Programming Textfiles: Cryptography

A goal of all communicators, as far back as time records, is to ensure that those communications reach the right people and don't fall into the hands of others. To this end, codes and passwords and ciphers have been created to make it so anyone intercepting a communication is unable to know what the message is.

This goal has come into the computer era in the form of encrypted e-mail and secure networking, and the politics that have arisen as a result are what have brought a strong awareness of government policy and social change to computing. This directory contains both technical and political discussions.

Description of the Textfile
2xdesfou.txt 6795
Nx2 DES Found Weak by Terry Ritter of Ritter Software Engineering (February 11, 1994)
2xisolat.txt 10270
2x Isolated Double-DES: Another Weak Two-Level DES Structure, by Terry Ritter of Ritter Software Engineering (February 16, 1994)
4212582_.par 19559
Patent for Public Key Cryptographic Apparatus and Method
4405829.riv 94246
Cryptographic Communications System and Method Patent (RSA)
4424414.hel 31340
Exponentiation cryptographic apparatus and method (1984)
4562305.gaf 19925
Software cryptographic apparatus and method Patent (1985)
a-crypt.txt 23673
A Call to Arms in 1992 to Free Cryptography
arrl.txt 19296
Overview of some Basic Cryptographic Schemes
atalynx.txt 9546
Discussion of How Different Console Systems Handled Encryption
authenc.txt 16951
The Telnet Authetication Option with Encryption Draft, from the IETF (July 1992)
blowfish.cry 31630
Description of a New Variable-Length Key, 64-Bit Block Cipher (Blow Fish) and Bruce Schneier
breaking.des 11261
Is DES Breakable?
chaum_di.txt 34187
The Dining Cryptographers Problem: Unconditional Sender and Recipient Untraceability by David Chaum
cipher1.txt 4374
Computer Ciphering by Steve Harrison of the San Diego IBM PC User SIG
clipper.txt 12777
Statement by the White House Announcing the Clipper Chip (April 16, 1993)
code.txt 17664
Cracking the Code by Mark. D. Uehling
crossbow 29200
From Crossbows to Cryptography: Thwarting the State Via Technology
cryp.txt 16213
Data Encryption Fast and Secure by Harry J. Smith
crypt.pri 15965
Simple Cryptography, by a Simple Cryptographer, typed in by Dave Ferret of The Works
crypt.txt 345988
Public Key Cryptography, by James Nechvatal of the Security Technology Group (December, 1990)
cryptfaq.txt 122400
FAQ: Cryptography FAQ Version 1.0 (January 11, 1994)
cryptloj.txt 12468
Cryptology as defined by Grolier Electronic Publishing
crypto.dic 28115
Cryptography Glossary by Timothy C. May
crypto.tch 12795
The Rises of Teaching About Computers and the Law
cryptogr.txt 65831
Cryptography: Trends in Techology and Policy, by Hoffman, Ali, Heckler, and Huybrechts (December 5, 1993)
cryptoma 3925
The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto by Timothy C. May
cryptprg.txt 346781
Public Key Cryptography, by James Nechvatal of National Institute of Standards and Technology (December 1990)
des.txt 23285
On the Digital Encryption Standard
des_nist.txt 22446
The Data Encryption Standard Fact Sheet
dss.txt 34816
A Proposed Federal Information Processing Standard for Digital Signature Standard (DSS) (1991)
hideseek.txt 8685
DOCUMENTATION: Hide and Seek v1.1: Hide Information in GIF Files
ideafast.txt 9830
A Quick IDEA, was: Speed of DES/IDEA implementations (Cryptography using IDEA) by Bryan Olson
intro.txt 2669
PRESS RELEASE: NIST Proposes Computer Security "Digital Signature" Standard (1991)
ladderbl.txt 4241
Large Block DES Newsletter (Volume 1, Number 1) February 28, 1994, by Terry Ritter
ladderde.txt 11088
Ladder-DES: A Proposed Candidate to Replace DES by Terry Ritter (February 22, 1994)
legal_kl.txt 4095
How to Legally Circumvent PGP 2.6's Legal Kludge by Paul Elliott (July 19, 1994)
merkle.txt 85054
A Software Encryption Function, by Ralph C. Merkle
mutation.txt 20015
DOCUMENTATION: MUTATi0N: Cryptography for Hackers/Phreakers & Others Version 1.1 by Professor Falken (July 27, 1991)
ncsatelnpw.hac 4683
Eric thinks this new Cryptography scheme sucks
nist-cry.txt 346030
Public-Key Cryptography: NIST Special Publication 800-2 by James Nechvatal of the Security Technology Group (April 1991)
nortons_.txt 8612
Norton's InDiskreet, by Peter Gutmann (November 11, 1993)
nsapaper.txt 23411
Written Response from the NSA Regarding Cyptography, by Joe Abernathy of the Houston Chronicle (June 10, 1992)
pax.inf 14112
Information about Anonymous & Privacy-Enhanced Posting (November 20, 1992)
pfaq.asc 8565
NoiseNet Privacy Echo Frequently Asked Questions (March 16th, 1994)
pgp.faq 84116
FAQ: (December 19th, 1993)
pgp20faq.txt 9349
pgp26mit.txt 15265
Questions and Answers about MIT's Release of PGP 2.6 by Hal Abelson, Jeff Schiller, Brian LaMacchia, and Derek Atkins (June 2, 1994)
pgpdoc1.txt 81069
The PGP User's Guide by Philip Zimmermann (May 22, 1994)
pgpdoc2.txt 118436
The PGP User's Guide Volume II: Special Topics by Philip Zimmerman (May 22, 1994)
pgpfaq.txt 145330
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions: Alt.Security.PGP (May 25, 1995)
pgpfaq1.txt 34361
FAQ: Alt.Security.PGP (May 25, 1995)
pgpfaq2.txt 54914
FAQ: Alt.Security.PGP (May 25, 1995) (Part II)
pgpfaq3.txt 56055
FAQ: Alt.Security.PGP (May 25, 1995) (Part III)
pgpjump.txt 17543
A Pretty Good Privacy Jump Start
pgptb.txt 22579
The PGP Time Bomb FAQ (August 16, 1994)
polygona.txt 8611
The Cryptographic Uses of Polygonal Sequences by C. David Colston
pow_code.txt 9912
American POW Communication Codes
rabin-al.txt 8111
Description of the Rabin Public Key Cryptosystem (August 24, 1990)
rsa_news.txt 47625
Ciphertext: The RSA Newsletter Volume 1 Number 1 (Fall, 1993)
rsafaq.txt 169559
FAQ: Frequently Asked QUestions about Today's Cryptography by Paul Fahn of RSA Laboratories (September 20, 1993)
rsaisbro.txt 12306
Public Key Cryptography is Easy to Break by William H. Payne (October 16, 1990)
sapphire.txt 20404
Information on the Sapphire Stream Cipher, from Michael Johnson (December 10, 1994)
secdrv.txt 40944
DOCUMENTATION: Secure Drive v1.3c by Edgar Swank
shr_ware.txt 28061
What is Shareware and What is the ASP? by MacGregor K. Phillips (1994)
shs_doc.txt 24687
The Secure Hash Standard by Dennis Branstad of NIST
simpcryp.txt 4719
Simple Data Encryption or Digital Electronics 101 by The leftist
skipjack.txt 27131
Skipjack Review: The Skipjack Algorithm by Brickell, Denning, Kent, Maher, Tuchman (July 28, 1993)
techdes.txt 42290
Technical Information on Validated DES Devices (May 1991)
theory.des 72211
A Survey of Data Encryption by John A. Thomas
ww_pgp_a.txt 29669
Zimmerman's PGP: A Cure for the Common Code (October 3, 1993)
zimmerma.txt 14505
The Testimony of Philip Zimmermann to the Subcommittee for Economic Policy, Trade, and the Environment (October 12, 1993)

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