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ai.sf 46871
Artificial Intelligence List - v2.3 (List of Science Fiction Books with Artificial Intelligence)
ai010023.txt 64979
An Implementation of Discourse Representation Theory by Michael A. Covington and Nora Schmitz
ai010024.txt 64525
From English to Prolog via Discourse Representation Theory by Michael A. Covington, Donald Nute, Nora Schmitz, David Goodman
ai198901.txt 128423
GULP 2.0: An Extension of Prolog for Unification-Based Grammar by Michael A. Covington
ai198902.txt 22316
A Numerical Equation Solver in Prolog by Michael A. Covington
ai198904.txt 39042
Problems in Applying Discourse Representation Theory, by William H. Smith
ai198908.txt 39908
Efficient Prolog: A Practical Guide by Michael A. Covington
ai199001.txt 98985
A Dependency Parser for Variable-Word-Order Languages by Michael A. Covington
ai199002.txt 105380
Handling Constrained Clauses in Discourse Representation Theory by William H. Smith
ai199101.txt 119482
SALMON: A temperamental Program that Learns by Gregg H. Rosenberg
alife 15748
The Evolution of Computer Worms (Discussion)
code_ai.txt 6439
Some Ideas on Programming Useful AI for Video Games, from Andew Luppnow and Peer Sommerlund (December 2, 1994)
deeptht.txt 6444
The Story of Deep Thought, the Computer Chess Champion
dobbs.txt 29312
A Survey of Neural Networks by Jeannette Lawrence
excuse.gen 8832
Towards the Automatic Generation of Excuses, by David Throop 22016
Financial Predictions with Neural Networks
fracai.txt 8022
AI and Mandelbrot Calculations
news13.txt 3279
Where are the Membership Functions and Rules Stored in FIDE?
pratt.txt 24704
The Use of a Neural Network in Nondestructive Testing by Donald G. Pratt, Mary Sansalone and Jeannette Lawrence, April 25, 1990 4726
Internet Posts on Porgramming Game Artifical Intelligence, by Tim Triemstra (December 12, 1994) 15616
Predicting the Stock Market with Neural Networks, by Jeannette Lawrence 5859
Some Strategies for Designing Useful Game Artifical Intelligence, by Andrew Luppnow (December 2, 1994)
thexvirt.tes 6574
The Ultimate Turing Test: Rough Draft #1 by David Barberi

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