Poop Enlightenment Zine/Really Elite Doodz (1994-1995)

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
best-of-pez.txt 71477
PEZ Monthly Magazine: The Best of Red/PEZ, Compiled by Black Francis
pez_021.txt 15332
PEZ: Poop Enlightenment Zine Issue #21 (February 24, 1995)
pez_022.txt 37821
PEZ: Poop Enlightenment Zine Issue #22 (April 12, 1995)
pez_023.txt 39133
PEZ: Poop Enlightenment Zine Issue #23 (May 3rd, 1995)
pez_024.txt 50773
PEZ: Poop Enlightenment Zine Issue #24 (June 19, 1995)
pez_025.txt 68614
PEZ: Poop Enlightenment Zine Issue #25 (July 19, 1995)
red-001.txt 8811
RED #1: The Plot to Kill Good Music, by Black Francis
red-002.txt 8429
RED #2: Why I Started Such an Elite Group, by Black Francis
red-003.txt 10419
RED #2.5: How to Hack Your Way Out of a Paper Bag, by Black Francis
red-004.txt 5848
RED #4: Poems by Black Francis
red-005.txt 4637
RED #5: Bastard, by Archangel
red-006.txt 11474
RED #6: Teen Angst for Fun and Profit, by Black Francis
red-007.txt 6459
RED #7: Stories Du Jour, by Satan
red-008.txt 8266
RED #8: Fun with Drive-Thru Windows by Intestinal Scum Monkey
red-009.txt 2023
RED #9: The Devil's Song: A Poem, by Archangel
red-010.txt 12597
RED #10: Letters to the Editor, by Black Francis
red-011.txt 16494
RED #11: And Now for Something Complete Different, by Mogel
red-012.txt 8858
RED #12: You're a Pathetic Loser, by Black Francis
red-013.txt 15125
RED #13: Doughboy, Rise!! by Black Francis
red-014.txt 8247
RED #14: How to Break Stuff, by Intestinal Scum-Monkey
red-015.txt 6468
RED #15: Frequently Asked Questions about ReD by Black Francis
red-016.txt 15771
RED #16: Leper Messiahs Poetry Corner, by Leper Messiah
red-017.txt 7377
RED #17: The Really Elite Experiment, by Black Francis
red-018.txt 7583
RED #18: Phun at the Zoo, by Stinky
red-019.txt 8075
RED #19: A New Type of Box, by Black Francis
red-020.txt 6611
RED #20: Stupidity for the Masses by Black Francis
red-3-5.txt 2578
RED #3.5: Them Damn Mentos! 2: A Quick Follow Up, by Black Francis
red.app 3374
Application to Join Really Elite d00dz: The Cheesy Text Application

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