Electronic Magazines: UXU (Underground eXperts United) (1991-2002)

Founded in 1991, based in Sweden, uXu was a good example of a textfile endeavor where you can actually track the progression of a small social group through nearly a decade. The files begin with descriptions of the computer "scene" of Sweden, bombs, technology and eventually expands over the years to journal entries, musings about philosphy, song lyrics, interviews, and a bunch of nice fellows just letting you know what they're up to. All in all, good solid quality and a fascinating study.

UXU put out its last issue in 2002.

Description of the Textfile
INDEX.000.380 101500
Index of Files 000 to 380 of uXu, with Long Descriptions
uxu-000.txt 8069
An Introduction To uXu by The Chief
uxu-001.txt 15036
The European Digest Vol.1 Issue #01 by The Chief
uxu-002.txt 29842
The European Digest Vol.1 Issue #02 by The Chief
uxu-003.txt 24977
The European Digest Vol.1 Issue #03 by The Chief
uxu-004.txt 12072
The European Digest Vol.1 Issue #04 by The Chief
uxu-005.txt 14450
How To Get...Older Women by The Chief
uxu-006.txt 45536
The BIG System Vol.1 (Chapters 01-10) by The Chief
uxu-007.txt 3479
How To Get Even! by The GNN
uxu-008.txt 3657
Car Explosion Look-Alike by The GNN
uxu-009.txt 1777
Making A Small Flame Thrower by The GNN
uxu-010.txt 3218
Miscellaneous Crimes by The GNN
uxu-011.txt 6992
Miscellaneous Terror by The GNN
uxu-012.txt 3752
Projects For The Extremely Bored Anarchist by The GNN
uxu-013.txt 5345
Suicide! by The GNN
uxu-014.txt 39075
The European Digest Vol.1 Issue #05 by The Chief
uxu-015.txt 10490
uXu Index #1 by The Chief
uxu-016.txt 8961
Preventing A Murder by The Chief
uxu-017.txt 11930
How To Cause Panic by Phearless
uxu-018.txt 35330
Public Enemy - Apocalypse 91 Lyrics by The Chief
uxu-019.txt 6610
OOOOoooo! by The Chief
uxu-020.txt 3134
How To Shrink A Head by The GNN
uxu-021.txt 21961
The European Digest Vol.1 Issue #06 by The Chief
uxu-022.txt 4080
How To Kill An 'Elite' (in rhymes) by The Chief
uxu-023.txt 10060
Castle Chronicles Chapter One by The Chief
uxu-024.txt 6798
Your Mini Guide To Master The Art Of Chaos by Phearless
uxu-025.txt 11149
101 Uses For The "Tower Of Power" by The Chief11k
uxu-026.txt 11328
uXu Index #2 by The Chief
uxu-027.txt 3972
The Ten Most Wanted By Interpol by The GNN
uxu-028.txt 15138
The BIG System Vol.2 (Chapters 11-15) by The Chief
uxu-029.txt 3307
Information Terrorism (At School) by The GNN
uxu-030.txt 7622
Unleashed - Where No Life Dwells Lyrics by Mister Monochrome
uxu-031.txt 3658
The Truth by The GNN
uxu-032.txt 9693
Castle Chronicles Chapter Two by The Chief
uxu-033.txt 121904
uXu Follow Up #1 - Dr. Ripco & Ripco BBSby The Chief
uxu-034.txt 3651
The Truth About Women by The GNN
uxu-035.txt 8378
Wpoeiwop by The Chief
uxu-036.txt 12554
uXu Index #3 by The Chief
uxu-037.txt 3364
Anarchist Unite by The GNN
uxu-038.txt 5446
A Jolly Good Day In School by The GNN
uxu-039.txt 2835
Depth Charge by The GNN
uxu-040.txt 5349
Depression by The GNN
uxu-041.txt 3318
The Excuse by The GNN
uxu-042.txt 3576
Childish Thoughts by Phearless
uxu-043.txt 3678
The Anatomy Of Hate by The GNN
uxu-044.txt 3968
Golf Ball Enjoyment by Phearless
uxu-045.txt 2829
Fun With Electricity by Phearless
uxu-046.txt 5078
Acid Human Terrorism by The GNN
uxu-047.txt 14564
uXu Index #4 by The Chief
uxu-048.txt 7717
AI by The GNN
uxu-049.txt 3252
Alarm! by The GNN
uxu-050.txt 6302
Castle Chronicles Chapter Three by The Chief
uxu-051.txt 2823
How To Deal With The Police by The GNN
uxu-052.txt 7418
El Presidente - Handgun Shooting Skill by The GNN
uxu-053.txt 10110
Friday The 17th by The Chief
uxu-054.txt 5212
Errors by The GNN
uxu-055.txt 9157
Eternal Life by The GNN
uxu-056.txt 5070
What Goes Around... by The GNN
uxu-057.txt 4682
I Know Who You Are! by The GNN
uxu-058.txt 12670
The uXu Annual Textfile Writer's Awards Info by The Chief
uxu-059.txt 4171
Squib Jokeby The GNN
uxu-060.txt 6418
The Voice by The GNN
uxu-061.txt 6831
Torture With Things Laying Around At Home by The GNN
uxu-062.txt 17979
uXu Index #5 by The Chief
uxu-063.txt 7362
Divine Problemsby The GNN
uxu-064.txt 10203
Castle Chronicles Chapter Fourby The Chief
uxu-065.txt 8769
Listen Carefully by The GNN
uxu-066.txt 11305
The New Girl at Work by Ralph 124C41+
uxu-067.txt 106097
The Doors' Complete Lyrics by Quiksilver
uxu-068.txt 3038
What Happened? by The GNN
uxu-069.txt 28651
The European Digest Vol.2 Issue #01 by The Chief
uxu-070.txt 4938
A Joke for VMS-Users by Ralph 124C41+
uxu-071.txt 6336
Judgement Day by The GNN
uxu-072.txt 17561
uXu Index #6 by The Chief
uxu-073.txt 6890
Electricity by The GNN
uxu-074.txt 21021
The European Digest Vol.2 Issue #02 by The Chief
uxu-075.txt 7239
Toy Soldiers by The GNN
uxu-076.txt 13916
The Non-Fictionous "Over The Edge?" by Phearless
uxu-077.txt 6025
The Lost Soul by The GNN
uxu-078.txt 19287
How To Get...Older Women Part II by The Chief
uxu-079.txt 40702
Smog's Revenge by The GNN
uxu-080.txt 40142
The European Digest Vol.2 Issue #03 by The Chief
uxu-081.txt 4519
Laser Human Terrorism by The GNN
uxu-082.txt 4650
The Cure For Paranoia by The GNN
uxu-083.txt 18626
uXu Index #7 by The Chief
uxu-084.txt 12213
10th Generation by The GNN
uxu-085.txt 3034
H0w t0 fix ur kredit! by Sarlo
uxu-086.txt 5839
Headhunterby The GNN
uxu-087.txt 3659
How to annoy an enemy (or make a new one) by Ralph 124C41+
uxu-088.txt 16307
Backfire by The GNN/Phearless
uxu-089.txt 5495
TIC - Downtown Julie Brown Spills Her Guts by Sarlo
uxu-090.txt 5582
People of the Elite Scene - Yargh! by The GNN
uxu-091.txt 2523
Clean Shaven Beauty by Ralph 124C41+
uxu-092.txt 10754
Blackstone Rising by Sarlo
uxu-093.txt 1694
Meanwhile by The GNN
uxu-094.txt 22516
uXu Index #8 by The Chief
uxu-095.txt 5422
Feline Superiority by The GNN
uxu-096.txt 6133
The Family Man by The GNN
uxu-097.txt 14073
Criminal Me or Eat My Confessions Part 1 by Phearless
uxu-098.txt 8898
Utopia by The GNN
uxu-099.txt 6015
Two Poems in One by Phearless/The GNN
uxu-100.txt 10884
A Year With uXu by The Chief
uxu-101.txt 6849
Sex! by The GNN
uxu-102.txt 2401
Meaning Of Lifeby The GNN
uxu-103.txt 9648
Vampires Anno 90's by The GNN
uxu-104.txt 3158
Church Of The Re(A)listic by The GNN
uxu-105.txt 23221
uXu Index #9 by The Chief
uxu-106.txt 6834
What Do You Think About Bleed? by The GNN
uxu-107.txt 10758
uXu Lyrics: Curve - Doppelgänger (v2) by The Chief
uxu-108.txt 5524
Dental Torture by The GNN
uxu-109.txt 2961
Clean Shaven Beauty II by Ralph 124C41+
uxu-110.txt 10291
The Civilized Primitive Prowler by The GNN
uxu-111.txt 7577
Now It Can Be Told - uXu Members Speaks Out by ALL
uxu-112.txt 14116
uXu Lyrics: Curve - Pubic Fruit (v3) by The Chief
uxu-113.txt 8320
uXu Lyrics: Slowdive - Just For a Day (v2) by The Chief
uxu-114.txt 22907
Elite Modemtraders by The GNN
uxu-115.txt 9769
Castle Chronicles The Sequel - Chapter One by The Chief
uxu-116.txt 25407
uXu Index #10 by The Chief
uxu-117.txt 4110
The Missionary Man by The GNN
uxu-118.txt 10003
I O U by Phearless
uxu-119.txt 8431
...As If Every Day... by The GNN
uxu-120.txt 11936
Pleasurehouse Interview by The Chief
uxu-121.txt 8881
Perpetum Mobile - Three Poems by The GNN
uxu-122.txt 17065
uXu Lyrics: Suredo, Pleasurehouse & A Shrine by The Chief
uxu-123.txt 7549
The Open Road Towards The Future by The GNN
uxu-124.txt 12697
Everything's Gonna Be Alright... by Phearless
uxu-125.txt 8744
They Are Comingby The GNN
uxu-126.txt 6690
Why? by The GNN
uxu-127.txt 26450
uXu Index #11 by The Chief
uxu-128.txt 7561
Als Sprach The GNN - Ten Topics by The GNN
uxu-129.txt 3714
The Anatomy Of Boredom by Ralph 124C41+
uxu-130.txt 11675
Castle Chronicles The Sequel - Chapter Two by The Chief
uxu-131.txt 5692
Dream On by Ralph 124C41+
uxu-132.txt 9464
The House Of The Criminally Insane by The GNN
uxu-133.txt 8485
The Twelve Miscellaneous Facts About Life by The Chief
uxu-134.txt 9083
The Last Night Of The World by The GNN
uxu-135.txt 6869
Death Is Rotten by Ralph 124C41+
uxu-136.txt 7819
Live On Stage Again: Messiah! by The GNN
uxu-137.txt 27866
uXu Index #12 by The Chief
uxu-138.txt 6843
The Last Frontier by The GNN
uxu-139.txt 10078
Letters To The State by Anon. Contributor
uxu-140.txt 5834
The Killing Truth by The GNN
uxu-141.txt 10828
uXu Lyrics: Curve - Radio Sessions by The Chief11k
uxu-142.txt 8422
The Lynch Mob by The GNN
uxu-143.txt 8280
Prometheus Symptom by The GNN
uxu-144.txt 5619
Vengeance!by Hedge
uxu-145.txt 6554
Rage! by The GNN
uxu-146.txt 2045
The Power by The GNN
uxu-147.txt 28931
uXu Index #13 by The Chief
uxu-148.txt 280634
Technophilia by Ikonoklast
uxu-149.txt 6119
The Art Of Weirdnessby Bob Slack
uxu-150.txt 6620
Declare War! by The GNN
uxu-151.txt 19897
Hackers Against The Govt's New World Order by FreeStyle
uxu-152.txt 10531
Settle For Nothing by The Chief
uxu-153.txt 7633
A Day For Tired People by The GNN
uxu-154.txt 9964
Suicidal Maniac's Shitty File by Suicidal Maniac
uxu-155.txt 8433
Ripmax Top Tenners by Ripmax
uxu-156.txt 4475
The Sad Part Of Raping by Hedge
uxu-157.txt 8322
uXu Lyrics: Slowdive - Souvlaki by The Chief
uxu-158.txt 6026
Exciting Life by The GNN
uxu-159.txt 19256
Advanced Phreaking Using Cordless Phones by FreeStyle
uxu-160.txt 32254
uXu Index #14 by The Chief
uxu-161.txt 7709
An Amazing Christmas Taleby The GNN
uxu-162.txt 7664
The Man Behind by The GNN
uxu-163.txt 9938
Bob - The Serial Killer by The GNN
uxu-164.txt 6566
How To Make a Bomb! by The GNN
uxu-165.txt 7444
We Love You, Pigs! by The Chief
uxu-166.txt 8547
Interrogation by The GNN
uxu-167.txt 7702
Red Team by The GNN
uxu-168.txt 3161
10 Ways To Cause Havoc in Public Toiletsby BLaZe
uxu-169.txt 8138
The Stand by The GNN
uxu-170.txt 6510
A Theory of Justice - The Game Show by The GNN
uxu-171.txt 11460
Five Stories From The Metaphysical Workshop by The GNN
uxu-172.txt 33183
uXu Index #15 by The Chief
uxu-173.txt 5447
The Eternal Machine by The GNN
uxu-174.txt 8008
We Are The Robots by Hedge
uxu-175.txt 3513
Clean Shaven Beauty III by Ralph 124C41+
uxu-176.txt 8666
Operation Moon Sucker by The GNN
uxu-177.txt 5424
Get Free Stuph and Kill People!!!!!by Basehead
uxu-178.txt 4382
How To Talk With ET's Without Being... by Budha & Greg Iloy
uxu-179.txt 6879
The Unpaid Workers of Politics by Hedge
uxu-180.txt 8810
Wild West by The GNN
uxu-181.txt 10784
Castle Chronicles The Sequel - Chapter Three by The Chief
uxu-182.txt 9940
Who Knows? by The GNN
uxu-183.txt 34559
uXu Index #16 by The Chief
uxu-184.txt 15706
The GNN's File #100 by The GNN
uxu-185.txt 4995
How To Avoid Letter-Bombs by Ralph 124C41+
uxu-186.txt 7987
Lock-Picking Using The "Lock Clicker" by The GNN
uxu-187.txt 16808
Two-Two-Six-Eight by Phearless
uxu-188.txt 10804
The Fanatic Hunter by The GNN
uxu-189.txt 7585
Methods For Creating A Paranoid Lifestyle by Hedge & by The GNN
uxu-190.txt 13088
Gas Station by The GNN
uxu-191.txt 10805
How To Get... Older Women Part III by The Chief
uxu-192.txt 3981
Final Discovery by The GNN
uxu-193.txt 4740
Morality? by Das Model
uxu-194.txt 6906
City Of Slaves by The GNN
uxu-195.txt 5557
The City by Hedge
uxu-196.txt 7629
The Good Life by The GNN
uxu-197.txt 4687
Ripmax Top Tenners #2 by Ripmax
uxu-198.txt 5548
Cybernetic Escape Route by The GNN
uxu-199.txt 7477
Learn To Love Big Brother by The GNN
uxu-200.txt 21426
uXu Does Town 1994 by All But Hedge
uxu-201.txt 13158
Reincarnation, Inc. by The GNN
uxu-202.txt 21076
Time Traveller's Guide - An Introduction by Phearless
uxu-202.uue 39144
UUencoded Accompanying Image with UXU-202
uxu-203.txt 24543
Practical Redress by The GNN
uxu-204.txt 38304
uXu Index #17 by The Chief
uxu-205.txt 6620
Big Bang Phil by The GNN
uxu-206.txt 21882
The Nightfly by The GNN
uxu-207.txt 13121
Review: 'Bolero' by Jordan Leeby Dee P Binggeli
uxu-208.txt 5590
What To Say by The GNN
uxu-209.txt 7385
Speech For The Defence by The GNN
uxu-210.txt 5172
How To Avoid Getting Hangover by McCoy
uxu-211.txt 9414
Three Rendez-vous With The Men Of Power by The GNN
uxu-212.txt 8900
Population X by The GNN
uxu-213.txt 4640
Poetry Collection 1 by Bob Slack
uxu-214.txt 6990
Poetry Collection 2 by Bob Slack
uxu-215.txt 7574
Poetry Collection 3 by Bob Slack
uxu-216.txt 6754
Fuck You, Stefan Kronqvist by The GNN
uxu-217.txt 9244
Psycho(logical)scope by Phearless
uxu-218.txt 7478
Everything You Need To Know About Techno by Ralph 124C41+
uxu-219.txt 45984
The Voter's Paradox by Leon Felkins
uxu-220.txt 39467
uXu Index #18 by Phearless/The GNN
uxu-221.txt 6477
Escape Macabre, The by The GNN
uxu-222.txt 4729
Five Poemsby Mr Dude
uxu-223.txt 4186
Final Mistake by The GNN
uxu-224.txt 3058
Contemplation In Rain by Hedge
uxu-225.txt 4830
Frozen Dreams by The GNN
uxu-226.txt 39110
A Cooperative Society by Leon Felkins
uxu-227.txt 4219
The uXu Quiz by The GNN
uxu-228.txt 7182
Histamin by Pivic
uxu-229.txt 7888
Reel by The GNN
uxu-230.txt 15522
Poetry Collections by Bob Slack
uxu-231.txt 7127
Terror Will Strike by The GNN
uxu-232.txt 9383
Sweet Celebration by Hedge
uxu-233.jpg 45990
Picture of the makers of uXu (Included for Completeness)
uxu-233.uue 63392
UUencoded accompanying image with UXU 233
uxu-234.txt 5834
Future Warby The GNN
uxu-235.txt 41339
uXu Index #19 by The Chief
uxu-236.txt 9879
Enforced by The GNN
uxu-237.txt 16195
HoHoCon '94 Review by Dr. No
uxu-238.txt 9033
The Internet Hysteria by The GNN
uxu-239.txt 9110
Master Mind by Classified Know
uxu-240.txt 8473
Survive IRC by The GNN
uxu-241.txt 6776
Ellen Keysby The Chief
uxu-242.txt 8514
No More Secrets by The GNN
uxu-243.txt 2002
Meaning of? by Polish Polish
uxu-244.txt 10433
The New World Order by The GNN
uxu-245.txt 8514
Party Timeby Pivic
uxu-246.txt 10619
A Slight Miscalculation by The GNN
uxu-247.txt 5425
The 'Land by Hollywood
uxu-248.txt 2949
What Is This Thing Called Progress? by The GNN
uxu-249.txt 44576
uXu Index #20 by The Chief
uxu-250.txt 8596
Swift Justice by The GNN
uxu-251.txt 8510
Your Own Life by Phearless
uxu-252.txt 9218
Letter To a Prisoner by The GNN
uxu-253.txt 9501
Guide To a College-Year Abroad by McCoy
uxu-254.txt 2967
Is This Art? by The GNN
uxu-255.txt 6034
More Time! by Phearless
uxu-256.txt 9062
Angelby The GNN
uxu-257.txt 4052
Suicidal by The Chief
uxu-258.txt 8105
uXu And S.H.A., Facts And Fiction by The GNN
uxu-259.txt 55289
Love, Sex And Marriage by Leon Felkins
uxu-260.txt 10398
On 'Love, Sex And Marriage' by The GNN
uxu-261.txt 8805
A Guide To Paranoia by Phearless
uxu-262.txt 9784
To Kill a Bouncer by The GNN
uxu-263.txt 10115
The Evil Demon by The Chief
uxu-264.txt 2635
David Letterman by Phearless
uxu-265.txt 10943
DMV & 2D Bar Codes by Mario
uxu-266.txt 3179
Year of Fun by Phearless
uxu-267.txt 10210
Respublicaby The GNN
uxu-268.txt 46814
uXu Index #21 by The Chief
uxu-269.txt 6344
Never Work With Amateurs by The GNN
uxu-270.txt 2649
Pray For Me by Phearless
uxu-271.txt 5925
American Nightmares by The Chief
uxu-272.txt 9303
Dramaby The GNN
uxu-273.txt 10723
Only The Lonely by Hedge
uxu-274.txt 5488
The Driving Test by The GNN
uxu-275.txt 3604
The Wind by Knyttet
uxu-276.txt 5810
The Second Excuse by The GNN
uxu-277.txt 9626
Boy Racer by Pivic
uxu-278.txt 7645
Guardians of The Masses by The GNN
uxu-279.txt 7275
Eric's Trip by The Chief
uxu-280.txt 10585
Hacker's Paradise by The GNN
uxu-281.txt 2787
Ripped Off - Big Time by Phearless
uxu-282.txt 2640
Pray For Us by The GNN
uxu-283.txt 3345
I Just Fell by Pivic3k
uxu-284.txt 8977
The Sentence by The GNN
uxu-285.txt 2954
Running by Phearless
uxu-286.txt 5566
Stigma by The GNN
uxu-287.txt 4368
What Is? by Phearless
uxu-288.txt 3502
Orwell-Was-Ten-Years-Late by Pivic
uxu-289.txt 41559
uXu Index #22 by Mostly by The Chief
uxu-290.txt 4840
How To Hack And Get Caught by Phearless
uxu-291.txt 7601
Kraykkono Inn by The GNN
uxu-292.txt 5798
Help For The Average by Knyttet
uxu-293.txt 7153
Freedom In A Cage by The GNN
uxu-294.txt 11453
Comments To The Unabomber Manifesto by Phearless/The GNN
uxu-295.txt 6842
Less Known Dilemmas by The GNN
uxu-296.txt 3815
A Woman's Conscience by Knyttet
uxu-297.txt 5696
The Last Cocktail Party by The GNN/Hedge
uxu-298.txt 8325
An Introduction To Beer by Ralph 124C41+
uxu-299.txt 16837
To Get To The Real Problems by The GNN
uxu-300.txt 7405
Paradox Crew by The GNN
uxu-301.txt 6089
To Lose Your Religion by Knyttet
uxu-302.txt 10541
ABB Part I by The GNN
uxu-303.txt 6338
ABB Part II by The GNN
uxu-304.txt 7375
ABB Part III by The GNN
uxu-305.txt 3114
Loved Anyhow by Knyttet
uxu-306.txt 2892
Kicksby The GNN
uxu-307.txt 4937
Losers' Guide To Becoming A Successful... by Joseph
uxu-308.txt 4589
Five Boxes In The Desert by The GNN
uxu-309.txt 13566
A Letter To The Editor by Leon Felkins
uxu-310.txt 4748
The Voice by Knyttet
uxu-311.txt 7604
Cognitive Neural Hardware And The Nerd by The GNN
uxu-312.txt 3701
The Invasion by Phearless
uxu-313.txt 8897
Middle Cuts by The Chief
uxu-314.txt 46806
uXu Index #23 by The GNN/Phearless
uxu-315.txt 8209
The Terrorists of Dissatisfaction by The GNN
uxu-316.txt 6703
Alien Invasion by Joseph
uxu-317.txt 3465
Daddy's Girl by Knyttet
uxu-318.txt 3930
Bitte Denken! by Joseph
uxu-319.txt 6965
What Is This Thing Called The System? by The GNN
uxu-320.txt 3334
Time by Knyttet
uxu-321.txt 4827
Critics by Joseph
uxu-322.txt 3311
Staying Sane by Ralph 124C41+
uxu-323.txt 9576
Don't Date Me by Joseph
uxu-324.txt 6395
Games People Play by The GNN
uxu-325.txt 6456
Three Ways Total Losers Get Even by The Chief
uxu-326.txt 5298
Doing Dunblane by Joseph
uxu-327.txt 2070
Struggle by Knyttet
uxu-328.txt 28051
A Man In Need by Joseph
uxu-329.txt 7889
Under The Surface by The GNN
uxu-330.txt 5433
The Second uXu Quiz by uXu
uxu-331.txt 6688
A Prayer For War by Hedge
uxu-332.txt 9715
Implants by The Chief
uxu-333.txt 4294
One Step Forward, Two Back by Joseph
uxu-334.txt 82166
Bleed III by The GNN
uxu-335.txt 2548
Valentine's Day by Knyttet
uxu-336.txt 47476
uXu Index #24 by The Chief
uxu-337.txt 7668
6 Four A - Six Short Poems by The GNN
uxu-338.txt 3973
Taking a Bus Ride by Knyttet
uxu-339.txt 15439
Screenplay: The Last Bullet by The GNN
uxu-340.txt 3307
Swedish Moose Surprise by Knyttet
uxu-341.txt 5603
The Infinite Wisdom Chip by The GNN
uxu-342.txt 3634
Mind Expectations by Knyttet
uxu-343.txt 3325
Medieval Dreams by Mercuri
uxu-344.txt 13951
Screenplay: In The Colosseum by The GNN
uxu-345.txt 3203
Magic by Knyttet
uxu-346.txt 21596
Mailing Lists - Part 1 by The Chief
uxu-347.txt 3681
Head Full of Chewing Gum by Knyttet
uxu-348.txt 3889
Poesis/The Slab1.0 by aleph-6
uxu-349.txt 3884
More Than One Truth by Knyttet
uxu-350.txt 8779
The Decline of The Swedish Underground by Dare Devil Show
uxu-351.txt 3585
To Make Choices In Life by Knyttet
uxu-352.txt 17553
Screenplay: Burn Time by The GNN
uxu-353.txt 3132
Why I Prefer To Be a Woman by Knyttet
uxu-354.txt 12841
The Internet Word Reference Book - Chapter I by The Chief
uxu-355.txt 3001
The Creator by Knyttet
uxu-356.txt 4679
Bukowski's Birthday by Joseph
uxu-357.txt 4580
Move by Knyttet
uxu-358.txt 4831
The Point by The GNN
uxu-359.txt 3346
A Teacher's View by Knyttet
uxu-360.txt 70610
Screenplay Screen Shots by uXu
uxu-361.txt 5944
Her Volvo by Knyttet
uxu-362.txt 5115
Three Poems by Scott Poole
uxu-363.txt 50945
uXu Index #25 by The Chief51k
uxu-364.txt 2264
Seven Steps In The Computer Evolution by The GNN
uxu-365.txt 3504
The Big C by Knyttet
uxu-366.txt 3429
The Can And The Future by The GNN
uxu-367.txt 6570
The Computer Enthusiast by Phearless
uxu-368.txt 5947
The Girl And The Robot by The GNN
uxu-369.txt 5790
My Best Friend by The Chief
uxu-370.txt 6717
The Secret Actors by The GNN
uxu-371.txt 3162
Clipped Short And Back by Holly Day
uxu-372.txt 9669
The Anatomy Of Pseudo-Science by The GNN
uxu-373.txt 3023
A Letter Never Sent by Knyttet
uxu-374.txt 4245
The Crowd And The Stigma by The GNN
uxu-375.txt 4469
Sucksby DK
uxu-376.txt 6938
Power Check by The GNN
uxu-377.txt 10990
Marauder by The GNN
uxu-378.txt 4298
Sleepy? by Phearless
uxu-379.txt 11922
Alienated Relationships by The GNN
uxu-380.txt 47267
uXu Index #26 by Bravemoore
uxu-381.txt 7368
The Greatest Madnessby The GNN
uxu-382.txt 4039
Why I Don't Talk by Joseph
uxu-383.txt 8522
The Book by Joseph
uxu-384.txt 17340
Philosophy For Beginners by The GNN
uxu-385.txt 4473
The Life Of Pac-Man by Intoxicating
uxu-386.txt 4760
Stockholm At Midnight by The GNN
uxu-387.txt 22909
Scenes Of The Assassin by DisordeR
uxu-388.txt 6044
The Real You? by The GNN
uxu-389.txt 3367
Cry by Knyttet
uxu-390.txt 12874
Encounter With The Populace by Joseph & by The GNN
uxu-391.txt 3316
On The Airby HC
uxu-392.txt 5553
It Is Not Obvious That A Machine Can Think by The GNN
uxu-393.txt 4517
The Argument Of The Atheist by Intoxicating
uxu-394.txt 9412
Starving In The Company Of Beautiful Women by Michael W Dean
uxu-395.txt 8807
An Ordinary Day In The Life Of Adam by The uXu Crew
uxu-396.txt 18615
uXu Index #27 by Bravemoore
uxu-397.txt 4251
Detour by The GNN
uxu-398.txt 3461
Inner Demons by Knyttet
uxu-399.txt 4702
Hypocrite by The GNN
uxu-400.txt 11286
For Your Own Good by Joseph
uxu-401.txt 4662
Die Old and Avoid Accidents? By Bravemoore
uxu-402.txt 7658
My Collection of Rejection Letters by the GNN
uxu-403.txt 5889
Firstborn by Knyttet
uxu-404.txt 11406
Is Meat Murder? By The GNN
uxu-405.txt 4368
Raised Carefully by Bravemoore
uxu-406.txt 7381
States of Confusion by The GNN
uxu-407.txt 5522
Drunk but Devine by Joseph
uxu-408.txt 5493
Pills by The GNN
uxu-409.txt 5728
Another Day by Joseph
uxu-410.txt 18647
uXu Index #28 - 1-Aug-97 by The GNN
uxu-411.txt 6191
Writer's Block By The GNN
uxu-412.txt 2019
Introspection by Jay Miller
uxu-413.txt 4329
Chest Shot by The GNN
uxu-414.txt 6756
A Meager Attempt By Sophia
uxu-415.txt 3736
Chen By The GNN
uxu-416.txt 4912
The Paradox by Joseph
uxu-417.txt 38100
On Friendship By The GNN
uxu-418.txt 3494
Old Buk in the Holy City by Moshe Benarroch
uxu-419.txt 9340
How to Get More Sex by The GNN
uxu-420.txt 2184
Life Is by Bravemoore
uxu-421.txt 3997
How Do One FInd New Friends by Knyttet
uxu-422.txt 8125
Malfunction By The GNN
uxu-423.txt 9582
Modus Operandi By The GNN
uxu-424.txt 3277
Neighbor Trouble by Bravemoore
uxu-425.txt 8502
The Fictional Parent by The GNN
uxu-426.txt 4071
Neighbor Trouble II by The Chief
uxu-427.txt 6814
Freudipus by George Kozom
uxu-428.txt 11570
Genetic Moralism by The GNN
uxu-429.txt 19715
uXu Index #29 - 18-Apr-98 by Bravemoore
uxu-430.txt 10460
Virginia is for Fighters by Michael W. Dean
uxu-431.txt 1761
Teenage Killer by Bravemoore
uxu-432.txt 8250
To Kill Time by The GNN
uxu-433.txt 35386
Saving Johnny by Max West
uxu-434.txt 11398
The Strangest Thing Happened In Keflavik by The GNN
uxu-435.txt 16190
George by DisordeR
uxu-436.txt 5198
Conceptual Clarification: Right By The GNN
uxu-437.txt 6685
What Happened After By James M. Ramone
uxu-438.txt 3077
Brief Note to Headquarters By The GNN
uxu-439.txt 5505
Intruder Alert 1991-93 By Clown Manne
uxu-440.txt 5353
Black and White by DisordeR
uxu-441.txt 16566
Screenplay: The Terrorists by The GNN
uxu-442.txt 2331
First Fileby First Kid
uxu-443.txt 4118
Forbidden File by The GNN
uxu-444.txt 2835
Modern Metaphor by Speed Devil Show
uxu-445.txt 3460
Standing Before God by Intoxicating
uxu-446.txt 15923
uXu Index #30 by Bravemoore
uxu-447.txt 30820
Nicky And The Porn Queen by Rich Logsdon
uxu-448.txt 1791
Help by The Dwarf
uxu-449.txt 4691
Hacker Ethics by drazQ
uxu-450.txt 11886
Sphincter Hatch by Max West
uxu-451.txt 6048
The Mystery Of The Dead Fish by The GNN
uxu-452.txt 2850
Dream Bursts by Lamont Prell
uxu-453.txt 3562
So You Want To Be A Hacker? by drazQ
uxu-454.txt 4435
Writhing Wisdom by Janet Buck
uxu-455.txt 10052
After Keflavik by The GNN
uxu-456.txt 5076
Strangers by Noel Ace
uxu-457.txt 3829
Death Is Not The End by GNN/Bravemoore
uxu-458.txt 4106
Mudfishes by Robert J Berry
uxu-459.txt 12772
Erratic Sleep by Marie Kazalia
uxu-460.txt 4464
Inability - Operator's Manual by The GNN
uxu-461.txt 21675
Website Oblivion by Max West
uxu-462.txt 2204
Teenage Killer Strikes Again by The GNN
uxu-463.txt 2978
Five Site Reviews by Speed Devil Show
uxu-464.txt 9506
Epoque by The GNN
uxu-465.txt 17528
uXu Index #31 by Bravemoore
uxu-466.txt 4639
Chapel Mornings by Hedge
uxu-467.txt 10903
One Night In The Asshole Saloon by Max West
uxu-468.txt 5517
Instant Witness by Bravemoore
uxu-469.txt 2271
Stay & Reality - Two Poems by Pam Sanders
uxu-470.txt 8094
Bio Hazardby The GNN
uxu-471.txt 4857
The Voice Of Destiny by Michael Berman
uxu-472.txt 8375
A Man And His Cat by Hedge
uxu-473.txt 2338
Nataraja & Silence - Two Poems by Ahila
uxu-474.txt 5485
Memento Mori by Blackfire
uxu-475.txt 6835
Insignificant Showdown In Central Europe by The GNN
uxu-476.txt 3497
Random Thoughts Of Bob Slack by Bob Slack
uxu-477.txt 29540
I Am Alex by Rich Logsdon
uxu-478.txt 31277
A Trailer Park Fairy Tale by M. James Dinniman
uxu-479.txt 5525
Heading For A Dark Future by Blackfire
uxu-480.txt 3854
Private Sphere by Speed Devil Show
uxu-481.txt 7990
A Happy Christmas Story by Max West
uxu-482.txt 17080
uXu Index #32 by The GNN
uxu-483.txt 5109
Twist, by the GNN/DCS
uxu-484.txt 2431
Of Fear, by Nadene Wiggins
uxu-485.txt 5474
The Anatomy of Hate (Revised) by the GNN
uxu-486.txt 2528
Riding the 5:15 by BJ Moore
uxu-487.txt 1934
A Dish Served Very Cold by Kevin J. Miller
uxu-488.txt 9295
Eight Poems, by Robert J. Berry
uxu-489.txt 1906
A Conspiracy of One by Kevin J. Miller
uxu-490.txt 21927
Mendoza's Jelly Problems, by Max West
uxu-491.txt 6987
The Machinery of Desire by the GNN
uxu-492.txt 11437
Smoke, by Mobys Dick
uxu-493.txt 6659
States of Confusion: Reply to Critics by the GNN
uxu-494.txt 2356
The Lost Bar Fight by Jay DeKalb
uxu-495.txt 4495
Zula Betula, by Cindy
uxu-496.txt 2937
True Robot by the GNN
uxu-497.txt 3707
Nothing Comes from Nothing, by Absolute Zero
uxu-498.txt 16711
uXu Index #33 - 21-Mar-99 by Bravemore
uxu-499.txt 14046
Last Flight to Keflavik by The GNN
uxu-500.txt 18928
Just a Number by the uXu Concept
uxu-501.txt 1856
Tired, by Mark Broomhall
uxu-502.txt 11566
Happiness by Chieftain
uxu-503.txt 2063
Five The Younger By Ivy Lou
uxu-504.txt 4170
Micro$haft By Stormavik
uxu-505.txt 1876
I Carry By Murphdog
uxu-506.txt 4450
A Reason Why We Do Not Learn From History By The GNN
uxu-507.txt 15674
Toes, Man! By Max West
uxu-508.txt 4222
The Change In The Computer Elite By Stormavik
uxu-509.txt 4012
While The Rest Of The World Is Asleep By The GNN
uxu-510.txt 1832
To Stephen After the Storm By Utahna Faith
uxu-511.txt 6730
Peter Haynes International Operations By The GNN
uxu-512.txt 19680
The Poetry Of Travis Ray Cole By Travis Ray Cole
uxu-513.txt 19448
Jabberwalk With Me By Michael W Dean
uxu-514.txt 6316
Diary Entry 81599 By DisordeR
uxu-515.txt 7911
Are You A Closet Intellectual? By Gene-Michael Higney
uxu-516.txt 17850
uXu Index #34 - 11-Sep-99 By Bravemoore
uxu-517.txt 1916
Killers By The GNN
uxu-518.txt 2110
We The People & Mythical Advice By Roz
uxu-519.txt 6574
In The Western World By Laurence Overmire
uxu-520.txt 5431
Aesthetics By The GNN
uxu-521.txt 32963
Ionization By Eric Chaet
uxu-522.txt 4571
The Investigator's Problem By Bravemoore
uxu-523.txt 3679
The Perfect Mechanical Clone By The GNN
uxu-524.txt 5114
Regarding My 'Signs' By Eric Chaet
uxu-525.txt 5366
End Of Noise By Bravemoore
uxu-526.txt 4845
Worlds By The GNN
uxu-527.txt 3192
Wild Orchid Moments By Duane Locke
uxu-528.txt 7807
Anatomy Of The Cynic By The GNN
uxu-529.txt 6088
BBspam v0.1 By The uXu
uxu-530.txt 14747
uXu Index #35 - 30-Dec-99 By Bravemoore
uxu-531.txt 6580
Fatal Accident Insurance Fraud By Russel Hallberg Jr
uxu-532.txt 31027
The Coup By Eric Chaet
uxu-533.txt 46850
Old School Collection By DIzzIE
uxu-534.txt 33097
Viv's House By Eric Chaet
uxu-535.txt 2491
The Day Of The Speed Devil By The GNN
uxu-536.txt 1947
Child Molester And More Poetry By Kenneth Pobo
uxu-537.txt 31015
The Shunned Consultant By Eric Chaet
uxu-538.txt 5019
Poetry Collection By DIzzIE
uxu-539.txt 9265
Perpetual Masquerade By The GNN
uxu-540.txt 8540
Dostoyevsky And The Brothers Karamazov By Eric Chaet
uxu-541.txt 5820
Transparent Ribbon Campaign By The GNN
uxu-542.txt 2310
Lost And Found Years By Speed Devil Show
uxu-543.txt 14798
uXu Index #36 - 27-Mar-00 By Bravemoore/The GNN
uxu-544.txt 6119
Godfather Dad By Russel Hallberg Jr
uxu-545.txt 37758
Conveyor By Eric Chaet
uxu-546.txt 2108
Yearning For A Fish And Gasoline By Sevrin
uxu-547.txt 32509
Song Of A Bird Perched On A Rusty Gear By Eric Chaet
uxu-548.txt 1994
We Did Not Whimsy By Mark Phillips
uxu-549.txt 31235
People I Met Hitchhiking: Minnesota To Nevada By Eric Chaet
uxu-550.txt 3413
Only An Angel By Sevrin
uxu-551.txt 32219
Looking Back In Terror By Simon Moleke-Njie
uxu-552.txt 2858
Cripple Quota By Bravemoore
uxu-553.txt 4083
Collected What Nots By Laura Aurora
uxu-554.txt 33012
Manouvers Far From The Front By Eric Chaet
uxu-555.txt 31117
Old School Collection II By DIzzIE
uxu-556.txt 4794
Central Ideas... Noam Chomsky & Jerry Mander By Eric Chaet
uxu-557.txt 3569
Back In New York By Shane Jones
uxu-558.txt 15636
uXu Index #37 - 04-Aug-00 By Bravemoore/The GNN
uxu-559.txt 3496
Don't Drink the Water By Jason Gurley
uxu-560.txt 11322
Freedom By Eric Chaet
uxu-561.txt 3761
False Confessions from a Fallen Angel By Laura Aurora
uxu-562.txt 5450
How To Maintain Happiness And Relieve Stress By DIzzIE
uxu-563.txt 21594
A Saga Of The African Child By Simon Moleke-Njie
uxu-564.txt 11096
Review of 'Natural Capitalism' By Eric Chaet
uxu-565.txt 6711
Hold On By William Hockney
uxu-566.txt 7058
The Day All Words Lost Their Meaning By The GNN
uxu-567.txt 9646
DIzzIE Poetry By DIzzIE
uxu-568.txt 25846
At A Trailer In The Woods By Eric Chaet
uxu-569.txt 4755
Stashu Kapinski In A Family Way By Joseph Lisowski
uxu-570.txt 24080
From Warsaw To Room 134 At Debak By Simon Moleke-Njie
uxu-571.txt 4403
USA Election 2000 By Eric Chaet
uxu-572.txt 7145
Hesiod And The Muse By Doug Tanoury
uxu-573.txt 3862
Forest Thump By DIzzIE
uxu-574.txt 49461
Ratt-Tat-Tatt By Vasilis Afxentiou
uxu-575.txt 2888
Living In Hawaii By Steven Zeigler
uxu-576.txt 19447
uXu Index #38 - 17-Dec-00 By The GNN
uxu-577.txt 14403
US Reserve Insurance Fraud... By Ralph Singleton Jr
uxu-578.txt 2406
Green Leaves & Yellow Flowers By Eric Chaet
uxu-579.txt 11290
Eden By Freon
uxu-580.txt 15096
Charlie's Exile Blues By Simon Moleke-Njie
uxu-581.txt 2449
Little Johny By DIzzIE
uxu-582.txt 6714
One World, Ready or Not By Eric Chaet
uxu-583.txt 3880
Listen! By Freon
uxu-584.txt 2124
Gothenburg City 2001 By Bravemoore/The GNN/Hedge
uxu-585.txt 15597
The Sea By Freon
uxu-586.txt 3444
Tuchas Offen Tisch by Christopher Mulrooney
uxu-587.txt 3228
Two Haikus and One Poem by R K Singh
uxu-588.txt 45220
The Midnight Dance At Noon by Simon Moleke-Njie
uxu-589.txt 11036
Review: The Crisis of Global Capitalism... by Eric Chaet
uxu-590.txt 5646
'Twas the Night Before Christmas by DIzzIE
uxu-591.txt 12439
The Spirit of Wigilia Simon by Moleke-Njie
uxu-592.txt 3654
I'm Trying by Eric Chaet
uxu-593.txt 17025
uXu Index #39 by Bravemoore/The GNN
uxu-594.txt 2036
Anthem For Humanity by Eric Chaet
uxu-595.txt 5353
Top 10: Why Life Is Like A Bed Of Roses by DIzzIE
uxu-596.txt 9199
Sore Loser's Anthology by Freon
uxu-597.txt 31998
My Neighbors & I by Eric Chaet
uxu-598.txt 4825
Glasgow City 2001 by Various
uxu-599.txt 4194
I Dance in Circles from the Bridge by Jay DeKalb
uxu-600.txt 1555
Decade. One. uXu. by uXu
uxu-601.txt 13371
Second Coming, Limited by Freon
uxu-602.txt 6784
Jack & The Reformatory by Eric Chaet
uxu-603.txt 4251
Stained Hands by Joseph
uxu-604.txt 39675
Majik Lisa by Guliani
uxu-605.txt 2152
My Castle Called Life by Matthew Hewitt
uxu-606.txt 12169
Five Poems by Eric Chaet
uxu-607.txt 20311
Altruism And The Open Source Movement by Freon
uxu-608.txt 11047
Personal Essay: Bookwarez & Text File Scene by DIzzIE
uxu-609.txt 10123
An Apologetic For The Pretty Pictures by Huewle
uxu-610.txt 76819
The Anti-Apocalypse by Peter Hogg
uxu-612.txt 3026
Sperm Donor Clown by Rachel I. Dotson
uxu-613.txt 2315
From the Deep by Eric Chaet
uxu-614.txt 7107
Trotting To China Simon Moleke-Njie
uxu-615.txt 4096
Imagine Being In Power by Eric Chaet
uxu-616.txt 1767
Bowed heads of Palms by Stephanie
uxu-617.txt 17357
uXu Index #40 by Bravemoore/The GNN

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