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Without the first issue to guide me in the average quality, I can say that the second issue is a mish-mash of ranting about the quality of IRC, source code for exploiting sendmail and a reprinted news story. Not shining.

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mc-01.txt 8490
MINDCRIME Issue #2: "Holy Fux, Batman!" (December 1, 1994)
mc-02.txt 2874
MINDCRIME #2: Binmail Script from Zomo
mc-03.txt 3789
MINDCRIME #3: Why Shell Scripts With the SUID Bit Aren't Safe
mc-04.txt 2810
MINDCRIME #4: Asshole of the Month (And Other Awards)
mc-05.txt 5244
MINDCRIME #5: by IP: Easedropping and Cards (December 4, 1994)
mc-06.txt 5298
MINDCRIME #6: How to Mess Up Department Store Macs by C-D and Walrus
mc-07.txt 14819
MINDCRIME #7: Phreaking, a Begginer's Fuide by WyreTapp (November 25th, 1994)
mc-08.txt 7754
MINDCRIME #8: Stealing Comic Books by Kid Eternity
mc-09.txt 10307
MINDCRIME #9: Getting Even by H0wcum
mc-10.txt 2468
MINDCRIME #10: John Falcon's Arrest
mc-11.txt 2218
MINDCRIME #11: The Latest Sendmail Script
mc-2.phk 66071
MiNDCRiME Issue #2: Holy Fux, Batman! (December 1, 1994)
mcofc1.txt 11185
The MindCrime Official Fan Club #1
mcofc2.txt 5987
The MindCrime Official Fan Club #2
mcofc3.txt 10284
The MindCrume Official Fan Club #3

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