Electronic Magazines: Scream Baby

An E-zine of Cyberculture and Cyberpunk mentality, heavily dolloped with a sense of well-being and humor, with a refreshing hint of mint.

I would not have been able to acquire the complete run of SCREAM BABY without the efforts of DemonWeb who had archived all of the issues perfectly.

Description of the Textfile
scream-baby.1992-09-26.txt 39179
Scream Baby: "What the Hell did *YOU* do today?" (September 26th, 1992)
scream-baby.1992-10-12.txt 31808
Scream Baby: "The Andy Hawks Interview Issue" (October 12th, 1992)
scream-baby.1992-11-02.txt 32733
Scream Baby: "The Torn Issue" (November 2nd, 1992)
scream-baby.1992-12-16.txt 12521
Scream Baby: "Talking Raven Re:view" (December 16th, 1992)
scream-baby.1993-01-03.txt 36624
Scream Baby: "The Leri-L Issue" (January 3th, 1993)
scream-baby.1993-02-13.txt 29917
Scream Baby: "You Are Number Six" (February 13th, 1993)
scream-baby.1993-09-07.adv.txt 6207
Advertisement for Scream Baby/Back Issues (September 7th, 1993)
scream-baby.1993-11-14.txt 6356
Scream Baby: "Find Out Why They Call Me Stumpy" (November 14th, 1993)
scream-baby.1993-11-21.txt 12012
Scream Baby: "Ediborial" (November 21st, 1993)
scream-baby.1994-05-04.txt 37056
Scream Baby: 'Well, I Swear That I don't Have A Gun" (May 4th, 1994)
scream-baby.1995-02-11.txt 28362
Scream baby: "The Burn, Recycle, Blame" Issue (February 11, 1995)
scream-baby.1995-06-11.txt 27519
Scream Baby: "Laughing at the Little Moron" (June 11th, 1995)

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