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rah9304.txt 47460
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rah9306.txt 42678
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rah9308.txt 51810
rah9309.txt 63647
rah9310.txt 69557
rah9311.txt 78109
rah9312.txt 63203
rah9401.txt 65201
rah9402.txt 63920
rah9403.txt 63402
rah9404.txt 66502
rah9405.txt 79119
rah9406.txt 61767
rah9409.txt 65635
rah9410.txt 50242
rah9411.txt 83814
rah9412.txt 62539
rah9501.txt 43799
rah9502.txt 47627
rahdist.txt 7666
How to become a RAH Distributor
rahwrite.txt 8716
Random Access Humor - The Electronic Humor Magazine: Writer's Guidelines

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Note on this directory: I am very aware there are a lot of doubled files, and files desperately needing some editing. When I have personally verified which of two files is the more complete, I will make it the "canonical" version. Currently, I am just trying to compile a rough, "version 1.0" version of my textfile collection, with as little lost data as possible; this will be refined in the near future. Volunteers are always welcome.