Electronic Magazines: KULTCHA

Kerry Wendell Thornley's KULTCHA magazine is a series of not-so-well-thought-out essays covering a series of subjects, supposedly centered around the idea of culture. In fact, it appears to be either rants about the RSVP Party (a group of Thornley's own choosing) or weird conspiracy theories about things that are not that high enough on the radar to refute.

Description of the Textfile
kultcha01.txt 2227
KULTCHA: The Issue of Kultcha and the Cultural issue (1986)
kultcha02.txt 3324
KULTCHA: A Quote from Kerry Wendell Thornley (1986)
kultcha03.txt 2779
KULTCHA: Goundism: The Significance of Stressing the Insignificant
kultcha04.txt 3410
KULTCHA: The Unflagging Anarchist Activity Handbook
kultcha05.txt 2221
KULTCHA: Division and Conquest
kultcha06.txt 3258
KULTCHA: The Unflagging Anarchist Activity Handbook part 2
kultcha07.txt 2284
KULTCHA: Stairway to Hell
kultcha08.txt 3079
KULTCHA: Why Your Manipulators Want You To Discuss Culture
kultcha09.txt 2630
KULTCHA: The Paranoia
kultcha10.txt 3140
KULTCHA: Who is this Brother In law You Keep Raving and Ranting About?
kultcha11.txt 4356
kultcha12.txt 2613
KULTCHA: The Evil of Landlords
kultcha13.txt 3118
KULTCHA: Adventures of a Anarcho Surreal Vandal
kultcha14.txt 3261
KULTCHA: Who Are These Nazi's You're Always Ranting and Raving About?
kultcha15.txt 3747
KULTCHA: How to Isolate a War Crimes Conspiracy Witness
kultcha16.txt 3220
KULTCHA: A Speculative Interview with Dulles and Woff
kultcha17.txt 3009
KULTCHA: The Claim of the State Socialists
kultcha18.txt 2181
KULTCHA: About Africa (1986)
kultcha19.txt 3282
KULTCHA: The Roots of Revolutionary Vandalism
kultcha20.txt 3481
KULTCHA: Part Two of The Roots of Revolutionary Vandalism
kultcha21.txt 1692
KULTCHA: How to Become a Card-Carrying Member of the Revolutionary Surrealist Vandal party
kultcha22.txt 3885
KULTCHA: Fscist Nightmare Comics
kultcha23.txt 3468
KULTCHA: Who should Live or Die
kultcha24.txt 2442
KULTCHA: The SNAFU Principle
kultcha25.txt 426
kultcha26.txt 3653
KULTCHA: Unearth the Lost Knowledge! Real Estate Terminology Review
kultcha27.txt 472
KULTCHA: Now there is No Bird
kultcha28.txt 3867
KULTCHA: The Crank Call About the Fascists
kultcha29.txt 3151
KULTCHA: Organ Revolutionary Surrealist Vandal party (RSVP)
kultcha30.txt 3759
KULTCHA: Secret Weapons of the Subgenius

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