Piracy Textfiles: TDU-JAM

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Description of the Textfile
ascend.nfo 8552
TDU-JAM: Ascendancy from Logic Factory
destruct.nfo 7676
TDU-JAM: Destruction Derby from Psygnosis
fifa96.nfo 7851
TDU-JAM: FIFA Soccer 1996 from Electronics Arts
hommcd.nfo 9123
TDU-JAM: Heroes of Might and Magic CD-RIP
lbacrk.nfo 7395
TDU-JAM: Little Big Adventure from Adeline
mech2cd.nfo 9327
TDU-JAM: Mechwarrior II
mk3.nfo 7938
TDU-JAM: Mortal Kombat III GT Interactive
pitfall.nfo 9187
TDU-JAM: Pitfall: The Mayan Advanture
tdu-jam!.nfo 8470
TDU-JAM: Stonekeep from Interplay
tdu-jam0.nfo 10221
TDU-JAM: The Scroll CD-RIP by Psygnosis
tdu-jam1.nfo 9147
TDU-JAM: Al Unser Junior Racing CD-RIP by Mindscape
tdu-jam2.nfo 9049
TDU-JAM: Bicycle Classics by SWFTE
tdu-jam3.nfo 9525
TDU-JAM: Empire II by New World Computing
tdu-jam4.nfo 7852
TDU-JAM: Stereo World by Impact Software
tdu-jam5.nfo 8807
TDU-JAM: Jungle Strike CD-RIP by Gremlin Interactive
tdu-jam6.nfo 8255
TDU-JAM: Machiavelli: The Prince by Microprose
tdu-jam7.nfo 9270
TDU-JAM: Out of This World for Windows by Interplay
tdu-jam8.nfo 9295
TDU-JAM: Player Manager II *Cracked* by Anco
tdu-jam9.nfo 9297
TDU-JAM: Simcity 2000 Collection for Windows 1995 MAXIS
tdu0895.nfo 9206
TDU-JAM: Megaman X CD-RIP from Capcom
tduftd.nfo 7646
TDU-JAM: Fighter Duel by Philips
tdujam.nfo 7537
TDU-JAM: Virtual Pool CD-RIP by Interplay
tdujam0.nfo 6901
tdujam1.nfo 9378
TDU-JAM: Dungeon Master II by Interplay
tdujam2.nfo 9743
TDU-JAM: Uncharted Waters by KOEI
tdujam4.nfo 7728
TDU-JAM: Hoyle Classic Games by Sierra
tdujam5.nfo 8074
TDU-JAM: Parker Brothers' Monopoly by Westwood
tdujam6.nfo 7883
TDU-JAM: I have No Mouth and I Must Scream by Cyberdreams
tdujam7.nfo 7833
TDU-JAM: Thexder for Windows 95 by Sierra
tdujam8.nfo 8001
TDU-JAM: Tower (Real time Control Tower Simulator) BAO
tdujam9.nfo 7620
TDU-JAM: Thexder 800x600 Resolution Pack by Sierra
tdujama.nfo 7620
TDU-JAM: Thexder 1024x768 Resolution Packs by Sierra
tdujamb.nfo 7990
TDU-JAM: Capitalism by Interactive Magic
tdujamc.nfo 10639
TDU-JAM: Anvil of Dawn by New World Computing Inc.
tdujamd.nfo 7814
TDU-JAM: CIV-NET by Microprose
tdujame.nfo 7743
TDU-JAM: Capitalism Scenario Add-On by Interactive Magic
tdujamf.nfo 7678
TDU-JAM: Descent: levels of the World by interplay
tdujamg.nfo 10609
TDU-JAM: EF 2000 by Ocean
tdujamh.nfo 8152
TDU-JAM: Ecco the Dolphin by Sega
tdujami.nfo 7808
TDU-JAM: Great Naval Battles Vol 4. by SSI
tdujaml.nfo 7696
TDU-JAM: Locus by Zombie
tdujamm.nfo 7790
TDU-JAM: PBA Bowling by Bethesda Softworks
tduwc.nfo 8207
TDU-JAM: Warcraft 2 by Blizzard Entertainment

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