe-0625.txt 4294
Jack Frost, by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0626.txt 5403
What I Know About Shawn Mullins, by Daisy
hoe-0627.txt 9156
Boy, Everything Sure is Zany, by Phairgirl
hoe-0628.txt 7029
HOE Warzzz, by RottenZ
hoe-0629.txt 4665
A Point of View, by Anilos
hoe-0630.txt 1983
hoe-0631.txt 1089
RFC-976, by AIDS
hoe-0632.txt 6241
Just a Prediction.., by Anjee
hoe-0633.txt 4716
I Suck, Part 2, by Phairgirl
hoe-0634.txt 2082
About Nothing, by Reflecks
hoe-0635.txt 6770
Janet Reno Does Washington, by Lapse
hoe-0636.txt 2769
Yeah, by AnonGirl
hoe-0637.txt 8113
Memories Fuck Up My Shit, by Quarex
hoe-0638.txt 2824
The Adventures of Princess Red, Part 1, by Aster
hoe-0639.txt 3082
I Forgot What I Was Going to Write About..., by Phairgirl
hoe-0640.txt 3754
Kreid's 315,601st Textfile, by Kreid
hoe-0641.txt 18642
Gnosis, Second Installment, by Kreid
hoe-0642.txt 8250
hoe-0643.txt 3460
Ten Reasons Why I am Single, by Juliet
hoe-0644.txt 2838
Seemingly Random, by RottenZ
hoe-0645.txt 2178
Judge Not, by Jubjub
hoe-0646.txt 77498
hoe-0647.txt 3309
dream you., by The Jester
hoe-0648.txt 6635
Yellow Monster, by Rhea
hoe-0649.txt 753
The Adventures of Princess Red, Part 2, by Aster
hoe-0650.txt 3641
Free Association, by Tasha
hoe-0651.txt 5619
The Ill-begotten, Psuedo-ethics of Semi-janitorial Work, by Hypomonk
hoe-0652.txt 10480
A Plane Ticket For Yuri, by Trilobyte
hoe-0653.txt 2671
The Sea Witch, aka The Seventh Son of Seventh Son, by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0654.txt 3041
Ode to My High School Friends, by Effy
hoe-0655.txt 5394
Ask Clyde"-- Clyde
hoe-0656.txt 4084
The Effects of Alcohol and Drugs on Driving Ability, by Jubjub
hoe-0657.txt 6093
Sexual Evolution, by Anilos
hoe-0658.txt 12138
hoe-0659.txt 3857
Trendy, Are We?, by Unrelated
hoe-0660.txt 2877
God Spake, by Kreid
hoe-0661.txt 3725
An Open Letter To HOE, by AIDS
hoe-0662.txt 5926
The Death Of Mogel, by Oregano
hoe-0663.txt 6096
Retards Look Like Sea Cows, by Effy
hoe-0664.txt 6200
Phairguy?, by Phairgirl
hoe-0665.txt 3274
hoe-0666.txt 3915
Fifty-Nine Different Ways To Say Vagina, by Styx
hoe-0667.txt 3070
I've Never Met Elmo, by Reflecks
hoe-0668.txt 7660
The Only Time I Got Action, by XxX_Droo7
hoe-0669.txt 2841
When I Grow Up, I Want To Write For HOE, by Juliet
hoe-0670.txt 4153
I Tricked Some Fat Kid Today, by RottenZ
hoe-0671.txt 4020
Story of the Lost Cluster, by Anjee
hoe-0672.txt 2509
Growing Up Sucks, by Jamezz
hoe-0673.txt 5253
History Assignment, by Tasha
hoe-0674.txt 2192
The Hog, by Shoe
hoe-0675.txt 5337
Those Darn V-1 Rockets, by AnonGirl
hoe-0676.txt 3547
Oh Boo Hoo! Poor Me!, by RottenZ
hoe-0677.txt 3295
Drink The Pepsi, Luke, by Jammer 427
hoe-0678.txt 2395
I Step In Shit and Sleep On The Floor, by RMW
hoe-0679.txt 9164
I Don't Shoot Heroin, by Caitlin
hoe-0680.txt 3826
A Real Fun Test! Yes!, by Reflecks
hoe-0681.txt 5168
Ginny Innygunk, by Effy
hoe-0682.txt 2707
My Chat Logs Get Results, Dammit, by Mr A Jim
hoe-0683.txt 4563
Russian Women Through The Ages, by Jook
hoe-0684.txt 13010
The Voice Of My Conscience, by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0685.txt 9767
What Time Is It?, by Issac
hoe-0686.txt 4502
The Importance Of Friendship, by Angel Dust
hoe-0687.txt 10625
A Complete Repudiation, by AIDS
hoe-0688.txt 3956
Manuel's Good Night, by Trilobyte
hoe-0689.txt 7509
A Black Snake in the Spring, by Rhea
hoe-0690.txt 22670
Superhero Origins, by Uberfizzgig
hoe-0691.txt 47757
hoe-0692.txt 5793
The Trenchcoat Mafia and Me, by Neko
hoe-0693.txt 5146
I Love A Charade, by Grlfrmars
hoe-0694.txt 4016
Dubuque, by Big Daddy Bill
hoe-0695.txt 8460
A Tourist Guide to Dubuque, Iowa, by Phairgirl
hoe-0696.txt 30404
One and The Same, by Vlaad
hoe-0697.txt 3961
I Know You're A Girl And All, But..., by AnonGirl
hoe-0698.txt 2990
If It's Bikini Kill, It Must Be Friday, by Shana
hoe-0699.txt 15562
Noppa Gets Us Laid: An Exploration in Stupidity, by Various Artists
hoe-0700.txt 8364
hoe-0701.txt 2936
Secret Coordinate, by Isaac
hoe-0702.txt 10531
My Russian Past Life, by Cyn
hoe-0703.txt 4915
The Biggest, Largest, Most Exciting Heist... (Part One), by Nybar
hoe-0704.txt 3496
walden's life story., by The Jester
hoe-0705.txt 3626
Uno International, by Rhea & OzAdrian
hoe-0706.txt 3574
Teenagers, Nazis, and the French, by Big Daddy Bill
hoe-0707.txt 1179
hoe-0708.txt 5404
Bittersweet Memories of Childhood, by Lapse
hoe-0709.txt 2016
Computer's Internet, by Interjen
hoe-0710.txt 2739
The Death of IM2K, by AIDS
hoe-0711.txt 8688
The #2600 Experience, Featuring SkYFLuXX, by Cstone
hoe-0712.txt 3122
Dr. Seuss, What A Pervert!, by Six
hoe-0713.txt 1963
Onion Rings Get No Respect!, by Clyde
hoe-0714.txt 4157
fuckingbugs.com, by Effy
hoe-0715.txt 1570
Less Is More, Whatever!, by Kernel Bob
hoe-0716.txt 5200
I Think Your Problems Are Very Trite., by LilNilHil
hoe-0717.txt 2282
Struck A Chord, by Mr A Jim
hoe-0718.txt 12216
Change Isn't Always Good, by Anilos
hoe-0719.txt 23582
InfoSeek Says I'm Balding, by Phairgirl
hoe-0720.txt 7947
The Final Class Project, by Oregano
hoe-0721.txt 7838
Spies, Restaurants, and Laura's Mercedes, by Big Daddy Bill
hoe-0722.txt 5248
hoe-0723.txt 5614
Chapter 2: The Gathering Storm, by Nybar
hoe-0724.txt 5465
My Two Lives, by Six
hoe-0725.txt 3839
Her Russian Life (The True One), by Mr A Jim
hoe-0726.txt 3424
Hitch-hiker Buddy, by JAMMER427
hoe-0727.txt 3049
Long Night, No Sleep Part 679, by Neko
hoe-0728.txt 2141
POKLIKLI, by Aster
hoe-0729.txt 4444
Meaningless, by Mutter
hoe-0730.txt 11528
I Am So Sexy, by Phairgirl
hoe-0731.txt 1727
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, by HOE E'ZINE
hoe-0732.txt 2933
Suzie, by Isaac
hoe-0733.txt 5987
Gramma McKee's Special Penis Advice, by McBoo
hoe-0734.txt 3177
Getting All Towed-Up, by Big Daddy Bill
hoe-0735.txt 2941
Oh, Sweet Love and Pain, by Laja Ajna
hoe-0736.txt 5375
Chapter 3: The Wrath Of Gods, by Nybar
hoe-0737.txt 8126
Ask Clyde, The Second Coming, by Clyde
hoe-0738.txt 3679
Propaganda, by M4D 3LF
hoe-0739.txt 3739
If Lish Were More Like Smoove B, by Crank
hoe-0740.txt 5485
Flamingd24, by Neko
hoe-0741.txt 4862
Chapter 4: Nybar's Dilemma, by Nybar
hoe-0742.txt 4571
The Lesser Creatures (and World Domination), by Paganini
hoe-0743.txt 7232
The Head Game That Went Bad And Turned Out Better, by XxX_Droo7
hoe-0744.txt 3233
Booth 53, by Etienne
hoe-0745.txt 4153
To Steve, by Phairgirl
hoe-0746.txt 2952
What About Mine?, by Viledandy
hoe-0747.txt 4546
The World I Live In, by Hort
hoe-0748.txt 2520
Foreign Animals Talk Funny, by Six
hoe-0749.txt 2058
Mary, by Aster
hoe-0750.txt 95835
True Stories from IThinkICon, by Various Artists
hoe-0751.txt 5963
A Love Letter To GrlFrMars, Part Two, by AIDS
hoe-0752.txt 2142
Clouds, Picnics, and Colors, by Mogel
hoe-0753.txt 1846
Clouds, Picnics, and Colors, by Aster
hoe-0754.txt 13440
My Babble File, by Hooker's Ghost
hoe-0755.txt 4623
Duck Hunt, by Fake Scorpion
hoe-0756.txt 3229
Chapter Five: Rememberances Of A Mogel, by Nybar
hoe-0757.txt 3659
It's Not The School's Fault, by Big Daddy Bill
hoe-0758.txt 1728
BREATHE OUT. NOW, by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0759.txt 3715
Some Really Easy Ways To Get Free Sex, by Oscar Meyer Wilde III
hoe-0760.txt 3158
ITIC Review Came Too Late, by Seaya
hoe-0761.txt 3564
The Box!, by Devon
hoe-0762.txt 1727
The, by Aster
hoe-0763.txt 8905
Attack of the Mad Cow, by Effy
hoe-0764.txt 4043
Something Stupid, by iNSaNE_GuRL
hoe-0765.txt 1709
Bored & Old, by Neko
hoe-0766.txt 2788
I'm Amazingly Horny Right Now, by Oscar Meyer Wilde III
hoe-0767.txt 5306
MIX IT UP!, by GrlFrMars
hoe-0768.txt 6095
Digestion Awesome Do About, by Mr_A_Jim
hoe-0769.txt 5571
Part Six: Rumble At The River, by Nybar
hoe-0770.txt 4818
Grade 8 Memory, In One Act, by AnonGirl
hoe-0771.txt 3627
HOE Fan Mail, by Jessica
hoe-0772.txt 3791
Moving Picture, by Mogel
hoe-0773.txt 2106
Kid Cuisine Memories, by The Golden Boognish
hoe-0774.txt 1828
Cookie Land, by Aster & Caitlin
hoe-0775.txt 2515
I'm One BADASS Hacker, by Six
hoe-0776.txt 6053
Part 7: The NATURE of the Heist, by Nybar
hoe-0777.txt 4575
May and the Past, by Viledandy
hoe-0778.txt 5430
Journal Spewings, by GrlFrMars
hoe-0779.txt 4316
Reason Number 92347 Why Never To Drive A Thousand..." -- Phairgirl
hoe-0780.txt 760
Important Reminder, by Y-WiNDoZE
hoe-0781.txt 5385
The Best Thing Since Plato's Academy, by AIDS
hoe-0782.txt 2672
HuNNiE's HoT spOt, by Laja Ajna
hoe-0783.txt 2417
Gavin and Nigel=Masterminds, by The Golden Boognish
hoe-0784.txt 6346
Part 8: The TRUE Nature of the Heist, by Nybar
hoe-0785.txt 3351
I Already Know What My Illegitimate Child Will be..., by Jammer 427
hoe-0786.txt 873
My Trip To Wayne, by JubJub
hoe-0787.txt 1992
My Philosophical Quest For True..., by Oscar Meyer Wilde III
hoe-0788.txt 6804
Little Johnny Does A Heist, by Big Daddy Bill
hoe-0789.txt 10167
A Hoe File, by Tasha
hoe-0790.txt 5916
I Don't Have Big Hair, Dammit, by Six
hoe-0791.txt 8289
Hoe Dream, by AnonGirl & Miasma
hoe-0792.txt 5019
I'm Going To Brush My Tooth, I Mean It This..., by Cannibal Butterfly
hoe-0793.txt 5877
Hill Picnic, by Trilobyte
hoe-0794.txt 13354
The Animix Project, by Dennis Courtney & Basehead
hoe-0795.txt 8177
The Peoria Beer Project, by Neko
hoe-0796.txt 13095
hoe-0797.txt 4759
The Wise, Old Flower (Part 1), by Mogel & Aster
hoe-0798.txt 4506
Part 9--2 Stories, Part 1, by Nybar
hoe-0799.txt 104677
The Advice Letter Project, by The HOE Staff
hoe-0800.txt 18803
The Golden Unmutak's Inception, by TanAdept
hoe-0801.txt 8936
Daddy's Grammar Princess Goes Down The Drain, by Cannibal Butterfly
hoe-0802.txt 10421
Wiggle Worms, by Nettle
hoe-0803.txt 2065
The Random Thoughts of a Confused Druggie, by Angeldust
hoe-0804.txt 11486
The Idiot Game, by Mogel & Nybar
hoe-0805.txt 4914
Quotes, by Unrelated
hoe-0806.txt 4620
Myself, I Never Knew, by Crack Genie
hoe-0807.txt 7413
A Lost Highway, by Gideon
hoe-0808.txt 11784
The Five Worst Songs of ALL TIME, by Phairgirl
hoe-0809.txt 1799
Life Is What You Make It, by Sue
hoe-0810.txt 1696
Proton Packs, by The Golden Boognish
hoe-0811.txt 5217
Cows, by Effy
hoe-0812.txt 2608
The World Of Fact! The World Of Fiction!, by Jame
hoe-0813.txt 2515
Mr. Orange Gleason's Trip To the Fair, by JAMMER427
hoe-0814.txt 6442
The Wise, Old Flower (Part 2), by Mogel & Aster
hoe-0815.txt 992
Semuta, by Isaac
hoe-0816.txt 7846
Letters, by Six
hoe-0817.txt 2429
I Wasted 2 Hours Reading Early cDc..., by Oscar Meyer Wilde III
hoe-0818.txt 6273
Data's Decision and the Decadence of the Modern..., by Rhea
hoe-0819.txt 1909
Zebra II, by The Golden Boognish
hoe-0820.txt 9828
Uber-Mogel, by Seaya & Nybar
hoe-0821.txt 1136
Flamingd24 Part 2, by Neko
hoe-0822.txt 9947
The Most/Least Fuckable Cartoon Characters, by Hardcore
hoe-0823.txt 7580
The Second Time I Got Action? Pfft. The 8000th Time..., by XxX_Droo7
hoe-0824.txt 4101
The Ballad Of Teletype, by AIDS
hoe-0825.txt 1626
Kids, by Mike Lake
hoe-0826.txt 5776
Everything Reminds Me Of Cheese, by Effy
hoe-0827.txt 6940
Dissin' Miasma, by AIDS
hoe-0828.txt 3008
Cousin Fuckers, by The Golden Boognish
hoe-0829.txt 2197
Pornographic Midget Tossing - PAP SMEAR 3:16, by Six
hoe-0830.txt 4559
Switching Gears, by Oregano
hoe-0831.txt 4838
Modern Ascii, by Mogel
hoe-0832.txt 4047
A Short Lesson In Applied Calculus, by Ior
hoe-0833.txt 4035
Big Daddy Bill's Official Press Release, by Big Daddy Bill
hoe-0834.txt 1556
Pin, by Aster
hoe-0835.txt 3188
NO FUCKING MORE, by Angeldust
hoe-0836.txt 7368
The Attic, by Rhea
hoe-0837.txt 4889
AnonGirl's Academic Career, by AnonGirl's Teachers
hoe-0838.txt 6121
I Do Not Actually Hate Women, But I Will Pretend To, by Quarex
hoe-0839.txt 6080
hoe-0840.txt 783
This Text File Will Seriously Change..., by Oscar Meyer Wilde III
hoe-0841.txt 3130
Chapter 1: Cobra Triangle, by Neko
hoe-0842.txt 3231
Hacking a Nine Volt, by Reflecks
hoe-0843.txt 9186
To Angeldust, by JubJub
hoe-0844.txt 4333
Britney's Breasts Are Real, by Trilobyte
hoe-0845.txt 2019
Dear, by Phairgirl
hoe-0846.txt 7457
Monkeys and Midgets, by LAWS
hoe-0847.txt 3572
A Famous Saying, by The Golden Boognish
hoe-0848.txt 3980
Not An Addict, by Draykonis
hoe-0849.txt 13972
Pixie Dust, by Ugliness Man
hoe-0850.txt 6314
hoe-0851.txt 1300
El Pulpo Esta Escritando con Ocho Boligrafos, by Uberfizzgig
hoe-0852.txt 5746
A Year In The Making Of A Waiting World, by Basehead
hoe-0853.txt 1322
Ode to Aster, by Caitlin
hoe-0854.txt 4364
Blush, by Rhea
hoe-0855.txt 1610
Yesterday, by Aster
hoe-0856.txt 15138
The Insanity Of A God, by Nybar
hoe-0857.txt 3224
I Secretly Love Quarex, by Clyde
hoe-0858.txt 2808
The No Fuck Day: An Exercise In Futility, by Teerts & Woodstok
hoe-0859.txt 4235
Out To Lunch, by Phairgirl
hoe-0860.txt 2577
A Testament of Attitude, by Big Daddy Bill
hoe-0861.txt 19651
Head Off, by Kreid
hoe-0862.txt 3406
3 Times The Recommended Dose of NyQuil, by Six
hoe-0863.txt 2388
There Is No Hope, by Kyra
hoe-0864.txt 2469
Mr. Frog Is Happy, by Reflecks
hoe-0865.txt 79325
Warez, by Trilobyte
hoe-0866.txt 1394
hoe-0867.txt 6171
How To Properly Judge Music: A Rebuttal To Phairgirl, by Quarex
hoe-0868.txt 1509
To JubJub, by Angeldust
hoe-0869.txt 9218
A Pointless Story Which Protests Other..., by Tasha & Nybar
hoe-0870.txt 1979
Please Just Leave Me Alone And Let Me Go Insane, by Hermy
hoe-0871.txt 5142
the death of ibbs.com, by The Jester
hoe-0872.txt 1582
I Am Going To Fucking Kill Myself, by Quarex
hoe-0873.txt 5545
Calling Out Names!, by Nybar
hoe-0874.txt 3881
An Old Dog, Buried At Sea, by Basehead
hoe-0875.txt 2490
I'm Mad About Style And Saffron, Because It's So..., by Jammer427
hoe-0876.txt 5997
Memo To Phairgirl, by AIDS
hoe-0877.txt 1409
AltRocks' Mournful Love Serenade6, by AltRocks
hoe-0878.txt 3229
Info Commercials Are The Devil, by Cannibal Butterfly
hoe-0879.txt 8027
This Obsession, by Phairgirl
hoe-0880.txt 6377
Maining Trip, by Oregano
hoe-0881.txt 4921
Stabbed, by Big Daddy Bill
hoe-0882.txt 3545
hoe-0883.txt 2626
I Am Laughing At You: An Angsty Rant, by Anjee
hoe-0884.txt 4647
The New Clique, by Ugliness Man
hoe-0885.txt 2015
I Am Becoming A Teenybopper, Please Shoot Me Now, by Hermy
hoe-0886.txt 5728
The Quarex Commandments, by Quarex
hoe-0887.txt 4592
A Night With Mathley, by Effy
hoe-0888.txt 6849
Blah Blah De Fucking Blah, by Phairgirl
hoe-0889.txt 4544
The Scooby Doo Conspiracy, by Hypomonk
hoe-0890.txt 6551
Clyde Teaches You Assholes A Lesson, by Clyde
hoe-0891.txt 4931
Post-Erotic Madness Exemplified, Part 3, by Nybar
hoe-0892.txt 17714
Ralph, by Hort
hoe-0893.txt 1964
NIN: The Fragile, by Unrelated
hoe-0894.txt 1959
Your Decision, by Anodyne
hoe-0895.txt 3385
How Many People Understand Quantum Physics Anyway?, by Six
hoe-0896.txt 2015
Really Bad HOE Article, by Metalchic
hoe-0897.txt 2588
Milk And Cookies. A Book., by Reflecks
hoe-0898.txt 5208
Pumpcon Awards, by Slawz
hoe-0899.txt 4251
A Love Letter to AIDS, by Phairgirl
hoe-0900.txt 7027
HOE 900, by Tasha
hoe-0901.txt 20638
hoe-0902.txt 7361
Precursor, by Caitlin
hoe-0903.txt 3671
Bread: Some Shocking Facts, by Angeldust
hoe-0904.txt 3298
An Absolute Proof of the Existence of Cause an Effect, by Kreid
hoe-0905.txt 3530
Life, by Lil' Taz
hoe-0906.txt 4883
The Biography of Clippit, by Mogel
hoe-0907.txt 4947
Meditations On a Schoolgirl Crush, by Rhea
hoe-0908.txt 10041
The Random Nybarius Internet Compendium, Vol I, by Nybar
hoe-0909.txt 1919
The Legend of The Blue Ring, by Aster
hoe-0910.txt 14166
Champaign Revisited, by Oregano
hoe-0911.txt 3500
October Rust And Why My Life Sux, by Misfit
hoe-0912.txt 2116
Response to Phairgirl's Love Letter, by AIDS
hoe-0913.txt 3137
Bullshit, by Trimmerhead
hoe-0914.txt 6897
IRC Freestyling Session #1, by Nybar
hoe-0915.txt 4161
Las Vegas, by Unrelated
hoe-0916.txt 5481
Activated Charcoal, by Tocoblock
hoe-0917.txt 5182
Two Large Mochas and a Slice of Tiramisu, by Meeyoww
hoe-0918.txt 2664
Headache Induced Thoughts, by LatinMan
hoe-0919.txt 4177
The Hardknock Life of a Teen on IRC, by Que
hoe-0920.txt 3854
Girls Kick Ass, Mine Anyways, by Weirdfreak
hoe-0921.txt 5536
Interlaced Space, by Mogel
hoe-0922.txt 3031
Mogor University, by Styx
hoe-0923.txt 7555
A Simply Pink Dress, and Other Things, by Rhea
hoe-0924.txt 2970
There Had To Be A Computer Game For The '90s, by Eerie
hoe-0925.txt 17496
400 Lyrical Blows--A Survey of Undergroundhiphop.Com, by Nybar
hoe-0926.txt 4775
Q-tips Are Preventing Human Evolution!, by Clyde
hoe-0927.txt 2200
Winter, by Neko
hoe-0928.txt 4966
Teledruggies, by Trimmerhead
hoe-0929.txt 4175
Won't You Be My Shitty-Ass Neighbor?, by Basehead
hoe-0930.txt 8261
Freudian Epiphany, by Meenk
hoe-0931.txt 3562
If I Could Have Lunch With Any Famous Person..., by Ashtray Heart
hoe-0932.txt 3640
Being True to Yourself, by LatinMan
hoe-0933.txt 6905
On... Track, by Phairgirl
hoe-0934.txt 3097
What The Fuck, by Trimmerhead
hoe-0935.txt 69092
The HOE c0de Issue, by Various Artists
hoe-0936.txt 5441
Revival In My Panties!, by Cannibal Butterfly
hoe-0937.txt 1694
Unwanted Knowledge, by Angeldust
hoe-0938.txt 4837
Fuckin' Babies, by Caitlin
hoe-0939.txt 10344
Choosing Where To Sit In Class, by Mogel
hoe-0940.txt 148276
Re-Writing HOE Rejects, by Various Artists
hoe-0941.txt 1757
JrzDevil Angrily Mistakes Quarex for a Woman, by Quarex
hoe-0942.txt 4741
The Facts About HOE #937, by Nyarlathotep
hoe-0943.txt 7303
A Discussion with Swiss Pope, by Big Daddy Bill
hoe-0944.txt 5632
The Chapstick Chapter of My Life, by Jane & Metalchic
hoe-0945.txt 3087
Why Bother?, by Cyn
hoe-0946.txt 5274
Alan Ginsberg and The Shawshank Redemption, by Six
hoe-0947.txt 3902
Math, by Rhea
hoe-0948.txt 3834
Spot's Big Adventure, by Captain Bovine
hoe-0949.txt 6822
Great, Now I'm A Dirt Hippie, by Phairgirl
hoe-0950.txt 5070
Fucked With Being Fucked: The HOE Manifesto, by Black*Ruined
hoe-0951.txt 7533
The Thingieness of Things, by Mogel
hoe-0952.txt 7490
hoe-0953.txt 8095
Frequently Asked Questions, by Mogel
hoe-0954.txt 11700
The KITTY TEASE Owner's Manual, by AIDS
hoe-0955.txt 7344
New Jersey Is Out Of Control And Must Be Destroyed, by Mogel
hoe-0956.txt 5948
What I Know About Syd Barrett, by AIDS
hoe-0957.txt 5468
My Special Journey, by Mogel
hoe-0958.txt 6223
Transformers Fan Fiction #1, by AIDS
hoe-0959.txt 6038
The Advantages of Actually Listening to People, by Mogel
hoe-0960.txt 14266
hoe-0961.txt 1909
What Is Really Wrong With The World, by Spare
hoe-0962.txt 3437
J Paws and the Sad, by Uberfizzgig
hoe-0963.txt 5861
Large Bowl of Cereal with a Side Order of Morals, by LatinMan
hoe-0964.txt 4156
Cop Out, by Que
hoe-0965.txt 4450
My Long-term Dependency, by Big Daddy Bill
hoe-0966.txt 3275
Ballard of Kelly, by Isaac
hoe-0967.txt 2861
Go Figure., by Trimmerhead
hoe-0968.txt 4116
A Model Citizen's Viewpoint, by Basehead
hoe-0969.txt 9497
An Open Letter To Anyone I've Ever Known, by Phairgirl
hoe-0970.txt 3021
Beans and Franks, by Cannibal Butterfly
hoe-0971.txt 3683
Coming Attractions, by Mr A Jim
hoe-0972.txt 3719
I Hate H0e, by Slawz
hoe-0973.txt 16527
A Cipher, by Nybar & Basehead
hoe-0974.txt 6879
A Day in the Life of LeetNLow, by Meeyoww
hoe-0975.txt 2756
Your Call Is Important To Us, by The Prophet
hoe-0976.txt 2168
hoe-0977.txt 2254
I Am So Excited To Write This, by Kreid
hoe-0978.txt 5957
Falling Down Falling, by RottenZ
hoe-0979.txt 27994
I Am Not, by Six
hoe-0980.txt 3616
I've Got No Strings, by Cannibal Butterfly
hoe-0981.txt 4959
Bah, by Meeyoww
hoe-0982.txt 14186
I Need A Peck In The Head From A Bird That Is Dead, by Phairgirl
hoe-0983.txt 9539
Parallax, by Mr A Jim
hoe-0984.txt 4980
hoe-0985.txt 5252
A Different Kind of Man, by Anodyne
hoe-0986.txt 6352
Leaving The Girl, by Basehead
hoe-0987.txt 2886
See Rehajbnahk Stride, by Kreid
hoe-0988.txt 3467
Public Transportation Revisited, by AnonGirl
hoe-0989.txt 1911
hoe-0990.txt 5002
Things Better Left Unsaid, by Zaff
hoe-0991.txt 4499
Open Letter To Gotahoe.com!, by Clyde
hoe-0992.txt 6141
Stalker Chicks of the 1960s, by AnonGirl
hoe-0993.txt 2956
And Thus She Survives, by Anodyne
hoe-0994.txt 3018
Everything, Simplified, by Miasma
hoe-0995.txt 4940
M&M Conspiracy Theory, by JoJo, The Indian Circus Boy
hoe-0996.txt 3788
Running Again, by Mutter
hoe-0997.txt 7914
Why 2K? A Misanthropic Editorial, by Meenk
hoe-0998.txt 34565
The Penultimate Lamentation, by Quarex
hoe-0999.txt 113691
hoe-1000.txt 164086
The Return of Warez, by Various Artists
hoe-1001.txt 20513
Changing Gears, by Mogel, Meenk, & AIDS
hoe-1002.txt 4819
Red, by Rhea
hoe-1003.txt 7553
Christmas in Alabama, by Christopher Crowe
hoe-1004.txt 8400
Flight To Freedom, by Oregano
hoe-1005.txt 3830
Song Lyrics, by Kreid
hoe-1006.txt 9126
An Interview with Bad Kitty, by Caitlin
hoe-1007.txt 11919
Ask Clyde, Version 4.0!, by Clyde
hoe-1008.txt 3916
The Craft, by Anodyne
hoe-1009.txt 1564
Morals, by Aster
hoe-1010.txt 3786
HOE #1010: Loves Part II by Trilobyte (January 22, 2000)
hoe-1011.txt 4703
How To Make An Atomic Bomb" by AltRocketz
hoe-1012.txt 9049
Oldschool Christmas Anarchy" by Sir Oregano The Hacker
hoe-1013.txt 5605
Break, Smash, Destroy" by The Shadowy Unrelated Night Stalker
hoe-1014.txt 5439
hoe-1015.txt 7494
Batch Phile Anarchy" by Bothersome Basehead
hoe-1016.txt 5779
How To Get Back At Your Rivals" by Nybarius, Lethal Ninja
hoe-1017.txt 5109
Anarchy: A Submissive's Nightmare" by Meenk
hoe-1018.txt 6708
Phun with Shit" by Da Master Mogel
hoe-1019.txt 2972
Motion" by Obscure Images
hoe-1020.txt 4891
hoe-1021.txt 1474
The Darkest Place in the Largness of the Huge Great Big..., by Aster
hoe-1022.txt 4835
True Love, by Kreid
hoe-1023.txt 4292
This Is Not, by Anodyne
hoe-1024.txt 8647
hoe-1025.txt 5091
We'll Always Have Paris, by Rhea
hoe-1026.txt 2534
MY FURST COLORING (in) book, by Lexus Prime
hoe-1027.txt 5023
Fam ly V lue, by Anodyne
hoe-1028.txt 13551
Lucid Dreaming is Hard, by Mr A Jim
hoe-1029.txt 2903
Old Crow, by Kreid
hoe-1030.txt 4415
Me And My Monkey, by Me...
hoe-1031.txt 38014
The Official Kraft Scene Sexchart, by Kraft
hoe-1032.txt 5256
Hej Då!, by AnonGirl
hoe-1033.txt 12767
Ralph: Chapter 2, by Hort
hoe-1034.txt 4938
Fish; And The Near Imminent Death of The Fourth One, by Liberty
hoe-1035.txt 5656
Poor Andrew, by Anodyne
hoe-1036.txt 4579
hoe-1037.txt 2589
Trip Talk, by Unrelated
hoe-1038.txt 5212
One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest Part II, by LatinMan
hoe-1039.txt 5809
Dead Alive, by The Extremist
hoe-1040.txt 6884
Thanatos, by Meenk
hoe-1041.txt 5035
SUM SHIT #1, by Kaotik
hoe-1042.txt 5035
SUM SHIT #1, by Kaotik
hoe-1043.txt 5035
SUM SHIT #1, by Kaotik
hoe-1044.txt 5035
SUM SHIT #1, by Kaotik
hoe-1045.txt 5035
SUM SHIT #1, by Kaotik
hoe-1046.txt 25130
Another Profitable Life Experience, by Kreid
hoe-1047.txt 2441
Flamers Fight with Force, by pl0nk
hoe-1048.txt 6616
Sodomy and Macrame: A Dynamic Duo, by Krnl
hoe-1049.txt 4209
hoe-1050.txt 99519
Big Bad #1, by Various Artists
hoe-1051.txt 775
HOE #1051: Humble Request by Y-Windoze (April 7, 2000)
hoe-1052.txt 2518
HOE #1052: Grandma's House by Kreid (April 7, 2000)
hoe-1053.txt 5475
HOE #1053: Everything I Need to Know, I Learned Playing Solitaire by Ari McKee (April 7, 2000)
hoe-1054.txt 4435
HOE #1054: Dawson's Creek 2005: The Director's Cut by pl0nk (April 7, 2000)
hoe-1055.txt 6035
LatinMan's Guide to Getting Chickas, by LatinMan (Aptil 7, 2000)
hoe-1056.txt 4977
A Tale of Two Shitheads, by Caitlin (April 7, 2000)
hoe-1057.txt 1202
Filk Fun #1 by DECwolf (April 7, 2000)
hoe-1058.txt 3036
Hehehe y sk8rs r cute, by Ninr0x (April 7, 2000)
hoe-1059.txt 8567
Don't Step on Stumpy, by Puce (April 7, 2000)
hoe-1060.txt 6573
Strike the Surface, by Jam Master (April 7, 2000)
hoe-1061.txt 10451
Joey The Teenage Menstrual Blood Vampire by Insert Wu Name Here (April 18, 2000)
hoe-1062.txt 10372
Bloody Rag, by Kreid (April 18, 2000)
hoe-1063.txt 4013
Fetch the Bone, by Meenk (April 18, 2000)
hoe-1064.txt 5981
Camp Chronicles, Vol. 1 by LatinMan (April 18, 2000)
hoe-1065.txt 59222
A Story About A Boy And His Dog by Krnl (April 18, 2000)
hoe-1066.txt 887
About Bitches, by Y-WiNDoZE (May 1, 2000)
hoe-1067.txt 5859
How to Become a Media Whore in Less Than 24 Hours by tamd (May 1, 2000)
hoe-1068.txt 1254
Emily Bleached Her Hair by Kreid (May 1, 2000)
hoe-1069.txt 3425
Frank E. Lee's Guide to ANSI CODES with THE JEDI MIND FORCE by Frank E. Lee (May 1, 2000)
hoe-1070.txt 15145
History and Dem Black Boots by Rhea (May 1, 2000)
hoe-1076.txt 6451
Dynamo Warez, by Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (May 15, 2000)
hoe-1077.txt 6851
The Day They Shot Big Spender by Dinkee (May 15, 2000)
hoe-1078.txt 11773
My Alligator Dancing Shoes by Rhea (May 15, 2000)
hoe-1079.txt 6705
The Story of The Alice and The Needle by Caitlin (May 15, 2000)
hoe-1080.txt 9099
The Island by Kreid (May 15, 2000)
hoe-1081.txt 5380
MY BACK PAGES by AIDS (May 21, 2000)
hoe-1082.txt 7546
Mavis Beacon Teaches Cybersex by Tamd (May 21, 2000)
hoe-1083.txt 4714
Planting Trees for Tony Danza by Ninja Sloth (May 21, 2000)
hoe-1084.txt 2238
No More Sunshine, by Aster (May 21, 2000)
hoe-1085.txt 3069
This Story is Completely Retarded by Kreid (May 21, 2000)
hoe-1086.txt 2889
True Love, by Kreid (June 7, 2000)
hoe-1087.txt 3779
hoe-1088.txt 8203
The Nature of The Male by Effy
hoe-1089.txt 7900
The White Male Speaks by Nybar
hoe-1090.txt 4395
Tweet-tweet The Sparrow by Trilobyte
hoe-1091.txt 15655
Male Nature: A Rebuttal by Quarex
hoe-1092.txt 3383
The Outcome of A Sperm Donation by Kaia
hoe-1093.txt 6118
Am I Better Than This? by Dagolith
hoe-1094.txt 6995
Going To Hell In An Easter Basket by Justin Parisi
hoe-1095.txt 10226
A Few Journal Entries by Mr A Jim
hoe-1096.txt 4068
Save A Lot, Roland by Trilobyte
hoe-1097.txt 4048
An Open Letter To Clayton Fraser by Soybean
hoe-1098.txt 8432
This Story Doesn't Matter by Effy
hoe-1099.txt 6296
hoe-1100.txt 100559
Big Bad #2 by Various Artists
hoe-1101.txt 12549
The First Time by Quarex
hoe-1102.txt 3148
Recollection by Phairgirl
hoe-1103.txt 3964
What Kids Do by pl0nk
hoe-1104.txt 1727
Ahee-hee! by Isaac
hoe-1105.txt 3444
I Fucking Suck by Hardcore
hoe-1106.txt 7753
The Nurse by Kreid
hoe-1107.txt 15248
The History of Aethelwulf's Utopia by Quarex
hoe-1108.txt 12788
Wednesday, July 28th, 2000 by Noppa Lea Henderson
hoe-1109.txt 385383
Thank You, and Goodbye, Roseanne by Anonymous
hoe-1110.txt 600127
Big Bad #3 by Various Aritsts
hoe-1111.txt 1091
The Final Issue by Jubjub (December 25, 2000)
hoe-index.txt 27569
Index File for the HoE #91-#660 (Source for those entries in this directory)
hoe-index2.txt 45977
An Index of the "New" HOE Issues by Hoe (HOE Issues #91 - #1050)

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