Fighter Video Games

Like most of the major "Genres" of video games, the Fighter, or Fighting-themed video game, has roots almost from the beginning of the industry (one could think of air hockey and games like "pong" as fighters, if you were feeling charitable). and had a few classic examples all through the first decade of video games, but then a game (it could have been Virtua Fighter, Mortal Kombat, or Street Fighter) caught the imagination and exploded into a massive industry, with media tie-ins, dozens of sequals and modifications, and, most important to this site, a near monastic-like dedication to the specific moves, actions, and rules of the different fighting games.

In this section you see people who have meticulously recounted the exact combinations and moves for all the characters in these fighter games, as well as speculation about the best general strategies, the easter eggs and secrets that have been discovered revealed before you with pride, and even recounting of the histories of the different characters, trying to find the plots and sub-plots behind why these characters fight. The craftsmanship in the files is sometimes quite amazing, as is the willingness to life the information wholecloth from any source they can find, never checking for accuracy. This is, after all, a subculture built on bravado and style, and whoever can claim to know the newest and the best information wins. This is as indulgent and involved as you can get.

Description of the Textfile
aof2dict.txt 26341
The Art of Fighting 2 Dictionary (September 20, 1994)
aof2move.txt 35636
The Art of Fighting 2 Move Dictionary (September 20, 1994)
aof2quik.txt 5519
The Art of Fighting 2 Quick Sheet (September 20, 1994)
artfight.txt 11450
The Art of Fighting Move Lists
boffaq 41183
The Breath of Fire FAQ Verion 0.7 (November 5, 1994)
cffaq 9076
The official Clay Fighters FAQ Version v2.1 (March 4, 1995)
cfml 5220
The Clayfighter Moves List version2, by the Zotmeister
clayfght.txt 6531
Clayfighter for the SNES Guide by the Zotmeister
dbzfaq 9245
Dragon Ball Z Super Butohden 2 Moves and Documentation by Songoku of CENSOR
ddragonv.txt 6905
Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls ZotGuide, by the Zotmeister
drkstalk.txt 7752
DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors FAQ (short form) version 1.3 (November 20, 1994) by Galen Komatsu and Jamie Klein
eternalc 18986
Eternal Champions FAQ by Adam Rixey (Version 0.2) January 22, 1994
eternalc.ham 14695
Document Of Moves in Eternal Champions
etrnchmp.str 50589
Eternal Champions Opponent Strategies
etrnchmp.txt 76889
Eternal Champions FAQ Version 1.3 by Dave Woodall (June 30, 1994)
fighthst.dyn 17845
Fighter's History Dynamite Moves Listing
kasumi.txt 12436
The Unofficial Kasumi Ninja FAQ v1.5 by Svensson
ki_1pg.txt 10218
Killer Instinct One page FAQ Version 5.2 by Immortal Spam (1994)
ki_glac.txt 13516
Killer Instinct Version 1.4 by Galactus
ki_tj.txt 9874
TJ Combo Mini-FAQ Version 1.0 by Dylan G (1995)
kihints.txt 22710
The FINAL Killer Instinct Hint File (December 30, 1994)
killinst.txt 22127
Killer Instinct FAQ Version 3.0 (1994)
knuklhds.txt 27723
Knuckle Heads Moves, Description, & Strategy Guide by Bethany Cox (September 13, 1993)
kof_adde.txt 5053
The King of Fighters 1994 FAQ Addendum
kof_info.txt 13625
The King Of Fighters '94 FAQ (1994)
kof_move.txt 30635
The King Of Fighters '94 FAQ Release 5
kof_quik.txt 3987
King of Fighters '94 Ten-Key Quickshee Release 5
martlchp.txt 5920
Martial Champion FAQ (August 1, 1994)
mcstrat.txt 35413
The Martial Champions Strategy Guide
mk.mvs 64567
Mortal Kombat Comprehensive Moves, Combos, Fatalities, and Hints Listing Version 5.0 (April 28, 1993)
mk1faq.txt 54072
Mortal Kombat Comprehensive Moves, Combos, Fatalities, and Hints Listing Version 5.0 by Lei Wang
mk2_1pg.txt 8590
Sideways One-Page Move List for Mortal kombat II v1.6.3
mk2bugs.v04 17104
List of Mortal Kombat II Bugs Version 3.1 rev 4 (by Rat) (December 10th, 1994)
mk2faq 57752
Mortal Kombat ][ SNES FAQ Moves and Secret Guide (September 22nd, 1994) by Marty Chinn
mk2faq.v21 99751
Mortal Kombat II FAQ Complete Arcade Guide Revision 21 (November 1st, 1994)
mk2gen.mvs 23443
Moves List (and mini-FAQ) for Mortal Kombat II on the Sega Genesis Version 1.4 (October 15, 1994) by Michael Dunn
mk2gen.txt 16538
Mortal ][ Kombat Genesis Moves and Tricks by Will Irace (January 1, 1995)
mk2guide.txt 15220
Mortal Kombat II Players Guide Version 2.0 (1994) by Someone Who Can't Spell His Own Name Properly
mk2hints.txt 23690
The FINAL Mortal Kombat II Hint File by Grant Bugher (December 2, 1994)
mk2moves.txt 7780
Mortal Kombat II FAQ Basic Guide Revision Fifteen (February 16th, 1994)
mk2snes.txt 58442
Mortal Kombat ][ SNES FAQ Moves and Secret Guide Version 0.99 by Marty Chinn (September 22nd, 1994)
mk2snes.v09 36698
Mortal Kombat II for SNES glitch/secret list (December 9th, 1994) by Rat
mk3faq.txt 16419
The Mortal Kombat III FAQ Version 1.1 (March 14, 1994) by John Coleman
mkgen.txt 23132
The Mortal Kombat Genesis/MegaDrive FAQ Version 1.1k (May 12th, 1994) by Antony Aspindola
mkmoves.txt 1001
Mortal Kombat Condensed Moves List
mkpunch.txt 2969
Mortal Kombat II: The Death Punch, by Chris McCullough
pongkmbt.txt 5925
Pong Kombat Version 1.0 FAQ Revision 2 (April 14, 1994)
priml2_3.txt 103829
The Primal Rage 2.3 FAQ (March 12, 1995) v1.5
prsg1_7.txt 41575
The Primal Rage Strategy Guide Version 1.7 (December 23, 1994)
samsho2.mvs 57679
Samurai Showdown 2 Moves List v7.0
sf2.ken 121905
The Hyper Fighting Ken Strategy Guide 7255
Graphical (ASCII Art) Representations of Special Moves in Street Fighter Hyper
sf2.sw 5310
Dip Switches: Street Fighter 2, by Capcom
sf2faq.pt0 2846
Street Fighter II Super Hyper Fighting Champion Edition FAQ Version 1/28/94 (January 28, 1994)
sf2moves.txt 26901
The Unofficial Guide to Tricks and Combos in Street Fighter II (1992)
sf2tacti.txt 26482
Street Fighter II Tactics
sfiihnt.txt 19301
Street Fighter II Hints
ss2_kuro.txt 12021
The Complete Kuroko FAQ (v1.5)
ss2_nico.txt 18642
The Official Samurai Shodown 2 Guide to Caffeine Nicotine (1995) Version 2.0
ss2kyosh.txt 32496
The Kyoshiro player's Guide and FAQ version 3.3 by Damone
ss2nak.txt 130851
Samurai Showdown 2: Nakoruru Strategy Guide Version 4.5 by Kenneth Hsu
ss2resrc.txt 9138
The Complete and Wonderful Guide to SS2 Resources v1.0
ss2shadw.txt 10783
SS2 Secret Shadow Move FAQ Version 1.7 by Damone
ss2short.txt 7779
Samurai Showdown Abbreviated Moves List v7.0 by wb1cs171 5107
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Special Moves Listing
ssf2tfaq.txt 66658
Super Street Fighter II Turbo FAQ (August 1, 1994)
ssorigin.txt 20620
Historical background of Samurai Spirits Characters v5.0
tekken.txt 6548
The Tekken FAQ 1.0 by Chris McCullough
timekill.txt 42187
The Time Killers Official Handbook
tmek.txt 22220
The T-MEK Tip File Version 5.1.0
tsf2gg 9094
Street Fighter II - Turbo/Championship Edition Code Combinations
usmortal.txt 68786
The Mortal Kombat Comprehensive Moves, Combos, Fatalities and Hints Listing (April 28, 1993) (With Incredible Text Graphics)
vf-pg25.txt 10852
The Virtual Fighter One-page FAQ by Rez (May 14th, 1994) Version 2.05
vf-qk25.txt 10997
The Virtual Fighter QFAQ by Chad E. Reznicek (May 13, 1994)
vf2faq.txt 153916
Virtua Fighter 2 FAQ Version 2.5 (1995)
vf3_2pt1.txt 29251
Virtua Fighter FAQ v3.2 (December 1, 1994) by dug
vf3_2pt2.txt 17152
Virtual Fighter 3.2 Part 2 FAQ
vf3_2pt3.txt 14895
Virtual Fighter 3.2 Part 3 FAQ
vfhiscor.txt 3332
Virtua Fighter High Score v2.2 compiled by PEZ (September 1, 1994)
vfjacky.txt 11254
Jacky Vs. CPU Guide v1.01 (Street Fighter 2)
vfpai.txt 13731
Pai Chan vs the CPU - Guide, v1.1 by PEZ (Virtual Fighter 2)
wh2jfaq.txt 37209
The World Heroes 2 JET FAQ Revision 4
wheroes2.txt 15776
World Heroes 2 Game FAQ Release 0 (1993)
wwfrbfaq 12819
WWF Royal Rumble FAQ v1.0 by Michael Durr
xmenatom.txt 58569
X-MEN: Children of the Atom FAQ Version 6.0

There are 85 files for a total of 2,355,958 bytes.