Piracy Textfiles: Applications to Join

Perhaps one of the wierdest sets of textfiles to have on here, these are applications to join Piracy groups. Achieving this level of organization both confirms some peoples' fears, but also gives real insight into what the priorities of the groups were. Personally, I find it more encouraging and fear-weakening than anything else: You see in here the typical clubhouse mindset of any small group; come join us, they say, and get some glory. Insightful.

Description of the Textfile
applic.txt 3534
Crimefighters Membership Application
apply.txt 4036
Application for Joining American Pirate Industries (July 12, 1989)
apply.yam 2512
Joining Youths Against McAffee
babyappt.txt 1878
Application to join Ultra Tech
barmem.app 1608
Application to join the Textfile-writing group BAR
barsite.app 1451
Application to become a BAR Distribution Site
cancer.app 1184
Application to join the CANCER Hacking/Phreaking Group
courier.app 7705
PE: Public Enemy Courier Application
courierh.app 3031
Application to be a Courier for The Humble Guys
dread.app 2614
Application to Join DREAD
dv8.app 1752
Application to join the DV8 Group
emc.nfo 2953
Applying to Join the Elite Mafia Against Copyright
generic.app 2895
Pirates Analyze Warez Reviewer Application
info.beg 6021
The ACiD Alliance: Being Elite Sucks. (Information Beg Form)
kortapp.nfo 2581
APPLICATION: The Knights of the Round Table
modreq.txt 2364
Application to Join Modders on Drugs (July 13, 1991)
mrgcour.app 3932
Application to Join the Textfile Writing Group MORGUE
mrgsite.app 3603
Application to become a Distro Site for the Morgue Textfile Writing Group
mrgwrit.app 4507
Application to become a Textfile Writer for the Morgue Textfile Group
paw.app 2430
Pirates Analyze Warez (PAW) Generic Application
planet.app 1879
Application to Join Phreaks of the Industry
reviewer.app 3339
Pirates Analyze Warez (PAW) Reviewer Application
rodapp.txt 1825
Application to Join the Riders of Death
rotbapp.txt 1408
The Reign of Terror Site Application Form
rotuapp.txt 2613
The Reign of Terror Member Application Form
site.rul 3460
How to Become a Morgue Distribution Site (Courier Group)
siteappt.txt 2553
Application to Join Ultra Tech
slaveapp.txt 4301
Application to become a Slave of The Humble Guys (February 24th, 1990)
tasd.app 5679
COURIER: The Association of Social Disorder
usacour.app 4490
Application to be a USA Courier
wizapp.txt 3594
Application to Join Wiznet

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