Electronic Magazines: MiLK (and MiLK and Tea)

MiLK is a classic, strong example of the trend of mid-1990's textfile writing groups: They give a good laugh, a lot of entertainment, and they make you feel like you're a part of their group as they tell you how screwed up they think the world is, and how much there is to laugh at. They team up with a group called "Tea" for a number of issues, as well as a couple of tag files for their name and BBS list.

Apparently, they didn't talk to each other a lot, because a lot of issue numbers are doubled. It all works out in the end, anyway.

Maybe I'm just tired from reading thousands of textfiles, but Issue #40 (The Guide to Atari) very nearly made me fall out of chair, laughing. Good stuff.

Description of the Textfile
m&tmem.ans 898
Milk and Tea Membership Listing (ANSI)
m&tmem.asc 1665
Milk and Tea Membership Listing (ASCII)
m2.dat 4530
List of the MiLK Files (Text File Collection)
milk&tea.001 7100
Milk and Tea Issue #001 "My Brain Exploded" by James Hetfield
milk&tea.002 6781
Milk and Tea Issue #002 "Obloid Recollections" by Nyarlatheotep
milk&tea.003 6624
Milk and Tea Issue #003 "Travel by Night" by Snakelady
milk&tea.004 4168
Milk and Tea Issue #004 "Tired" by Pip the Angry Youth
milk&tea.005 5688
Milk and Tea Issue #005 "Keet" by Snakelady
milk&tea.006 7512
Milk and Tea Issue #006 "Cheese Wheels of Doom" by Malakai
milk&tea.007 4081
Milk and Tea Issue #007 "Cheese Party!" by Nyarlathotep
milk&tea.008 4363
Milk and Tea Issue #008 "Satern" by James Hetfield
milk&tea.009 7185
Milk and Tea Issue #009 "Drugs, Fine Wine, Revolution and More Drugs" by Epic
milk-001.txt 7344
Milk #001: Cows! Where MiLK Comes from, by James Hetfield
milk-002.txt 5905
Milk #002: Warez Boards Can be Fun, by James Hetfield
milk-003.txt 4022
Milk #003: MiLK's Guide to being an Asshole, by James Hetfield
milk-004.txt 2186
Milk #004: The Hunt, by James Hetfield
milk-005.txt 3871
Milk #004: Carrie Jacobson: A Case Study, by Epic
milk-006.txt 10156
Milk #006: Pete, by Nyarlathotep
milk-007.txt 6976
Milk #004: Are You Easily Influenced? by Epic
milk-008.txt 10881
Milk #008: Tang Beverage Crystals by Epic
milk-009.txt 3661
Milk #009: Joe, by Plaid Wilderbeast
milk-010.txt 2652
Milk #010: Sugar High, by James Hetfield
milk-011.txt 6714
Milk #011: Propoganda and Shit, by James Hetfield
milk-012.txt 5715
Milk #011: Supermarket Sweet by Epic
milk-013.txt 14263
Milk #013: Milk Poetry Volume 1 by James Hetfield and Mendeleev
milk-014.txt 5750
Milk #014: Wank Bunny, by James Hetfield
milk-015.txt 4994
Milk #015: Wank Bunny Part II, by James Hetfield
milk-016.txt 6173
Milk #016: Ostrich Rider from Philadelphia, by Medicine Man
milk-017.txt 5184
Milk #017: Jest Fox: part 1? by Black Justice
milk-018.txt 6948
Milk #018: Pete Part II, by Nyarlathotep
milk-019.txt 5442
Milk #019: Jest Fox: part 2 by Black justice
milk-020.txt 5712
Milk #020: The Terrific Safety Pin by Epic
milk-021.txt 4619
Milk #018: Lemmy, by Igor Shimsky
milk-022.txt 4149
Milk #022: Faces in the halls, by James Hetfield
milk-023.txt 10769
Milk #023: The Inferno Chronicles, by James Hetfield
milk-024.txt 2907
Milk #024: Fast Money Milk Style by Nature Boy
milk-025.txt 4347
Milk #025: Millie, by Yohan Bawk
milk-026.txt 5223
Milk #026: Just Add Water by Epic
milk-027.txt 4536
Milk #027: As You Were, by Epic
milk-028.txt 6733
Milk #038: People Are Shitheads, by Yohan Bawk
milk-029.txt 3243
Milk #029: Anarchy! And Shit, by James Hetfield
milk-030.txt 4456
Milk #030: Easy Ways to Shock Your Parents by Biff Thelmus Bonglemeister III
milk-031.txt 3881
Milk #031: 50 Ways to Say FART, by Black Justice
milk-032.txt 4960
Milk #032: Let's Talk About Sex, by Biff Thelmus Bonglemeister III
milk-033.txt 3836
Milk #033: A Welcome or Something by IceMECH
milk-034.txt 6293
Milk #034: Keeping Things In Their Proper Perspective, by Biff Thelmus Bonglemeister III
milk-035.txt 18775
Milk #035: The Feeding, by James Hetfield
milk-036.txt 8967
Milk #036: Road to Somewhere, by Whoops
milk-037.txt 8496
Milk #037: The Religion of the Spambiterians by Malakai
milk-038.txt 8606
Milk #038: Conrad, by Conrad
milk-039.txt 7826
Milk #039: Malakai's Guide to power BBSing, by Malakai
milk-040.txt 9625
Milk #040: The MiLK Guide to Atari, by Atari John
milk-041.txt 3760
Milk #040: How to Fly, by King Krazy
milk-042.txt 15814
Milk #042: The Regurgitation by Whoops
milk-043.txt 12949
Milk #043: no Title Cuz We're Confused, by Randall Flagg
milk-044.txt 3971
Milk #044: OJ Simpson, by Winter Solstice
milk-045.txt 8622
Milk #045: Sleep, by malakai
milk-046.txt 3520
Milk #046: The Facts about Lampreys, by James Hetfield
milk-047.txt 4765
Milk #047: Eat Pills, by Epic
milk-048.txt 6123
Milk #048: How to / Sarcasm / Not, by Whoops
milk-049.txt 7241
Milk #049: The Big Book of Ducks, by Malakai
milk-050.txt 9172
Milk #050: MiLK Update 7/94, by Concerned MiLK members
milk-051.txt 3087
Milk #051: Propaganda and Shit II, by James Hetfield
milk-053.txt 2942
Milk #053: Conpoems by Conradz
milk-054.txt 4162
Milk #054: I'm here to make You Bleed, by Frizzle Fry
milk-055.txt 5488
Milk #055: Silly Pathetic Adventures of Malakai, by Malakai
milk-056.txt 5038
Milk #056: TV Today, by Nyarlathotep
milk-057.txt 4814
Milk #057: Stress, by Epic
milk-058.txt 5977
Milk #058: Chat-Addiction Anonymous by James Hetfield
milk-059.txt 6548
Milk #059: My Greatest Writing Ever, by James Hetfield
milk-060.txt 2839
Milk #060: The Curtain by James Hetfield
milk-061.txt 4677
milk-062.txt 2164
milk-tea.010 10645
Milk and Tea Issue #10: The Poetry Issue #1
milk-tea.011 10325
Milk and Tea Issue #11: The Wastebasket, by Groovy Mann
milk-tea.012 6585
Milk and Tea Issue #12: Stalkings, by James Hetfield
milk1.ans 3175
ANSI Tag File for MiLK
milkbig1.txt 40622
MiLK Big Issue #1
milkbig2.txt 34797
MiLK Big Issue #2
milkbig3.txt 23479
MiLK Big Issue #3
milkbig4.txt 31876
MiLK Big Issue #4
milkdist.ans 1268
The List of MiLK BBSes
submit.nfo 1997
Submission Form to Write for Milk and Tea

There are 83 files for a total of 605,833 bytes.