Magazines: The Hidden Obvious

According to the founder, Pip the Angry Youth:

"i figured a good way to kill time was to start writing a magazine (i had this dream ever since i read subbacultcha on that fateful day). so i started up a magazine called the hidden obvious, and it lasted for about 7 months, released 35 issues, and became incredibly popular in my bbsing area. so i killed it in july of '94 because i was a complete moron."

Pip also makes an appearance in MILK, Tea, and GASP. Quite a prolific, angry youth.

There is absolutely nothing special about The Hidden Obvious.

Description of the Textfile
tho000.txt 1176
THO: Yet Another Text Group from New Jersey
tho001.txt 4422
Prophecies of Dillusion by Mother 69
tho002.txt 6501
A Wussy Essay I Wrote for English Class, by Mother 69
tho003.txt 9561
Reality Check, by Mother 69 and Java Man
tho004.txt 3819
Assorted Collection of Poetry and Other Pieces of Shit, by Mother 69
tho005.txt 15840
Another Cheat Report (On Good Omens) by Mother 69
tho006.txt 4846
The Hidden Subculture, by Icarus
tho007.txt 38642
List of BBSes in New Jersey
tho008.txt 7074
STORY, by Pip the Angry Youth
tho009.txt 3403
Commentary, by Pip the Angry Youth
tho010.txt 14702
The Chronicles of Pat, by Mabcoss
tho011.txt 3465
PiP's Modern Day Fables That You Can Learn From
tho012.txt 8111
A Collection of the World's Greates Taglines, compiled by Pip the Angry Youth
tho013.txt 892
Index of THO Files up to Number 13 (April 7, 1994)
tho014.txt 8886
Catherine the OK talks with the World
tho015.txt 2158
Modern Day Fables #2 by Mabcoss and Thanatos
tho016.txt 4359
The Million Dollar Question by Pip the Angry Youth
tho017.txt 10048
The Index Kard Series, by Mabcoss and Thanatos
tho018.txt 12662
Have and Marve Go to Limbo, by Exodus
tho019.txt 6907
Harve and Marve go to the Statue of Liberty, by Exodus
tho020.txt 3260
Song, by Pip the Angry Youth
tho021.txt 3051
Dead, by Pip the Angry Youth
tho022.txt 1685
Modern Day Fables III by Thanatos
tho023.txt 5909
The 10 Commandments of Textfile Writing, by the THO Staff
tho024.txt 3556
The Lyrics to "Punk Rock Girl", by the Dead Milkmen
tho025.txt 6931
Dead Milkmen Lyrics, by Pip the Angry Youth
tho026.txt 1876
Index of THO Files Up to Issue #26
tho027.txt 13661
Outline to a Research Paper on Edgar Allan Poe, by Pip the Angry Youth
tho028.txt 6894
What an Acid Trip is like, by Pip the Angry Youth
tho029.txt 32587
The Hand of Fangs, by Exodus
tho030.txt 14812
Report on Earvin "Magic Johnson" by pip the Angry Youth
tho031.txt 13624
The 10 Minute Text File, or The Golden Fleece by James Hetfield of Milk
tho032.txt 4957
Collection of GODNet Distribution Sites
tho033.txt 9930
Pansy Anarchist's Cookbook, by Pip the Angry Youth
tho034.txt 6935
Thinkin' by Pip the Angry Youth
tho035.txt 12740
I'm a Spaz and I Like My Cow by Pip the Angry Youth

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