Programming Textfiles: Format Specifications

Description of the Textfile 19632
Stereo CAD-3D 2.0 Communication Pipeline Specification, by Tom Hudson 13271
Minimum Requirements for Creating a DXF Model of a 3d Object, by Paul Bourke 13298
3D Studio File Format, by Autodesk (Version 0.8) 6348
The .669 Music File Format, by Prime/Inertia 27962
"8SVX" IFF 8-Bit Sampled Voice, by Steve Hayes and Jerry Morrison, Electronic Arts
acr-nema.txt 2275
Information on the ACR-NEMA Medical Image Transfer Standard 66680
Advanced Music Formats - Document version 1.0, By Jamal Hannah 2/11/94
anim7.txt 29961
ADMIN: An IFF Format for CEL Animations (Description of Format)
animfile.txt 5725
Format of DeluxePaint ANM (Anim) Files 5592
Control Sequences in ANSI (VT100) Mode
ansix364.txt 15930
ANSI Standard (X3.64) Control Sequences for Video Terminals and Peripherals
appnote.hac 28137
PKWare's Description of the Format of a ZIP File 5557
Comparison of ARC and LBR Compression Schemes
arc_fmts.txt 10708
The ARC File Header Structure
asciival.txt 4332
ASCII (as defined in ANSI standard X3.4)
async-fa.tr3 16515
The Class 1 DTE-DCE Interface Standard
audiof23.txt 57268
FAQ: Audio File Formats (version 2.3) by Guido van Rossum
autodesk.txt 37697
Animator Pro File Format Information
ccitt-t4.txt 17035
The CCITT Standard for Fax Transmissions
ccitt.t4 17034
CCITT Specification for Group 3 Fax Transmissions
cgm.txt 2564
Description of the CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile) Format
class_1.txt 34755
Class 1 Fax Commands for Supra Faxmodems
cmf.txt 7782
Creative Labs File Formats (SBI/CMF/IBK) by Mark Feldman
cmf_form.txt 3828
Description of the Format of CMF Files, by Adam Wiggins 9129
1985 Document describing CRC modifications to the Ward Christensen protocol
dbasefil.inf 3892
The DBASE III Database File Structure
dxf_r12_ 142143
Drawing Interchange and File Formats Release 12
ea.iff 64635
The Electronic Arts Standard for Interchange Format Files, by Jerry Morrison, Electronic Arts
emd_form.txt 14017
EMD module/song format for (A)dvanced 16-(B)it (T)racker ABT by Dirk of ELASTIK 11264
The .EXE File Structure 1516
The FaceSaver Format Revealed, by Lou Katz
far-form.txt 18679
Format Specifications for the .FAR Music Module Format
fli_flc.txt 10827
Format Description of the .FLI and .LC Movie Specification by Mike Haaland
flifor.mat 7266
Description of the .FLI File Format by Autodesk 2816
Current MS-DOS 1.xx - 2.xx Disk Formats
fossil.txt 35452
Fundamentals of FOSSIL implementation and use, by Rick Moore, Solar Wind Computing (v5.0)
fsc-0056.001 53548
EMSI/IEMSI Protocol Definitions by Joaquim H. Homrighausen
fsc-0056.asc 53548
EMSI/IEMSI Protocol Definitions by Joaquim H. Homrighausen
ftk-form.txt 2404
Format of the Fastracker Music Module Header, v1.0 by Fredrik Huss
gif.txt 31787
Information on the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) Graphics Format
gif87a.txt 32477
Information on the 1987a Revision of the Graphics Interchange Format
gif89a.txt 85485
Information on the GIF89a Revision of the GIF Format
glformat.txt 29501
The Format of GRASP Animation Files by George Phillips
iff.txt 64642
"EA IFF 85" Standard for Interchange Format Files by Jerry Morrison of Electronic Arts
ilbm 21045
"ILBM" IFF Interleaved Bitmap by Jerry Morrison of Electronic Arts
jpegjfif 15666
JPEG File Interchange Format v1.02
level2.inf 30224
Postscript Level 2 - Questions and Answers
lib.txt 4325
The Components of the Microsoft Library Format created by the Basic Compiler
limspec.mem 167724
The Lotus/Intel/Microsoft Expanded Memory Specification v3.2
ludef5.txt 16640
Definition of the .LBR Format, by Gary P. Novosielski
lxexe.txt 78901
LX - Linear eXecutable Module Format Description
med-efx.txt 84125
MED Music Editor Format v3.2, by Teijo Kinnunen
med-form.txt 27479
MED/OctaMED MMD0 and MMD1 File Format Information, by Teijo Kinnunen
mod-form.txt 19787
Noisetracker/Soundtracker/Protracker Module Format Information
modform.txt 17515
Amiga (ProTracker) module format
modulesg.txt 6753
Sound Tracker Module File Format by Steven W. Green
mtm-efx.txt 45534
All About the MultiModule Module Tracker Format and Usage
mtm-form.txt 4431
A Summary of the MultiTracker MTM Format
mus_form.txt 13436
The .MUS File Format (For Music)
naplps.asc 121736
Specification for the On-Line Graphics Format NAPLPS
nff-wtk.txt 12000
Overview of the Neutral ASCII File Format (NFF)
off.txt 60953
OFF: A 3-D Object File Format, by Randi J. Rost of Digital Equipment Corporation
okt-form.txt 12930
The Format of the OKTALYZER Music File
p16-form.txt 20179
Format of the Protracker Studio 16 (PS16) Header
pcx.txt 21254
The PCX (Publisher's Paintbrush) Graphics File Format Explained
pds_form.txt 3363
The Planetary Data System / Protable Data Specification Image Format (PDS) by M.D. Martin
pgcspec.txt 6175
PGC Portfolio Graphics Compressed File Specification, by Don Messerli, Software Vineyard
phst1-4 114169
Phirst Amendment, Volume #1, Issue #4, from KAoS 45249
Large Overview of all Atari ST Picture File Formats
pix_fmt.txt 10018
Picture File Formats by Bob Montgomery 09/21/1990
progss.txt 2762
Some Notes on Programming for the Disney Sound Source
protocol.mnp 37417
Error Correction in Modems, and the MNP Protocol, by Greg Pearson
protolo.txt 15625
A Sketch of an Architecture-Independent Object Code Format by Ola Fosheim Groestad
q88173.txt 2421
ODBC Setup for Access and SQL Server
riffform.txt 28551
RIFF Wave (.wav) File Format by Rob Ryan
rll.txt 13976
RLL Encoding and What It Does to Drives
rtfspec.txt 91776
The Rich Text Format (RTF) Specification
s3m-form.txt 17502
Scream Tracker 3.01 BETA File Formats And Mixing Info 4444
Amiga "StarTrekker" MOD format, by Bjorn Wessen 19826
Stream Tracker 3.0 File Formats and Mixing Info
t3d_doc1.txt 35929
Imagine 3.0 Object File Format, by S. Kirvan, Impulse, 1994
t3d_doc2.txt 16589
Imagine 3.0 Texture File Format, by S. Kirvan, Impulse, 1994 46308
Information on the Targa Format, from AT&T 91204
Introduction to The Internet Protocols, by the Computer Science Facilities Group of Rutgers University, NJ 1987 23672
Description of Turbo Silver Object format, by Helge Rasmussen 8030
Mysterious's ULTRA TRACKER File Format by FreeJack of The Elven Nation (Information on version 1.3) 8712
Mysterious's ULTRA TRACKER File Format, by FreeJack of the Elven Nation (Information on version 1.4/5) 2153
Greg figures out most of the .VOC Format 2566
John chimes in with further analysis of the .VOC Format 33233
The RIFF Wave (.WAV) Format Explained
whatisps.txt 30720
Beginner's introduction to the PostScript language, by Don Lancaster
wow-form.txt 855
The IBM "WOW" Format, by "Mod's Grave" (aka "Grave Composer") 23652
An overview of the XGA Graphics Protocol, by Jake Richter
xmformat.mus 9787
The XM module format description for XM files version $0104 by Mr. H of Triton 63369
Xmodem, Ymodem and Zmodem Protocols, by Peter Boswell 66560
XModem and Ymodem Reference by Chuck Forsberg
zipispec.inf 2325
ZIPI (Zeta Instrument Processor Interface, a Proposed replacement for MIDI 121860
The ZMODEM Inter Application File Transfer Protocol by Chuck Forsberg

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