Piracy Textfiles: Unprotects

The raging debate aside, in these files you find instructions on how to unprotect various pieces of software so they could be copied freely. In some cases, the attempt is to make it so the program can be run on a hard drive instead of the 256kb floppy that came with the software. In others, people try to make it easier to install among multiple machines or make a needed backup copy of programs that cost them hundreds of dollars.

An interesting subtext is the myriad ways that are used to prevent copying the software. A battle still being waged.

Description of the Textfile
123.unp 706
Unprotect for Lotus 123 by Gene Plantz
123new.unp 640
Unprotect for Lotus 123 (Revised)
123star.unp 1152
UNPROTECT: Lotus 123 Release 1A
123v201.unp 2816
UNPROTECT: Lotus Version 2.01 Upgrade
aardvark.unp 3712
Unprotect: Aardvark McGraw-Hill Financial Software, by JRE
artwork.unp 2944
How to Unprotect "Artwork" by West End Film (Version 2.43)
banner.unp 2048
Unprotect: Banner Builder from Power Up (1983)
bardtal1 16653
Walkthrough for The Bard's Tale
bchess2.fix 441
UNPROTECT: Battle Chess 2 Fix
bic-sol2.nfo 5022
UNPROTECT: Bicycle Solitaire v2.01 by Swfte of the Humble Guys
book.unp 1408
Unprotect: Little Black Book by Cignet Technologies
brushwrk.unp 1792
Unprotect: Brushwork by West End Film (Version 2.43)
carbonc.unp 896
Unprotect: Carbon Copy Version 2.14
caveman.unp 428
UNPROTECT: Caveman Ugh-Lympics
cent-unp.txt 455
UNPROTECT: Centurion by Electronic Arts
ch-krynn.txt 637
Sector-Editing Out Copy-Protection in Champions of the Krynn
chartmas.unp 3465
UNPROTECT: Chartmaster Version 6.04 (With Excellent Anti-Pay-BBS Rant)
chtmas61.unp 1024
Unprotect: Chartmaster
civ-crac 12938
Using a Sector Editor to Do All Sorts of Insane Things in Civilization (October 11, 1992)
civ.unp 1854
An Unprotect for Civilization
clout256.unp 3328
Unprotect: CLOUT v1.0
clout384.unp 3456
Unprotect: R:Base 4000, from The ASP
code_whl.txt 7900
copywrit.unp 2304
Unprotect: Copywrit, February Release
dallas.hnt 865
Unprotect DALLAS QUEST BY Datasoft by Software Pirates, INC
dambust.hnt 1232
Unprotect "The Dambusters" from Accolade (March 25, 1985)
dambust.unp 1083
Unprotect: The Dambusters, from Accolade
db3.unp 2089
Unprotect: DBASE III
db3v30.txt 6784
UNPROTECT: Dbase III (November 2, 1984)
dba.unp 2409
Unprotect: DBASE Administrator 1.0, by Perry Simm (March 28, 1986)
diagm501.unp 3456
Unprotect: Diagram Master 5.01
diagraph.unp 2202
Unprotect: Diagraph 3.31
diagrm50.unp 1024
Unprotect: Diagram Master v5.0
dol&sen.unp 1838
Unprotect: Dollars and Sense (December 22, 1985)
doubldos.unp 4352
UNPROTECT: DoubleDOS from the Lone Vector
elecdesk.unp 768
Unprotect: Electric Desk v1.04
enable.unp 1280
Unprotect: Enable System Disk
ewbackup.unp 2304
Unprotect: Easywriter 1.0
fastback.unp 2688
Unprotect: FASTBACK, from Fifth Generation
flghtsim.unp 972
Unprotect: Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.00
focus405.unp 768
Unprotect: FOCUS Activator Diskette
frmwrk2.unp 5248
Unprotect: Breaking Framework II's Softguard 2.03 protection, by The Lone Victor
gato2.unp 640
Unprotect: Gato (November 8, 1985)
gclisp.unp 7936
Unprotect: GCLIST (Version 2.0)
grafwrtr.unp 3200
Unprotect: Graphwriter version 4.21
harvard.unp 10014
Unprotect: Harvard Project Manager v1.1
ibmasst.unp 7296
Unprotect: IBM Assistant Series
info.inc 723
UNPROTECT: Fix for Initial Buck Rogers
kq2.unp 2788
Unprotect: King's Quest II by Sierra Online
layout.unp 512
Unprotect:L Prokey 3.0
ll2unpro.txt 6400
UNPROTECT: Leisure Suit Larry II by Edqrd H. Currie, Ph. D
loadcalc.unp 1152
Unprotect: LoadCalc version 4.13
many.unp 4472
UNPROTECT: DBase III Version 1.10 by The Lone Victor
memshift.unp 512
Unprotect: dBase III version 1.10 by The Lone Victor
memshift2.unp 459
Unprotecting Lotus 1-2-3
ml28-30.unp 3328
Unprotect: Multilink version 2.08
mlink206.unp 2560
Unprotect: Multilink Version 2.06
mlink207.unp 2048
Unprotect: Multilink version 2.07
mp.unp 1792
Unprotect: Mind Prober, by Warren Auyong
ms2.unp 1536
Unprotect: Memory Shift Master
msword.unp 2176
Unprotect: MS Word
mymall.unp 4096
Unprotect: Money Manager
new123.unp 640
UNRPOTECT: Lotus 1-2-3
new123un.v1a 1024
UNPROTECT: Lotus 1-2-3 Version 1a
newsroom.unp 1664
Unprotect: Newsroom
pcdraw.unp 2884
Unprotect: PCDRAW
pcdraw14.unp 2688
Unprotect: PC-DRAW version 1.4 by Against Software Protection
pcm.unp 512
Unprotect: IBM Personal Communications Manager v1.0
pfs-prog.unp 3200
Unprotect: PFS File, PFS Report, PFS Write
pfsreset.unp 2909
Unprotect: Resetting the Number of Hard Disk Installs Back to 5 for PFS Programs
police2.txt 4608
UNPROTECT: Police Quest II Descriptions
pool15.unp 896
Unprotect: POOL 1.5
printshp.unp 1920
Unprotect: Print Shop
prokey.unp 1060
Unprotect: ProKey (version 3.0)
pshop.unp 1792
Unprotect: Print Shop, by Stealth Pirates Corp 1986
rb4000.unp 3584
Unprotect: R:Base 4000 v1.11 (June 4, 1984)
samna.unp 2560
Unprotect: Samna Word II
sargon3.unp 1152
Unprotect: Sargon III
sierrunp.txt 7898
Unprotect: All Sierra Games Using the Version 3.0 Sierra.COM Game Loader (July 11, 1988)
silntser.unp 2781
Unprotect: Silent Service by Micro Prose
sinmas51.unp 1024
Unprotect: SINMAS 5.1
sk100a.unp 629
Unprotect: Sidekick
sk111a.unp 2304
Unprotect: Sidekick version 1.11A
skv15.unp 1792
Unprotect: Sidekick Version 1.5 by Steve Schauer
spss_fix.unp 1215
Unprotect: SpssFix Files
symph.txt 1408
Unprotecting Lotus' Symphony
symphony.unp 2560
Unprotect: Symphony v1.00
synciv.nfo 3241
UNPROTECT: Cheat for Sid Mierer's: Civilization by Platinum! of the Humble Guys
tank.unp 4096
Unprotect: ThinkTank Version 1.00
thinkfix.unp 1430
Unprotect: Thinktank v2.0
time-mgr.unp 1104
Unprotect: IBM Time Manager
tknew.unp 5760
Unprotect: TK!Solver
trivia.unp 1280
Unprotect: Trivia Fever
ultima.unp 2790
Unprotect: Ultima II
unp123.txt 640
UNPROTECT: Lotus 1-2-3 from the Big Apple BBS
updenab.unp 1152
Unprotect: Enable 1.00
visicalc.unp 2560
Unprotect: Visicalc
war.unp 2304
Unprotect: Ancient Art of War, by Broderbund
word.unp 2304
Unprotect: MS Word
word20.unp 2123
Unprotect: MS Word 2.0
ws2000.unp 4992
Unprotect: Wordstar 2000 version 1.00 by Gerald Lee
xenocopy.unp 4864
Unprotect: XenoCopy Plus v.109
zork12.unp 1536
Unprotect: Zork III, by Infocom
zork3.unp 1024
Unprotect: Zork III

There are 104 files for a total of 280,925 bytes.