Electronic Magazines: The Word of God

"We actually made it to a second newsletter!" proclaims issue #2 of The Word of God. They go on for 4 more issues before giving up. Notably, Sam Hain tries his best to keep things going, although it's obvious that by the end of the series most of his energy is gone. Each of these issues is a small collection of passwords, hacking information, and a strange religious theme.

Description of the Textfile
wordgod1.txt 9687
The Word of God Issue 1: October 1989
wordgod2.txt 11113
The Word of God Issue 2: November 1989
wordgod3.txt 10118
The Word of God Issue 3, December 1989
wordgod4.txt 19074
The Word of God Issue 4, January 1990
wordgod5.txt 6084
The Word of God Issue 5, April 1990
wordgod6.txt 6642
The Word of God Issue 6, June 1990

There are 6 files for a total of 62,718 bytes.