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upi.idx 7358
INDEX Of United Phreakers Inc. Issue #1-#7
upi01.phk 17977
upi02.phk 4211
upi03.phk 7281
upi04.phk 3646
upi05.phk 3918
upi06.phk 17960
upi07.phk 6879
upi08.phk 5005
upi09.phk 6745
upi10.phk 16227
upi11.phk 94026
upi12.phk 14579
upi13.phk 16875
upi14.phk 26520
upi15.phk 19563
upi16.phk 249328
upi17.phk 492289
upiiss1.txt 98907
upiiss2.txt 14987
upiiss3.txt 17355
upiiss4.txt 27393
upiiss5.txt 20016

There are 23 files for a total of 1,189,045 bytes.

Note on this directory: I am very aware there are a lot of doubled files, and files desperately needing some editing. When I have personally verified which of two files is the more complete, I will make it the "canonical" version. Currently, I am just trying to compile a rough, "version 1.0" version of my textfile collection, with as little lost data as possible; this will be refined in the near future. Volunteers are always welcome.