Programming Textfiles: Fuzzy Logic

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air_cond.txt 8756
Using Fuzzy Logic for Air Conditioning Systems
auto_trn.txt 7913
Using Fuzzy Logic in an Automatic Transmission
brub1.txt 6287
The Huntington Technical Brief By David Brubaker Ph.D. (A Fuzzy Web Tension Controller)
brub2.txt 8945
The Huntington Technical Brief By David Brubaker Ph.D. (Dynamic Extent of Fuzzy Variables) 8235
Using Fuzzy Inference to determine the proper focus distance in an automatic camera
fuzzwash.txt 9717
Using Fuzzy Logic with a Washing Machine
fuzzy.txt 22656
Fuzzy Systems: A Tutorial, by James F. Brule'
fuzzy3.txt 27378
Complete contents of the booklet "Clearly Fuzzy" by OMRON Corporation, 1993
motor.txt 15194
Programming a Machine in Fuzzy Intelligence to Grasp Several Different Kinds of Balls
news1.txt 5712
Fuzzy Logic is Anything But Fuzzy: Interview with Professor Lotfi Zadeh, Computer Design, 1992
news10.txt 1179
A Brief Answer to "What is Fuzzy Logic?"
news11.txt 17933
What is the Fuzzy Inference Development Environment, by Aptronix
news12.txt 2318
We Ask Again: What is Fuzzy Logic?
news2.txt 3297
NASA Eyes Range of Fuzzy Control Ideas in Space, Computer Design, 1992
news3.txt 2077
Fuzzy Logic Will Make Cars Smarter, from Computer Design, 1992
news4.txt 3475
Fuzzy Mug Search Helps Cops Catch Crooks, from Computer Design
news5.txt 8907
The Seven Noble Truths of Fuzzy Logic, by Ear Cox, April 1992 Computer Design
news6.txt 5368
Comments on Designing with Traditional PID Control vs. Fuzzy Logic Control
reactor.txt 39397
An Introduction to using Fuzzy Logic in Nuclear Reactors 13412
Using Fuzzy Logic in Automatic Temperature Control

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