Music Files: File Formats

Description of the Textfile
00readme.txt 3027
The Computer Music File Formats Collection 10 by Jamal Hannah (May 2, 1994)
669-form.txt 6348
FORMAT: 669 and Extended 669
am.txt 3528
FORMAT: The AM Module Format Description, by THOR (1995)
amsfrm22.txt 19866
FORMAT: Velvet Studio AMS Format v2.2
binhex4.inf 2157
FORMAT: HQX7: Macintosh 7 & 8 bit File Transfer Format
d00.txt 9341
FORMAT: The D00 Music Format Explained, by Joachim Fenkes
dmf-efx.txt 10507
FORMAT: Delusion Extended Musical Effects (Partly German)
dmf-efx2.txt 2863
FORMAT: DMF Player Ver 0.52B: Effect Commands
dmf-form.txt 10544
FORMAT: Delusion Digital Music Fileformat v0.16B1 (December 25, 1993)
dtm.txt 14929
MODULE FORMAT: Digitrekker Modeule Format Version 1.0
far-form.txt 18679
FORMAT: Farandole .FAR File Format, by Daniel Potter
ftk-form.txt 2404
FORMAT: Fastracker v1.00 Music Format (December 13, 1992)
med-efx.txt 84125
FORMAT: MED Music Editor v3.2 File Format and Documentation (1991)
med-form.txt 27479
FORMAT: MED/OctaMED File Formats (MMD0 and MMD1) by Teijo Kinnunen (April 25, 1992)
mid-frm1.txt 29104
FORMAT: MIDI: Standard Midi Files and Format by the International Midi Association 0.6 (March 1, 1988)
mid-frm2.txt 8914
FORMAT: MIDI 1.0 Specification
mid-frm3.txt 12517
FORMAT: Brief Overview of Proposed General MIDI Level 1 Spec from Jeff Mallory (January 14, 1992)
mid-frm4.txt 8607
FORMAT: MIDI Sample Dump Standard
midiprim.txt 27734
FORMAT: The Usenet MIDI Primer, by Bob McQueer
mod-form.txt 19787
FORMAT: The Noisetracker/Soundtracker/Protracker File Format v1.0
mtm-efx.txt 45534
FORMAT: Multitracker Module Editor Format by Daniel Goldstein (1993)
mtm-form.txt 4431
FORMAT: Summary of the MultiTracker Module (MTM) Format
okt-form.txt 12930
FORMAT: Oktalizer Format (April 6, 1994)
okt-frm2.txt 1573
FORMAT: Oktalyzer Modules Information
p16-form.txt 20179
FORMAT: Protracker Studio 16 (PS16) Header
rol-form.txt 4220
FORMAT: The .ROL Format Specification from Chris Holmes (August 26, 1992)
s3m-efx.txt 57396
FORMAT: Scream-Tracker 3.0 Beta User's Manual from Kalle Kaivola (1994)
s3m-form.txt 17502
FORMAT: Scream Tracker 3.01 BETA File Formats And Mixing Info (S3M Summary)
sss-form.txt 8186
FORMAT: The Studio Session Song File Format Version 1.0 (November 8, 1993)
star-frm.txt 4444
FORMAT: Amiga "StarTrekker" MOD format, by Bjorn Wessen
tt-form.txt 445
FORMAT: TakeTracker File Formats
ult-efx.txt 51134
FORMAT: UltraTracker Version 1.31 by Mysterious Documentation (1993)
ult-form.txt 8712
FORMAT: Mysterious's Ultra Tracker File Format by FreeJack of the Elven Nation
wow-form.txt 855

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