Electronic Magazines: Phreaking, Hacking, and Terrorism Enterprises

Certainly designed with a name to make alarm bells go off, PHATE concentrates entirely on Phreaking and Hacking and doesn't really terrorize at all, unless you consider taking Acid to be some form of terror. The whole magazine has a strong UK slant and the issues are large, due in part to the large screen captures of some of the hacking information.

Description of the Textfile
PHATE101.HPA 52822
Phreaking Hacking and Terrorism Enterprises: Issue #1: December 15, 1992
PHATE102.HPA 164050
Phreaking Hacking and Terrorism Enterprises: Issue #2: February 20, 1993
phate101.hpa 54779
Phreaking Hacking and Terrorist Enterprises (PHATE) Issue #1 (December 15, 1992)

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