Electronic Magazines

Description of the Textfile
nha-001.phk 4779
nha-001.txt 18241
nha-002.phk 29659
nha-002.txt 29660
nha-003.phk 198073
nha-004.phk 8148
nha-004.txt 8149
nha-005.phk 5085
nha-005.txt 5086
nha-app.txt 4707
nha-logo.txt 1492
nha-n003.txt 4681

There are 12 files for a total of 317,760 bytes.

Note on this directory: I am very aware there are a lot of doubled files, and files desperately needing some editing. When I have personally verified which of two files is the more complete, I will make it the "canonical" version. Currently, I am just trying to compile a rough, "version 1.0" version of my textfile collection, with as little lost data as possible; this will be refined in the near future. Volunteers are always welcome.