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Description of the Textfile
highland.nfo 1515
ultra01.txt 1937
ultra02.txt 3274
ultra03.txt 8704
ultra04.txt 4180
ultra05.txt 8450
ultra06.txt 5608
ultra07.txt 4589
ultra08.txt 5437
ultra09.txt 3859
ultra10.txt 5038
ultra11.txt 4106
ultra12.txt 10237
ultra13.txt 8090
ultra14.txt 6793
ultra15.txt 6710
ultra16.txt 6140
ultra17.txt 4595

There are 18 files for a total of 99,262 bytes.
There is 1 directory.

Note on this directory: I am very aware there are a lot of doubled files, and files desperately needing some editing. When I have personally verified which of two files is the more complete, I will make it the "canonical" version. Currently, I am just trying to compile a rough, "version 1.0" version of my textfile collection, with as little lost data as possible; this will be refined in the near future. Volunteers are always welcome.