The NuKE Info Journal (1991-1994)

In the name of completeness, the Journal is also presented in the zip/executable form the original documents came in, wherein a script was run that uncompressed the individual files and then removed the recompression.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
blackaxis.bbs 1369
BBS AD: Black Axis BBS
detector.txt 2084
DOCUMENTATION: Strain Extractor by Enigma (March 10, 1993)
ij8.txt 1136
Apology for the Issue, by Aristotle (1994) 157918 79270 142140 59139 228990
nk-info6.txt 254709
The Nuke Info Journal Issue #6 (May, 1993) 85666
nk-info7.txt 646308
The Nuke Info Journal Issue #7 (August, 1993) 167038
nkrack1.txt 61866
NUKE: KRACK: The Killer Ride and Chilling Kraftwork!!!!! 238086
nukeware.nfo 3406
NFO: A Lame Virus Construction Kit by NuKE (1994)
nwhrutil.doc 30798
DOCUMENTATION: The Nowhere Utilities by NuKE

There are 16 files for a total of 2,159,923 bytes.