Filename Size Description of the Textfile 2701
Application to Join API (Revival of Brotherhood of Warez)
gd-bbs.txt 2065
How to Run a K-Rad BBS by Godd (Parody)
godd.bas 7953
Godd's Adventures in AYHE/PEE Land v.98: Someone attacks someone using a BASIC program
ka^tf.txt 1318
How to Hack a N.O.S>E. system by Kaos 3051
Text Forcasting: Satan's Sancturary 4638
The Return Box, by Mogel, Lucifuge and Crank 830
Application to Join the Text Forcasters
tfissue1.tfs 3874
The Text Forcastors Issue #1 (1994)
tfnew.let 11378
Text Forcasters Issue and List of Files
top10sex.txt 5950
The Top 10 Ways to Get a Straight Guy to do the Nasty with You, by The Text Forcasters

There are 10 files for a total of 43,758 bytes.