Mass Media: Episode Guides

Episode Guides are less a BBS than a USENET/Internet event, due mostly to the cross-country communication that could result in quick edits and verified information about all the aspects of television episodes. You'll see some of the most anal and overworked analysis about television shows here; if it was shown with a weird edit in some television markets, it will be covered.

The amount of work that has gone into these documents are some of the most breathtaking of all the mid 80's/Early 90's Internet Documents. In its own way, it shows some of the incredible results of people working together towards the same goal. Maybe the subject matter didn't deserve it, but then again a lot of people would seem to disagree.

Description of the Textfile
a-team 28594
The A-Team Episode Guide (May 19, 1990)
allfam.epi 29390
All in the Family Episode List
amazing.epi 29815
Amazing Stories Guide by Michael L. Brown (1987)
ateam.epi 28593
EPISODE GUIDE: The A-Team (May 19, 1990)
avengers.lis 12567
EPISODE GUIDE: The Avengers (February 14, 1992) 14019
Comedy section, BBC Video catalogue, to end December 1994 From Paul Rhodes
blackadd 14865
The Black Adder Episode Guide (October 24, 1990)
blake7.lis 16533
The Blake's 7 Abbreviated Programme Guide by James J. Poltrone (March 7, 1988)
bnbguide.txt 30602
Beavis and Butthead Episode Guide Version 1.4 (May 31, 1994)
buldrwho.txt 5251
List: Doctor Who Episodes, by Jim Thomas (March 17, 1985)
comic_st.gui 38567
The Comic Strip Presents Episode Guide by Michael S. (November 1994) (Version 5.0)
epi_.txt 43320
The Mega-List of Cheers Episodes 1.668 by Kevin Treu and Eric Jorgensen
epi_bnb.txt 28853
Beavis and Butthead Episode Guide Version 1.6, 6/20/1994
epi_merm.txt 41139
Episode Guide for Disney's The Little Mermaid TV Show
epi_mst3.txt 71878
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episode Guide 1993
epi_rns.txt 25727
The Not-So-Official Ren & Stimpy Episode Guide by Nick Sayer 1994
epi_tton.txt 51823
TINY TOON ADVENTURES Episode Guide (part 1: episodes 1-65)
epiquest.txt 13964
Johnny Quest Episode Guide, 1993
episimp2.txt 22912
The Simpson's Episode Guide, April 7, 1993
episod.lws 6806
Episode Guide for Lone Wolf Scientific
gd_alf.txt 22410
ALF Episode Guide (July 1993) by Dean Adams
gd_drwho.txt 17296
Doctor Who Episode Guide (March 17, 1985)
gd_frasr.txt 15851
Fraiser Program Guide (December 1993) by Dean Adams
gd_gal.txt 40342
Get a Life Episode Guide: June 1993 by Dean Adams
gd_hhead.txt 42877
EPISODE GUIDE: Herman's Head (December 1993) by Dean Adams
gd_liqtv.txt 6082
EPISODE GUIDE: Liquid Television (December 1992) by Edgar Slack
gd_maxhd.txt 4586
gd_mwc.txt 189515
EPISODE GUIDE: Married with Children (December 1993) by Dean Adams
gd_ol.txt 21559
EPISODE GUIDE: The Outer Limits, by Lauren
gd_ql.txt 65056
EPISODE GUIDE: Quantum Leap (May 12, 1993) v4.6 by Anita Kilgour
gd_sgrnd.txt 16812
PROGRAM GUIDE: Shaky Ground (July 1993) by Dean Adams
gd_tz.txt 70846
EPISODE GUIDE: Twilight Zone (September 1982)
gd_tznew.txt 28658
EPISODE GUIDE: The New Twilight Zone
ghostsch.hum 3553
The Real Ghostbusters Original Airdates
highland.epi 11391
Highlander Episode Guide -- Season 1 by Bill Reeves
lost.txt 43264
The Lost in Space Episode Guide
maxheadr 6912
Max Headroom Episode Guide (1987)
outlimit.txt 22090
The Outer Limits Episode Guide
scratchy.txt 42427
The Itchy and Scratchy Episode Guide (October 19, 1992)
twilight.txt 51968
Twilight Zone Episode List and Cast Lists
twin.pks 121600
The Twin Peaks Timeline (The Events in the Episode Transferred to a Standard Timeline)
tz_guide.txt 72906
The Twilight zone Episode Guide (Revision September 1982) by Lauren Weinstein and Saul Jaffe
warnrlis.txt 65673
Alphabetical List of 1,002 Warner Brothers Cartoon Shorts
wkrp.epi 25642
WKRP in Cincinnati (the new series) Program Guide by Ed Chen (November 24, 1992)

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