Programming Textfiles: The Amiga

It was hard for me not to go completely over the top for the Commodore Amiga when I became aware of it in 1985. Here was a machine incredible graphics, stunning sound, amazing games, and a general sense that the thing could do most anything. I wasn't the only one; Amigas are still in use to this day for professional graphics work and video editing. But at the time, it just changed everything. Here's some files discussing the minutae of being a programmer on the Amiga.

Description of the Textfile
020_asm.txt 33033
Optimizations for the 68020+ by Erik H. Bakke
881_asm.txt 26353
FPU Assembler Programming by Erik H. Bakke (October 13, 1993)
a5000.txt 5001
The First Reports of the A-5000
acos.txt 14553
Computing Texture-Map Coordinates on a Ray Tracer
adocengl.txt 25991
ADoc (Amiga Utility) documentation (1990)
adsrules.txt 22269
Amiga Distribution System Information File (April 6, 1990)
aflwhq.msb 896
amiga12 11132
Review of the Commodore Amiga 1200 Computer
amiga401 24545
Review of the Amirga Computer 4000
amigabbs.txt 534
Tag File for the EDOX BBS
amigmach.faq 12837
The AmigaMACH FAQ (January 1, 1993)
amirisfa.txt 20793
RJ Mical's take on the Amiga Computer's Rise and Fall
amylives.txt 19864
Commodore Lets Amiga Die Slow Death, by Phillip Robinson (San Jose)
anews3.txt 22688
Amiga News III
antialia.txt 6595
What is Anti-Aliasing?
article 28109
Autorouting with the A* Algorithm
bbs_ads.txt 1469
Tag File for the Sarcastic Existence BBS
dox.nfo 1337
Tag File for the Hackers Heaven BBS
errorcod.txt 8822
AmigaDOS Error Codes: An Explanation
fastline.dis 1498
Tag Line for the Pastime BBS
gurus.txt 2300
Figuring Out the Guru Meditations
hard1200.txt 13434
No Secret Information Issue 1 (Decmber 24, 1992)
iff.txt 8891
Intro to Amiga IFF/ILBM Files and Amiga Viewmodes by Carolyn Scheppner, Commodore Amiga Technical Support
importan.nfo 1522
Tag file for the Shadow Gang BBS
info_doc.txt 1718
TAG File for the Outloaws SHQ
intro.txt 23716
Introduction to the Amiga Computer
lha.tex 487
Tag file for the Skidrow HQ
mainline.dis 1305
Tag file for the Sonic Mainline BBS
mapamiga.txt 414988
Mapping the Amiga by Rhett Anderson and Randy Thompson
noise.txt 11777
Noisetracker: An improvement over Soundtracker (August 1989)
pro.txt 58752
Documentation for Protracker v2.2 (1992)
protrack.ami 4510
Protracker 1.0C Module Format
star.txt 14212
Startrekker 1.2 Documentation (November 19, 1990)
suff_txt.dis 1240
Tagfile for Suffocation BBS
tbrad_tx.dis 626
Tag file for The Boiler Room BBS
techart2.txt 3324
Official Warning to ROM-Jumpers, Structure-Hackers and Others
techart3.txt 8065
Attention Game Vendors: Stop Screwing with Disk Hardware
techart4.txt 2815
The Official Way to Reboot an Amiga, by Bryce Nesbitt (1988)
techart5.txt 4726
Disk Drives: What are YOU doing wrong?
techart6.txt 4540
How to Waste Time on an Amiga
terror.tag 1851
Tag file for the BONE BBS
tslad_tx.dis 851
Tag File for the Silents War BBS
tutorial.txt 8444
Some Recommendations for Doing a Game on the Amiga
undrgnd.tag 828
Tag File for the Synchron City BBS
vectors 54066
Vectors: How to Code Vectordemos by Asterix of Movement

There are 45 files for a total of 937,307 bytes.