Music Files: The Pink Floyd

Look, don't ask me why, but Pink Floyd got a lot of attention and adoration from the folks online, and that's best demonstrated in the pure mass of Floyd-related textfiles you found out on BBSes and the Internet. Here's a good solid sampling. I do remember that the band made a strong impression on me throughout my childhood, and maybe others were affected the same way that they affected me.

Description of the Textfile
adt_latm.txt 3302
Review of Roger Waters Amused to Death (September 13, 1993)
animthou.txt 4135
Animals (By Pink Floyd): What Does it Mean? by Scott Frank
atdbil92.txt 6825
Roger Water's Death and Rebirth, by Timothy White (Billboard Magazine July 1992)
atdse92.txt 3100
TV Runs Deep For Waters In Post Pink Floyd Days, by Keith leslie, September 1992
bar_1972.txt 11704
Syd Barrett Interview in Melody Maker -- March 27, 1971
bar_1978.txt 38883
Syd Barrett: Careening Through Life (Interview in Trouser Press, 1978)
bar_opel.txt 6934
Syd Barrett - Opel (a short story...)
bar_rc93.txt 2243
A New Home for Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd
bar_roio.txt 34681
A Long Descent into Syd Barrett
covrsong.txt 4672
Pink Floyd Songs recorded by Other Bands (March 6, 1993)
cowlberl.txt 12600
Dave Cowl's Review of the Berlin 1990 Concert by Roger Waters (August 29, 1990)
ctopgear.txt 4028
Pink Floyd: The Complete Top Gear Sessions
darkside.txt 6380
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Lyrics
drugsurv.txt 4992
Short Survey on Pink Floyd and Listeners' Drug Use (October 1992)
earlyper.txt 2804
A Chronological History of Early Pink Floyd Recordings, by Scott Frank, 1993
faq_jrf.txt 47174
A Pink Floyd Frequently Asked Questions
floyd1.txt 19608
The Pink Floyd Discography and Archive List
floydtou.txt 19503
List of Pink Floyd Records and Tours
gilmq90.txt 31011
Interview with David Gilmour (Q Magazine, September 1990)
gilmrc92.txt 12097
Interview with David Gilmour (Rock Compact Disk Magazine, September 1992)
gilmsour.txt 24764
Interview with David Gilmour from The Source Magazine
gilmus92.txt 12594
Interview with David Gilmour (Musician, August 1992)
globe92.txt 2138
Pink Floyd Loads Everything Into One Holiday Package, by Steve Morse, Boston Globe (November 20, 1992)
kaosintr.txt 1645
Introduction to the Video of Roger Waters' Radio KAOS
kaosxcrp.txt 14532
Transcript of the KAOS Shows from Radio KAOS by Roger Waters
melaug67.txt 5049
The Great Pink Floyd Mystery
meldec67.txt 4297
Hits? The Floyd Couldn't Care Less (December 9, 1967)
newsclip.txt 31930
Collection of Pink Floyd News Clippings
parsfe93.txt 6779
Guitar World interview with Alan Parsons, Feb. 1993
petrwatt.txt 9115
Peter Watts, Pink Floyd's Road Manager, Interview (May 1973) by Frank Torker
pf_iss01.txt 270167
Echoes Digest Volume 1 (Pink Floyd Mailing List)
pf_orac1.txt 4744
The Usenet Oracle and his opinion on Pink Floyd
pf_roio1.txt 43633
The Pink Floud Unauthorized Recording (Roio) List (September 9th, 1992)
pf_roio2.txt 38775
The Pink Floud Unauthorized Recording (Roio) List (September 9th, 1992) (Part 2)
pf_whosg.txt 15188
Lists of Vocalists of Pink Floyd Songs, compiled by Gerhard den Hollander
pfguests.txt 8688
Collaborations, Guest Appearances, and Production Work by Pink Floyd Members (April 18th, 1993)
pfloyd.mus 37212
Repent, Pink Floyd Adolators! (Musician Magazine August 1988)
pfloyd.txt 36697
Repent, Pink Floyd Idolaters!, from Musician Magazines, August 1988
pink.mus 84282
A very large smorgasbord of Pink Floyd Lyrics 25980
The Influence of Drugs and Insanity on Pink Floyd, by Perry Friedman Schlapback
pinkflyd.txt 10629
Report on the band Pink Floyd
pr94tour.txt 3733
Announcement for Pink Floyd 1994 Tour (November 30, 1993)
proconx.txt 28310
Description of Roger Water's Pros and Cons of Hitchiking Stage Show, by Tom Bowers
q_1991.txt 6444
Overview of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, in Q Magazine, May 1991
qthor92.txt 6049
Q Article on Hipgnosis, the Pink Floyd Design Team, December 1992
qwatr92.txt 17463
Interview with Roger Waters, Q Magazine, 1992
recol92a.txt 34063
Pink Floyd on CD: The Band Made for CD from Record Collector February 1992
shadpink.txt 42332
Interview with the members of Pink Floyd (1984)
shine_on.txt 6094
When is a Pink Floyd Box Set Not a Pink Floyd Box Set? by ICE Newsletter
soundbt.txt 30709
Some Various Sound Bites from the members of Pink Floyd
syd_roio.txt 8279
Interview with Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd (Roughly 1970, from Box Set)
sydnme74.txt 34706
Story about Syd Barrett, New Musical Express, April 13, 1974, by Nick Kent
tourlist.txt 28714
A List of Pink Floyd Concert Dates, 1967-
uk_disc1.txt 10825
A Complete UK Pink Floyd Discography
vid_tape.txt 29816
Large Collection of Bootleg Pink Floyd Videotapes List
w3_rkaos.txt 22929
Introduction and Lyrics to Roger Waters 'Radio KAOS' Album
watr1987.txt 33268
Roger Waters Interview w/Chris Salewicz, June 1987
watrbb90.txt 2868
BBC World Service Review with Roger Waters about the Berlin 1990 Wall Show
watrgr92.txt 18254
Interview with Roger Waters by German ATD, September 1992
watrla92.txt 11588
Roger Waters' Dark Side of the Tube, by Rockard Cromelin
watrno92.txt 36563
Interview with Roger Waters from Musician Magazine, November 1992
watrpent.txt 39855
Interview with Roger Waters, Penthouse Magazine, September 1988
watrrc92.txt 16988
Interview with Roger Waters, Rock Compact Disc Magazine, Issue 3, eptember 1992
watrrl93.txt 35055
Interview with Roger Waters, Rockline, February 8, 1992
watrwall.txt 33317
Interview with Roger Waters, Radio, Late 1979
wywhgilm.txt 11571
Interview with David Gilmour from the Wish You Were Here Songbook
wywhrogr.txt 25479
Review with Roger Waters from the Wish You Were Here Songbook

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