"Tag" Files

In the case of a lot of program collections out there, as well as archives of any computer-related sort, you will often find little one-page advertisements from the Group or BBS that distributed or created the file. In these small files, the entire essence of a BBS has to be presented and offered, with a plea or request to join in the fun. In some cases, there is no BBS to call, just a wish for acknowledgement of the superiority of that Group or Network. In these short files, you get offered the world.

Description of the Textfile
_synergy 2762
ANSI Tag File for the Synergy BBS
abc-gdoa.ans 27156
ANSI BBS Ad: Another Bad Creation in British Columbia (August 6, 1992)
alaska.dis 2911
ANSI BBS Ad for Alaska Online
azcenter.bbs 896
ANSI Tag file for the AZCenter BBS
azgenesi.bbs 1066
ANSI BBS Tag for the AZ Genesis BBS
azpark.bbs 1300
ANSI BBS Tag for the Arizona Park BBS
azunder.8bs 1248
ANSI BBS Tag for the AZ Underground BBS
bbs6g 2744
bcbadrx.ans 32876
ANSI BBS Ad for Bad Medicine BBS (1993)
biohazrd.604 10536
ANSI Ad for the Biohazard BBS
cmen.ans 1645
ANSI Ad for the C-Men: Finest Games from the Lads Down Under
ghost.ans 3932
ANSI BBS Ad for the Ghost Corps BBS
ki-tcs3.got 14785
ANSI BBS Ad for the Crime Scene BBS
krazy.txt 2087
maliclg2.ans 2889
netmenow.ans 3824
ANSI Tag File for the Blitz
pe-uloca.ans 34256
The Ultimate BBS (ANSI Animation Tag File, by Public Enemy)
posess.ans 2719
ANSI Add for PC Possession
rage.ans 1410
ANSI Ad for RAGE Magazine
readme.tbc 4032
ANSI Tag File for the Burning Church
risc.ans 3553
RISC: Rise in Superior Couriering ANSI Logo
technetg 2408
ANSI Ad for the Software Palace BBS
titanic.13 1934
ANSI Ad for the Titanic BBS
tos.ans 2968
ANSI Ad for the T.O.S. BBS
typeme.now 3430
ANSI Ad for Hellfire BBS
vp.ans 7656
ANSI Ad for the Vanishing Point BBS (by Rooster, 1993)

There are 26 files for a total of 177,023 bytes.