Whatever Ramblings by Alex Swain (1992-1995)

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
beer.txt 10654
Whatever Ramblings: Beer Reviews from Swain
coffee.txt 7578
The Real Truth about Coffee and Caffeine by Swain
publish.txt 24779
Publishing an E-Zine on the Net by Alex Swain (March, 1995)
rdnf 103742
Red Dye Number Five, by Alex Swain (Summer, 1995)
readme.txt 1082
Introduction to the Whatever Ramblings Collection, by Alex Swain
reddye3.txt 99182
Red Dye Number Five Issue #2 by Alex Swain (December, 1995)
roadtrip.txt 22562
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Going Cross-Country by Alex Swain (January 27, 1995)
schrn1.txt 8026
The Saccharine Journal by Al Swain (December 1994)
stories.txt 32144
True Stories from Pathological Liars by Alex Swain
stories2.txt 14466
True Stories from Pathological liars II by Alex Swain (February, 1995)
stories3.txt 20731
True Stories from Pathological Liars III by Alex Swain (March, 1995)
thepast.txt 8237
The Real Questions from the Void by Alex Swain
wr11.txt 54540
Whatever Ramblings Issue #11 (February, 1992)
wr12.txt 5632
Whatever Ramblings Issue #12 by Alex Swain
wr13.txt 186835
Whatever Ramblings Issue #13 by Alex Swain

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